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well i(Ashley) wanted to tell anyone that you can do a lot of combos in the game try 
using them good and well so you can outsmart your opponets.

Rain Dance & Thunder

thunder has a 70% accuracy right but in a rainstorm it hits all the time while the 
rain is in play. good luck shocking the pokemon(if it says it doesn't effect it 
won't work)! Also if the pokemon uses double team, it will hit no matter what!

Fly,Dig and Dive

if someone uses fly use moves that causes double damage like gust. thunder helps A 
LOT. if dig use earthquake and do double damage but dive doesn't do double damage 
but use surf...

Wonderguard & Skill Swap

teach someone skillswap then use it on shedinja then the pokemon thet used it will 
be immune to all damage except to what it is weak to! use this often...

Double-Edge + Take Down & Rock Head

when a pokemon uses this it could suffer half damage but with the rockhead ability 
you will not suffer damage no matter what level it is!

Overheat & White Herb

when someone uses this this move it's special attack WILL drop harshly but hold the 
item and it will restore the stat that it lost. MORE good if sunny day is in play.

Endure + Salac Berry & Reversal or Flail

when someone tries to kill your pokemon use endure so you have 1hp left when holding 
the salac berry it ups your speed when your hp is low then use reversal or flail
(well payback for dropping my hp huh?)

Belly Drum + Rest & Chesto Berry

when you use bellydrum it will raise your attack to the HIGHEST possible strengh as 
it can BUT cuts down HALF of your hp now is the time to use rest then if you are 
holding the chesto berry it will wake up from it's sleep(good to use this for a 

Sunny Day & Solarbeam

solarbeam takes two turns...why wait!!! use sunny day to make solarbeam useable 
every turn!

Sandstorm & Sand Veil + Double Team

when someone has the sand veil ability when sandstorm is blowing it will get an 
evasion boost BUT combine it with doubleteam and you WILL be untouchable in battle!

Calm Mind + Future Sight

use calm mind to raise your Sp.Atk and Sp.Def then use future sight. wait two turns 
and BAM the attack is stronger!

Sword Dance + Doom Desire

poor jirachi if you knew sword dance(I think...) this attack in two turns would make 
a BIG change...

Mind Reader + Zap Cannon or Dynamicpunch

when you use mind reader and either one of those moves it will hit the pokemon
(depends on where it's at). hey use a KO move(like fissure) and see if it will get 
away (depends on where it's at).

Defence Curl + Rollout

after you use defence curl use rollout and it will do double damage! if you use mind 
reader in the air(pokemon is in the air) take a look what will happen.

Double Battle Combos

Belly Drum & Psych Up

this time use bellydrum and then use psych up on the pokemon that used belly drum it 
will get the attack stat raised WITHOUT the downfall!

Guts + Toxic & Facade

when you use toxic use it on your partner who has the guts ability which ups your 
attack power when suffering with poisoned,burned or paralyzed so if your guty 
partner uses facade it will do double damage since facade doubles with the three 
stats conditions it is ingenious.

Follow Me & Focus Punch

focus punch is powerful but loses it turn when hit use follow me since it draws BOTH 
incoming attacks to itself when the second turn comes the pokemon that used focus 
punch WILL move last so use follow me again...(hey use the belly drum & psych up 
combo before this combo and you will cause SO MUCH damage that you will enjoy KO 
pokemon (use this often)!

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