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Hello to those reading this. You may know me in-game as Sephren of Twisting 
Nether (horde), or my bank alt(lol). This is my very first FAQ, so let me get 
this straight:

I want other sites to ask MY permission via e-mail ([email protected]) before 
posting this on their site. I enjoy reader's comments, so feel free to email me 
at said email. 

Enough of that, let's get down to the guide. Due to a recent Patch (2.9.3 I 
believe), The mount level has been changed to 30 and the cost has been lowered 
to a mere 40ish gold. 
 Table of Contents                  |
1. Quick cash                       |
2. Making it Cheaper and Better     |
3. Special and Rare Mounts          |
4. Can you Get That Mount in Purple?|
5. Epic Mounts                      |
6. Flying Mounts                    |

Chapter one
To those without high level characters, make mining one of your profession, 
paired with Tailoring. Check the acution house for ores and bars, and their 
prices. After you have mined a large amount of ore(determining on if ore or 
bars is more expensive,) sell it at 20 a stack for about 7 silver UNDER THE 
HIGHEST PRICE. People will notice the bargain and buy your ore/bars. Once you 
can make decent bags(silk,mageweave, etc.) spam trade with a macro that says

/2 Selling  for  each or  for more than 

or something like that. please notice that the larger the bag is, or mid-range 
for n00bs, the more they're willing to pay. For said n00bs, give them a deal on 
some 10-slotters or something like that. BE SURE THAT IF UR NOT GOING TO USE A 
GREEN, SELL IT ON THE AH CHEAP. People use the AH as a way to get their n00bish 
enchanting up, seeing all the cheap greens on it, then selling or using the 
materials from the disenchant (de). soon you should be at mount level or 
already have enough cash 2 buy one. 

Chapter 2
Making your mount cost less is really simple. the higher your perutation is, 
the more of a discount your going to get. Warlocks and pallys get their mounts 
free, or at the expense of a large and challenging quest. But what if you want 
another race's mount?
First, you must get that race's rep to Exalted before you can even TALK to to 
mount sellers! Heres a tip. IF YOU DONT WANT A BLACK WAR MOUNT,(epic bg mount) 
GO TO THE STARTING ZONE AND DO ALL THE QUESTS!!! This can get you to about 
honored if you were about halfway thru neutral( this is just approx.)
Now your Blood Elf can get that shiny blue raptor she always wanted! Also there 
are items to make your mount go faster, but I won't go into detail there.

Chapter 3

Unless you really want one, special drop mounts are almost impossible to get! 
But, through owning one, you get a LARGE amount of respect as a hard-core gamer 
for getting said rare mount. These mounts look very cool and boost your cool 

Chapter 4

There are normally previews of all the mounts available right near the mount 
vendor. This even goes for epic mounts.

Chapter 5

Epic mounts are faster mounts, available at level 60. They normally have lots 
of decorations on them, like armor. Remember, just because its an epic 
dosen't mean it's rare.

Chapter 6

This is the last chapter. *sob* This is about flying(yes, flying) mounts.
These are available to level 70 players, purchased in shadowmoon valley.

these have the same mechanics of normal mounts, but can soar thru the air.

Thanks to all reading this, and give me a tell if ur on my server. to those 
alliance out there, just /wave if you see me. if your in a bg and ur 
ally, /sorry, then kill my char lol.

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