Mouth of the Beast level Walkthrough - Guide for SOCOM: U.S. Navy Seals

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   This walkthrough is to help everyone who is having trouble with this level. I 
found this level hard, so I'm trying to help people out.  Ok, here's how it's done.  
First,when you see the first guard, use a silenced weapon to take him out. Boomer 
will probably say, "That's one down."  After he is eliminated, look for other guards 
and try to take them out as quiet as possible.  Even if you alert them, and they 
alert the caves via radio, this doesn't decrease your chance at completing the 
level. Make sure you kill the guard that runs down the steps to attack your team.  

   Now, when you go up to the mouth of the caves, you'll see the feet of many 
guards. tell Bravo to "Frag/Clear", to take out the guards(you may have to clean up 
afterwards!). Anyway, sneak around and eliminate all guards that come out of the 
right tunnel. Then, take that tunnel and turn off the generator there.  Make sure to 
use the nightvision goggles.  Walk through the empty, narrow tunnel until you get to 
the outside where a guard will be waiting on top of a cliff. Take him out, then 
sneak around the rock and eliminate the guard with the MGL(grenade launcher). After 
you've done that, keep going according to the map and eliminate all guards.  When 
you get to the nukes, don't try to defuse them, just clear the area of all 
terrorists.That way the timer will go off and a new timer will set for the time you 
have to get out of the caves and be extracted.  Go back the way you came, being 
careful to eliminate all terrorists that appear to stop you from being extracted. 

-DieAnotherDay-  if you have questions, E-mail me at [email protected]  Thanks
Copyright 2002

   When you get to the extraction point, you've completed the level.  Good luck with 
the next!   


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