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                            MOVELIST/FAQ 2.0


This FAQ was originally meant for my Sangoku Musou page only. It was
basically a rewrite of Louis Kwong's Sangoku Musou Movelist 1.5.

This way I could update with the latest moves when I found them, instead
of waiting for his next movelist update.

Recently I asked Louis if it was ok if I made this FAQ public (that is,
to release it outside of my homepage). He gave his permission so here it
is. :)

I hope you'll enjoy this excellent game as much as I do! 

Finally, please note that this FAQ is based on LOUIS KWONG'S SANGOKU
MUSOU MOVELIST. Without that movelist this FAQ would never have been.

Thank you Louis!


1.0 First version basically Louis Kwong's Sangoku Musou Movelist 1.5
    where I had added the latest moves I had found.
1.1 A few new moves, interrupt move for ALL characters.
1.2 I got some new moves from Louis, that people had sent him.
    (Basara Kubikiri - new moves for several characters;
     MonkeyMan - simplified combos for ZHAO YUN).
    I also added one or two other moves. I altered the order of the
    characters to be the same as Movelist 1.5, and changed from using
    mainly the Japanese names to using the Chinese names.
1.3 New moves for several characters, a little on how to stand up :)
1.4 Very minor changes
1.5 Added descriptions for those moves without one. Some minor corrections
1.6 Added the code for TOUKICHI I got from Basara Kubikiri.
1.7 First version released outside of my Sangoku Musou homepage
    Added moves for Zhao Yun and Taishi Ci I got from Basara Kubikiri.
1.8 Added info on Musou attack extensions I got from Basara.
1.9 Corrected info on the boss codes.
2.0 Corrected problem with US version of codes
    (lots of people pointed this out, thanks everyone!)
    Added moves for Cao Cao and Zhou Yu I got from Noah Mittman.
    Added some more moves.


        For his great movelist this FAQ was based on.

Basara Kubikiri
        Many moves, suggestions and the code for TOUKICHI.
        A few moves. Long time holder of the endurance mode record,
        but I finally beat him! :)
Noah Mittman
	Moves for Cao Cao and Zhou Yu.

Contributors to Louis Kwong's movelist 1.5:

Jyong (moves for several characters) and Gremillion Alban (Zhuge Liang's
telekinetic throw)

Finally thanks to you who pointed out the problem with the codes.


A Sangoku Musou Dynasty Warriors page
       My page with the latest version of this FAQ as well as strategy
       guides and endurance & time attack hall of fame.

Koei's Dynasty Warriors info page
       Koei's own page on Dynasty Warriors.

Quest for China - Dynasty warriors page by Kaipo
       Kaipo's Dynasty Warriors page. I believe he has his own FAQ
       or movelist for download too. But this FAQ was first ;)


To get:

        beat the game with GUAN YU, ZHAO YUN & ZHANG FEI.

        beat the game with XIAHOU DUN, DIAN WEI & XU ZHU.

        beat the game with ZHOU YU, LU XUN, TAISHI CI, DIAO CHAN,

        at title screen press B,B,U,D,T,S,L1,R1 (you'll hear a chime)

        beat the game with LU BU, then at title screen press S,U,T,D,X
        (you'll hear a chime). For Dynasty Warriors (US version), press 
	S,U,T,D,O instead.

        beat the game with NOBUNAGA, then at title screen press
        D,D,F,U,X,T,R1,R2 (a chime again). As with NOBUNAGA, the US
	version differs. D,D,F,U,O,T,R1,R2 activates NOBUNAGA in
	Dynasty Warriors.

Select the bosses by moving off to the left or right at character selection.
In vs mode, press any of the L and R buttons to select the three hidden
characters (after they're activated!).


Square          S horizontal slash
Triangle        T vertical slash or thrust
Cross           X block against thrusts (T attacks)
Circle          O block against slash (S attacks)

In Dynasty Warriors (US version) X and O are interchanged. This means
X defends against slash attacks and O against thrusts!
F - forward, B - back, DB - diagonal down and back, and so on.

HCB (half circle back) - F,DF,D,DB,B.
HCF (half circle forward) - B,DB,D,DF,F.

note that D,DF,F works equally well as D,F
and the same for D,DB,B - it works like D,B

(hold) next to a movement means holding this direction until
some other direction is given.

(WS) means while standing up. To do this, start by crouching (D)
then release D and press the button as the character is beginning
to stand up. 
IMPORTANT NOTE: Moves starting with (WS) can usually, but not always,
be done DF instead of (WS), I have deliberately omitted the DF 
versions where they are identical to the (WS) move.


X+O             side step
S+T             throw
U/UF+S/T        jump attack (can be used on downed opponents as a pounce)

Standing up:
B repeatedly    roll back
F repeatedly    roll forward
O+X repeatedly  roll sideways
U repeatedly    stand up
- All these moves can be combined with attack buttons to attack as one is
standing up.

Rage/desperation (Musou) moves
- These can be done when the health bar is red or the rage meter
is lit. When both health bar and is red and rage is lit, the move will be
extended into a longer combo than usual. Some characters however, have
ways of extending the normal musou with a finish move. Details are given
with the rest of the moves for the character.


(I) are interrupt moves, these can be initiated from most standard
attacks and a few of the specials. It will interrupt the move one
is doing to start this move. With the right timing one can initiate
this move to combo with whatever attack it interrupted. Note however,
that the move only is an interrupt move when the rage meter is lit or the
health bar is red. Otherwise it will work like any other move.

(L) are link moves. From some combos special moves can be linked.
Just do the special move after the link move.

(S) stances. Some characters have special stances. From each of these stances
there are typically one or two combos available.


T,T,S                   high then mid stab, overhead hit
S,T,T,S                 slash, high then mid stab, overhead hit
DF(hold)+T,S,S,T        twist step stab, spin slash, overhead hit and stab
T,T,D+S,S,T             stab, twist step stab, spin slash, overhead, stab
S,T,T,D+S,S,T           slash, stab, twist step stab, spin slash, overhead,
(WS)+S                  uppercut slash
D+T,S                   low stab, uppercut
(WS)+T,S                stab, hit down
DB(hold),S,S,T          double spinning slashes and stab
D,B+S,S                 side step double slashes
F,F+S,S                 huge swing slash
F,F+S,T,T               huge swing and stab
F,F+S,T,D,F+T           huge swing, stab and drilling stab
F,F+T,T                 double stab (I)
F,F+T,D,F+T             interrupt stab (I) and drilling stab
F,D,DF+S                uppercut
HCF+S,S,S,S,T           double spin and thrust

Musou extension
stab musou,D,F+T        drilling stab extension


T,S                     stab, overhead hit
S,S                     two side swings
S,B+S                   two side swings, spear stance (S)
S,D+S,S,S               giant swings, spear stance (momentarily)
S,D+S,S,B(hold)+S       giant swings, spear stance (S)
F+S,S                   side slash (I), return slash
D,F+S                   over head chop
D,B+S                   low sweep slash
F,D,DF+T                uppercut
(WS)+S                  uppercut slash
(WS)+T                  mid stab
B(hold)+S               spear stance (S)

Moves from spear stance:

S,S,T,S                 uppercut slash, side slash, stab, strong side slash
DB(hold),S,S,S,S,S,S    multiple slashes (6 hits)


S,S,S                   spinning slashes with a final low slash
S,S,T                   two spinning slashes and a thrust
F,F+T                   shoulder charge (I)
(WS)+S,S,T              uppercut, overhead chop, stab
(WS)+T                  mid thrust
D,F+S                   overhead hit
D,F+T                   power stab
D,B+T                   uppercut
D,B+S,S                 double over head chop
F,F+S,S,S,S,T,T         quadruple spins & delayed stab
F,D,DF+T                ground shaker

HCB+S                   spinning strangulation


S,T                     slash, stab
T,S,S                   stab, double uppercut slashes
S,S,S,S                 four slashes
DF(hold),T,S            deceptive low stab and slash
F+S,S                   two right hand slashes
(WS)+S,S                double circle swings
(WS)+T                  mid stab
DB+S                    whirling low slash
D,F+T,S+T,U+S           low stab, fling up, jump and cut down
D,F+S,S,S               triple circular slashes
D,B+S                   hitting out wide
F,F+S                   overhead chop (I)
F,F+T,S                 mid hit (I), overhead chop
F,F+T,T,S               mid hit (I), stab and large swing

Musou extension
stab musou,S+T,U+S      fling up, jump up and cut down extension


T,S                     punch and slash
S,S,S                   three slash combo
S,T,S                   slash, punch, slash
S,S,D+S,T               two slashes, turn around low slash, punch
(WS)+S                  horizontal chop
(WS)+T,S                punch, horizontal chop
D(hold),T,(WS)+S        hit low, mid slash
D(hold),T,S             hit low, slash
DB+S,T                  turn around low slash, punch
F,F+T,T                 elbow, hammer
B+T,S                   shielded stab (I) and slash
D,F+T,T                 double head charge
D,B+T                   power punch
F,D,DF+S                low giant swing
F,D,DF+T                uppercut
HCB+S,S,S,S,S,S,S,S...  axe swinging combo (8 hit) can be ended with T

S,S                     side swing, overhead hit
T,T,T                   three level stab combo
T,S,S                   high stab, swing, overhead hit
S,T,T,T                 swing then three level stab combo
B+S,F+S,B+S             triple swing
D(hold),S,T             leg sweep, stab
(WS)+T,T                mid and low hits
(WS)+S                  uppercut
F+S                     overhead bash (I)
D,F+S,U+S               hopping over head, bottoms up strike
D,B+S                   power swing
HCF+S,S,S               triple spin
HCF+S,D+S,S,S           two level spin
HCF+S,D(hold)+S,S,S     three level triple spin
F,F+T,T+S,D,B+S         mid stun hit, backbreaker, power swing


S,S,S                   three slash combo
S,S,B(hold)+S           three slash combo and sword stance (S)
T,S,T                   one legged stab, slash, stab
T,D+S                   one legged stab, cross legged low slash
F+T,S                   side elbow (I), slash
F+T,D+S                 side elbow (I), cross legged low slash
D(hold),S,S             low slash, circle slash
D(hold),S,B(hold),S     low slash, circle slash and sword stance (S)
(WS)+S                  circle slash
(WS)+T                  mid thrust
D,F+S                   advancing slash
F,D,DF+T                uppercut
F,D,DF+T,B+S            uppercut and turn into sword stance (S)
UF(tap)+S,S             double mid-air hurricane slashes
B(hold)+S               sword stance (S)
DF(hold),S,S            two low slashes

Moves from sword stance:
S,S,S                   mid, mid, low slash combo
S,S,T                   mid slash & stab combo
DB(hold),S,S            two slashes then return to sword stance (S)


S,S                     spinning three slash attack
B+S                     back flip slash (I)
(WS)+S                  mid slash
(WS)+T                  mid stab
DF(hold),S              uppercut
F,F+S,T,S               double slash & stab spin
F,F+S,T,D+S             slash, stab, low slash spin
D,F+S,S,S               triple spin (6 hit)
D,B+S,S                 bilateral side slash, uppercut
F,F+T                   stab
F,D,DF+S                uppercut
HCB+S,S,S,F+S           three hit chain
HCB+S,S,S,S,S           five hit chain
UF(hold)+S,S            double overhead chop


S,S,S                   three slash combo
B+T                     charged stab (I)
D,F+T                   power stab
D,F+S                   overhead chop
D(hold),S,T             leg sweep, stab
(WS)+S                  uppercut slash
(WS)+T                  mid stab
DB+S,S                  spinning low slash, uppercut
D,B+T,T,T,T,T           stabbing combo
D,B+T,T,T,F+T,S         stab combo and power slam
D,B+T,T,T,F+T,B+S,D,F+T stab combo, power slam, power stab 
D,B+S                   spinning upper
F,F+T,S                 power slam
F,F+T,B+S,D,F+T         power slam, power stab (tricky timing for this one!)
F,D,DF+S                uppercut
F+S+X                   guard opener


S,S,S                   hit, turn around hit, uppercut hit
T,S,S                   stab, backhand hit mid, then low
S,S,D+S                 slash, turning slash, spinning low slash
F+T,S                   stab (I), slash
F+T,D+S                 stab (I), low slash
T,B+S                   two hit combo ends with back towards opponent
T,B+S,S                 stab, turn and hit, kick
UF+S                    jumping hit
(WS)+T,S                ducking stab, sweep
(WS)+S,S                backward spin, low hit
D,F+T,S                 one-legged stab, kick
D,B+S                   low sweep
F,F+T,S                 uppercut, down hit
F,F+S                   cartwheel
F,D,DF+T                strong uppercut
F,D,DF+S                spin slash ends with back towards opponent
F,D,DF+S,S              spin slash, reversal low kick
F,B                     backflip

Immediately after backflip:
T,T,S                   one legged stab, kick
S                       low spinning slash

With back towards opponent:
S,S,S                   two stab combo and kick
T,S,S                   stab, slash, kick combo


T,T                     high, mid stab
S,S                     link move (L) can be followed by a second S,S
DF(hold)+T              magical uppercut
F+S,T			slash, stab
S,F+S                   high, mid slash
S,S,T                   double slash, then stab
B(hold)+S               side step (S)
F(hold)+S,S,S,S         rotorblade killer also from S,S link move
(WS)+S,S                two mid slashes
F(tap)+S,S,S,S          triple slash (I)
D,F+T                   high magic beam
D,B+T                   low magic beam
F,D,DF+T                uppercut
F,D,DF+S,S              double swing
HCF+S                   3-level spinning fan
HCB+S                   reverse 3-level spinning fan

Immediately after autoblock:
O+X                     teleport

Moves from side step:
S                       uppercut
T                       low stab

B+S+T+O                 telekinetic throw


S,D+S                   slash then sweep slash
F+S,T                   slash, stab
F+S,T,D+S,S             slash, stab, two low slashes
F+S,S,D+S               two slashes then sweep slash
S,S,S,S                 two slashes, uppercut slash, leg hit (mid)
S,S,T,D+S,S             two slashes, stab, two low slashes
(WS)+S,S                slash, leg hit (mid)
(WS)+F+T,S              elbow, overhead slash
(WS)+F+T,B+S            elbow, sword dance
(WS)+T,T,S              stab, elbow, overhead slash
(WS)+T,T,B+S            stab, elbow, sword dance
D,DF(hold)+S,S          low slash double combo
D,F+S                   mid slash
D,B+S                   side slash
F,F+T                   impaling stab (I)
HCF+S                   sword dance (close to opponent)
HCB+S                   block then charged power uppercut
HCB+S,S                 block then charged power uppercut, second S
			interrupts the block earlier.
HCB+S,D+S               block then power sweep


S,S,S                   side hit, slash, overhead hit
S,S,T,T                 side hit, slash, stab, turn and stab
T,S                     stab, overhead hit
(WS)+T,T                advancing stab, follow up stab
F,F+S                   uppercut
B+T                     block, stab (I)
(WS)+S,S                double upper
D,B+S,S,T               double spin and mid stab
D,B+S,S,S               triple spin
HCB+S                   double overhead chop
D,F+T,B(hold),S+T       impaling stab, kebab throw

Musou extension
stab musou,B(hold),S+T  kebab throw extension


moves same as LU BU


moves same as ZHOU YU


moves same as CAO CAO


I'll be happy to answer any questions regarding this FAQ. My email is
[email protected]

If you have any suggestions for this FAQ, or you've found some new move,
please send it to me.

Happy slicing and stabbing now! :)

                                        Christoffer Lernö


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