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             Super Street Fighter II X: Grandmaster Challenge
                                  for DC

by yakumo (at) thekeep (dot) org

Disclaimer: Super Street Fighter II X: Grandmaster Challenge, and all
names of techniques or specific game references (including character
names) are the property of Capcom.  The author claims ownership only of
this document and the specific text within. Permission for private use of
this document is expressly given; for public use, except in specific
cases, the author must be contacted first.  This document MAY NOT be used
in any for-profit venture or manner.

Contents: This document will contain movelists for each character.  Moves
specific to the SSF2X mode characters will be marked with a X; moves
specific to the SSF2 mode characters will be marked with an S; otherwise,
the move is assumed to be available to both modes.  Exception: All super
moves are available only to the SSF2X mode characters.

Characters will be listed in alphabetical order; if there is a difference
between character names for US and Japan, the character will be listed by
their Japanese name first.



ub  u  uf \    ub - up-back    u - up      uf - up-forward
 b  n  f    >   b - back       n - neutral  f - forward
db  d  df /    db - down-back  d - down    df - down-forward

Forward is the direction your character is facing; back is the direction

 qcf - quarter-circle forward (d, df, f)
 qcb - quarter-circle backward (d, db, b)
  dp - dragon-punch motion (f, d, df)
 rdp - reverse dragon-punch motion (b, d, db)
 hcf - half-circle forwards (b, db, d, df, f)
 hcb - half-circle backwards (f, df, d, db, b)
 360 - f, df, d, db, b, ub or b, db, d, df, f, uf (actually 270)
 FAB - full-circle+270
  c. - 'Charge' (hold controller) in indicated direction for 2 seconds
x->y - direction x to direction y
   P - Any punch
   K - Any kick
  #P - # of punch buttons to be pressed simultaneously
  #K - # of kick buttons to be pressed simultaneously
  JP - Jab punch (weak punch)
  SP - Strong punch (middle punch)
  FP - Fierce punch (hard punch)
  SK - Short kick (weak kick)
  FK - Forward kick (middle kick)
  RK - Roundhouse kick (hard kick)

Note: To choose the SSF2 version of a character, you must choose them with
jab, then, while tapping jab, shake the stick either up and down (for
Honda, Chun-Li, Guile, Dhalsim, Cammy, Sagat, and Vega(Bison)), or left
and right (for Ryu, Ken, Blanka, Zangief, T-Hawk, Bison(Balrog), Fei Long,
and Balrog(Vega)).

---begin movelist---

 Balrog (Vega) - Kamen no Kikoushi

Special Techniques
             Sankaku Tobi - near wall, push u+opposite direction

Hissatsu Waza
    Rolling Crystal Flash - cb, f+P
  Flying Barcelona Attack - cd, u+K, P *#
            Sky High Claw - cd, u+P *
X          Scarlet Terror - cdb, f+K
          Short Backslash - 3K
                Backslash - 3P
Super Combo
       Rolling Izuna Drop - cdb, df, db, uf+K, u+P (close to enemy)

* These moves can be directed to either wall by changing the direction to
ub or uf.  u will choose the nearest wall.

# When using this attack, after the wall-leap, just P will make Vega
strike out with his hands; f or b+P when close will make Vega grab the
opponent in an Izuna Drop.

 Blanka - Daishizen no Yaseiji

Special Technqiues
X       River Slide - df+FP #

Hissatsu Waza
     Rolling Attack - cb, f+P
   Electric Thunder - tap P repeatedly
   Vertical Rolling - cd, u+K
   Backstep Rolling - cb, f+K
X     Surprise Back - b+3K *
X  Surprise Forward - f+3K *

Super Combo
Grand Shave Rolling - cb, f, b, f+P

# The River Slide will go under projectiles.

* The Surprise Back/Forward are quick movement techniques, not attacks;
they will go through your opponents and possibly hop over sweeps/low

 Cammy - Mujaki no Killer Bee

Special Techniques

Hissatsu Waza
           Spiral Arrow - qcf+K
           Cannon Spike - dp+K
      Axle Spin Knuckle - hcf+P
X  Hooligan Combination - db->uf+P, K *

Super Combo
     Spin Drive Smasher - qcf, qcf+K

* After performing the Hooligan Combination, when you press K determines
what happens next.  u+K makes Cammy drop from the move, without performing
an attack. When close, if Cammy is near the opponent's head, she'll
perform a Frankensteiner if f or b+K is pushed, and closer to the legs,
she'll perform a different throw if f or b+K is pushed. If nothing is
pushed, she'll land into a low-hitting slide.

 Chun-Li - Kuu o Saku Karei Naru Mai

Special Techniques
       Backflip Kick - df+FK *
       Flipover Kick - df+RK *
        Sankaku Tobi - near a wall, press up+opposite direction

Hissatsu Waza
            Kikouken - cb, f+P
    Hyakuretsu Kyaku - tap K repeatedly
  Spinning Bird Kick - cb, f+K (cd, u+K for SSF2 mode)
X        Tenshokyaku - cd, u+K

Super Combo
      Senretsu Kyaku - cb, f, b, f+K

* In SSF2 mode, these moves can only be done close to your opponent.

 Dee Jay - Aitsu wa Funky Jamaican

Special Techniques

Hissatsu Waza
           Air Slasher - cb, f+P
  Double Rolling Sobat - cb, f+K
     Machine Gun Upper - cd, u+P (tap P repeatedly)
X    Jackknife Maximum - cd, u+K

Super Combo
        Sobat Carnival - cb, f, b, f+K

 Dhalsim - Kokou no Yoga Senshi

Special Techniques
X  Limb Control - *

Hissatsu Waza
      Yoga Fire - qcf+P
     Yoga Flame - hcf+P
  Yoga Teleport - dp/rdp+3P/3K #
X    Yoga Blast - hcf+K

Super Combo
   Yoga Inferno - hcf, hcf+P

* The Limb Control is only available in SSF2X mode.  Dhalsim can choose
the length of his limbs by holding b or f while performing an attack.
Holding f extends the limb's length to a far distance; holding b keeps the
limb close.  In midair, the control is different; I have yet to fully
explore this, but there are changes like Dhalsim's air Strong changing
from an air-to-ground to an air-to-air attack.

# The direction of the Yoga Teleport is determined by motion of direction,
and the distance by the buttons; P for a long teleport, K for a short

 E. Honda - Harite Juuban Shoubu

Special Techniques

Hissatsu Waza
       Super Zutsuki - cb, f+P
   Hyakuretsu Harite - tap P repeatedly
Super Hyakkan Otoshi - cd, u+K
X       Ooichou Nage - hcb+P

Super Combo
           Oni Musou - cb, f, b, f+P

 Fei-Long - Fire Kung-Fu Hero

Special Techniques
X    Heel Drop Kick - f+MK
  Forward Step Kick - f+RK

Hissatsu Waza
          Rekka Ken - qcf+P (up to 3 times)
        Shien Kyaku - rdp+K
X        Rekkukyaku - db->uf+K

Super Combo
      Rekka Shinken - qcf, qcf+P

 Gouki - ???

Note: To select Gouki, put the cursor on Ryu or Ken and: hit Start+3P for
Gouki, Start+3K for Shin Gouki, and Start+SP+FP+FK+RK for Ten Gouki.

Special Techniques

Hissatsu Waza
                Hadoken - qcf+P *#
     Shakunetsu Hadoken - hcf+P
  Tatsumaki Zankuukyaku - qcb+K *
           Goushoryuken - dp+P
          Ashura Senkuu - dp / rdp+3P / 3K ^

Super Combo
          Shungokusatsu - jp, jp, f, sk, fp !

* This move can be performed in midair.

# For Gouki, this throws one fireball; for Shin or Ten Gouki, it throws

^ Like Dhalsim's Yoga Teleport, the direction of teleport is determined by
the direction of motion, and the length is determined by the buttons; P
for a long teleport, K for a short one.

! This is only available to Ten Gouki.

 Guile - Shizuka naru Revenge

Special Techniques
           Flying Knee - f / b+SK
         Rolling Sobat - f / b+MK
       Heavy Stab Kick - f / b+RK
     Spinning Backfist - f+FP

Hissatsu Waza
            Sonic Boom - cb, f+P
       Somersault Kick - cd, u+K

Super Combo
Double Somersault Kick - cdb, df, db, uf+K

 Ken - Kaettekita Rival

Special Techniques

Hissatsu Waza
                Hadoken - qcf+P
              Shoryuken - dp+P
  Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku - qcb+K *
X    Spinning Heel Kick - hcf+K #
X  High Roundhouse Kick - qcf+K #
X   Front Crescent Kick - f, df, d+K #

Super Combo
           Shoryuureppa - qcf, qcf+P

* This can be performed in midair.

# If the K button is held during these moves, a second kick, the Inazuma
Kakuto Wari (the heel dropping kick) is performed; this is an overhead.
It will combo into the High Roundhouse Kick or the Front Crescent Kick,
but not the Spinning Heel Kick.

 M.Bison (Balrog) - Nasakemuyou no Hard Punch

Special Techniques

Hissatsu Waza
          Dash Straight - cb, f+P
             Dash Upper - cb, f+K
             Turn Punch - hold and release 3P or 3K *
       Buffalo Headbutt - cd, u+P
X  Dash Ground Straight - cb, df+P
X     Dash Ground Upper - cb, df+K

Super Combo
          Crazy Buffalo - cb, f, b, f+P

 Ryu - Eien no Fighter

Special Techniques
X          Sakotsu Wari - f+SP
X          Rocket Punch - f+FP

Hissatsu Waza
                Hadoken - qcf+P
     Shakunetsu Hadoken - hcf+P
  Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku - qcb+K *

Super Combo
        Shinkuu Hadoken - qcf, qcf+P

 Sagat - Kakutou Ou, Futatabi

Special Techniques

Hissatsu Waza
         Tiger Shot - qcf+P
  Ground Tiger Shot - qcf+K
     Tiger Uppercut - dp+P
   Tiger Knee Crush - qcf, uf+K

Super Combo
     Tiger Genocide - qcf, qcf+P

 T.Hawk - Ikareru Ikazuchi no Yuusha

Special Techniques
      Splash Dive - in air, d+FP

Hissatsu Waza
      Condor Dive - in air, 3P (d+3P for SSF2 mode)
  Tomahawk Buster - dp+P
  Mexican Typhoon - 360+P

Super Combo
   Double Typhoon - FAB+P

 Vega(M.Bison) - Yami no Matou Majin

Special Techniques

Hissatsu Waza
  Psycho Crusher Attack - cb, f+P
      Double Knee Press - cb, f+K
             Head Press - cd, u+K *
          Devil Reverse - cd, u+P, P

Super Combo
   Knee Press Nightmare - cb, f, b, f+K

* After the Head Press, Bison will rebound in the air, and can be steered
back to the opponent for another attack using P.

 Zangief - Daichi o Yurugasu Hagane no Nikutai

Special Techniques
     Jumping Headbutt - b / f+SP / FP
          Body Splash - in air, d+FP

Hissatsu Waza
        Double Lariat - 3P
  Quick Double Lariat - 3K
     Screw Piledriver - 360+P close to opp.
        Atomic Suplex - 360+K close to opp.
    Flying Power Drop - 360+K far from opp.
X      Banishing Flat - f, df, d+P

Super Combo
  Final Atomic Buster - FAB+P

---end movelist---

Well, there you have it, a simple movelist.

If demand and time permit, I may expand upon the SSF2T game system, but
for that I recommend RpM's excellent SSF2T FAQ, the document which
inspired this.

v.1.0 - Complete, all moves listed for all characters.
v.1.1 - Minor correction for Dhalsim, added forgotten special for T.Hawk
and Zangief.

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