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                                      The World Is Not Enough Multiplayer FAQ
Written By:Ryan Etherington
Made for
Table of Contents:
1.FAMQ (Frequently Asked Multiplayer Questions)
2.The Levels
Q:How come 1-Player levels in multiplayer are named differently than missions?
A:Well,in multiplayer,you're not a Courier or in a sinking feeling!

Q:How long did the last level take you to beat?
A:About 2 hours because I tried ate lunch and then beat it.(NOTE:The strategy guide 

Q:Why is 006 in the game in 2-Player?
A:That's like asking why is Oddjob in GoldenEye!He's a bonus character.

Q:Is there an eaiser way to beat Courier?(Mission 1)
A:Yes,check it out on TWINE hints!(TWINE-The World is Not Enough)

Q:Who is R?
A:I take it you didn't see the TWINE movie.He is the one taking over for Q.

Q:Who is Robin?
A:I have no clue who that is!Well I know Robinson!

Q:Can you unlock GoldenEye 007 stuff?
A:Yes!By beating a certain level you can play as 006,Jaws,Oddjob,MayDay,Baron Samedi!

Q:Who is Victor Zokas?
A:If you had paid attention to the game,he is AKA Renard!
2.The Multiplayer Levels:
Air Raid-You are on an airplane in this level.Be careful not to get blown off!
Castle-This is just a small majestic castle far away!
Field of Fire-This is like a place from the movie!It has lots of burning rocks!
Flashpoint-This is the pipeline facility!This is a mission in the playstation game!
Forest-This is the forest section of Midnight Departure.
Frostbite-This is a cold arena set between Cold Reception.Good for explosive weapons!
Hidden Volcano-This arena is hidden under a volcano which is also good for 
Istanbul-This is similar to the Turncoat mission!
Labyrinth-All this is is a maze!But the rader tells you where you are like in all 
the levels!
Merchant-This is the Courier mission.Only no doors and poles where the lobby is.
MI6-This is based on King's Ransom but really different!
Silo Surprise-This is based on Masquerade,again not the same map!
Sky Rail-This is an outside winter sky rail!
Submarine-This is only the submarine part of A Sinking Feeling!
3.Other Multiplayer Stuff
Game Types
Capture the Flag
King of the Hill(Is Hank Hill or Bobby in it?!)
Last Agent Standing
Team Arena
Team King of the Hill
Capture the Case
Golden Gun
I would just like to thank EA for a great game!
The following FAQ was written by Ryan Etherington
Made for the Cheat's TWINE FAQ section

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