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SWBF2 Character Rating Guide (Scale 1-10, 10 being highest/best)


Clone Trooper: Rating-8   Why?: The clone trooper is versatile since his weapon 
can fire long range or short range, also he carries thermal detonators that are 
useful in a group of enemy soldiers

Heavy Trooper: Rating-4   Why?: Though the heavy trooper is good against tanks, 
it is horrible against a soldier. Its rockets don’t explode so if you miss then 

Clone Sharpshooter: Rating-6   Why?: The sharpshooter’s sniper rifle is good at 
long range (duh) but the only problem is is that the color of the bullet only 
blends in on one level, otherwise the enemy knows where you are (that level is 

Clone Engineer: Rating-6   Why?: The Engineer’s shotgun is good when really 
close up, it makes one hit kills close up. They aren’t good at long range but 
the det-packs are good for assaulting a group of guys or setting a trap.

Clone Commander: Rating-5   Why?: The chain gun is good but the problem is that 
it has a delayed fire and it can miss if your too far away from your target. 
Also the commander has some special weapons that aren’t that useful. The rally 
thing just raises defense (not by much) and the recon droid is pointless unless 
the enemy is stupid.

Jet Trooper: Rating-7   Why?: The EMP rocket is good because it’s as powerful 
as the regular rocket launcher and has two rockets between reloads. The jet 
trooper is good for getting to high standpoints to confuse your enemy. My only 
issue is that it only has thermal detonators as a secondary weapon.

Republic over all rating: 6


Super Battle Droid: Rating-4   Why?: This droid is the one that makes little 
kids go “Oh no!” even though there’s nothing to fear. The Super Battle Droid 
has a terrible primary weapon, which is worse then all the other regular 
troopers, and its wrist rockets have the aim of a cross-eyed 3 year old. Also, 
the shape is stupid.

Assault Droid: Rating-6   Why?: Surprisingly, this rocket launcher actually 
explodes on impact, nice touch. The Assault droid other then the exploding 
rockets has the same abilities as any other rocket launcher guy.

Assassin Droid: Rating-4   Why?: Rightly when I see a bright red streak of 
light zoom by my head I can find who shot it. Just as the sharpshooter, this 
droid has a bright bullet. Also, it’s weak against bullets… sad since its made 
out of metal huh?

Droid Engineer: Rating-5   Why?: Same as the clone engineer just weaker against 
bullets (as always).

Magnaguard: Rating-7   Why?: This thing is cool. Its rapid rockets are good at 
killing many guys in one area and same goes with its radiation launcher. Also, 
it has good revenge with the neuro poison because if you use it right before 
you die, you’re taking the guy that killed you with you. The cons of this guy 
is that his rockets have bad aim.

Droideikas: Rating-4   Why?: Is the name Japanese? Well the drodeika has issues 
with defense. Though it has a shield, it doesn’t last long so when the shields 
not up and guys are shooting at you, you’re dead. Also, ball mode make your guy 
vulnerable and is the only way you can move over 1 foot in one day.

Overall CIS rating: 5


Rebel Soldier: Rating-8   Why?: This guy rocks for long range and short range. 
He is good for almost every level. Even though he has the same equipment as the 
clone trooper, he’s still a rebel who rocks (by the way I put an exclamation 
point on Rebels because they’re the best team)

Rebel Vanguard: Rating-6   Why?: Well I can’t say much because I stay away from 
rocket launchers and all the servers I play on do Republic vs CIS. But I can 
say is that it’s the same as any other rocket launcher.

Rebel Marksman: Rating-7   Why?: As the only women in the game (other then 
heroes), this girl needs to be as sneaky as possible. That explains the yellow 
bullets which blend in well with a lot of levels (also it’s dull yellow not 

Rebel Smuggler: Rating-6   Why?: Well I don’t know why they’re called smugglers 
but I do know that they are strong and good on the battle field. (like most 

Bothan Spy: Rating-10   Why?: In my eyes it’s the best player in the game 
(other then heroes). The stealth mode on this guy makes great sneak attacks and 
the incinerator is great to attack with because it’s somewhat invisible. Also 
the regeneration is good to help your buddies. The time bombs are good to top 
off a large scale sneak attack.

Wookie Warrior: Rating-4   Why?: First, he’s kind of slow. Second, his weapons 
can miss easily. Finally, his secondary weapons aren’t good. Not much to say 
about him other then he’s not the best choice but he’s not the worst (he is 
good for frontal assault with many men around him helping).

Overall Rebel rating: 7


Stormtrooper: Rating-8   Why?: Basically the same reason as the rebel soldier. 
I’m not sure but I think the stormtrooper has more defense due to armor.

Shock Trooper: Rating-7   Why?: This is the better type of rocket launcher. The 
rockets can lock on to ships, vehicles and people which is good since most of 
the time the rockets have bad aim.

Scout Trooper: Rating-6   Why?: Basically same as sharpshooter, it’s neon 
green. It’s obvious but it’s a little less obvious on some levels.

Imperial Engineer: Rating-6   Why?: Same as rebel smuggler, its good on the 
battle field and is good for quick fixing.

Imperial Officer: Rating-4   Why?: The weapons aren’t that great. The sonic 
blaster is weak and the mortar launcher is just ok. Also, rage and the recon 
droid don’t help much.

Dark Trooper: Rating-7   Why?: The shock blast is great against multiple 
enemies because it functions the way force lightning does. Though the dark 
trooper has a jet pack, it is not used for height, it’s used for distance 
quickly. The jet pack flies the dark trooper over the level fast but the 
trooper has weak armor and not many special attacks.

Overall Empire rating: 6.5

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