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        By: Infinity63
        Version: 11
   Table of Contents
 1  Version History
  1  Version 1
  2  Version 2
  3  Version 3
  4  Version 4
  5  Version 5
  6  Version 6
  7  Version 7
  8  Version 8
  9  Version 9
  10 Version 10
  11 Version 11
 2  The Mechs of MechAssault
  1  Introduction to Mechs
  2  Atlas
  3  Belial
  4  Bowman
  5  Catapult
  6  Cougar
  7  Elemental
  8  Hackman
  9  Kit Fox
  10 Mad Dog
  11 Mad Cat
  12 Owens
  13 Prometheus
  14 Puma
  15 Ragnarok
  16 Summoner
  17 Thor
  18 Timber Wolf
  19 Uller
  20 Uziel
  21 Vulture
  22 Ymir
 3  The Mechs' Offenses and Defenses
  1  Introduction to Offenses
  2  Pulse Laser
  3  Laser
  4  PPC (Particle Projection Cannon)
  5  Machinegun
  6  Autocannon
  7  Gauss Rifle
  8  Crossbow
  9  Warhammer
  10 Javelin
  11 Lava Gun
  12 Introduction to Defenses
  13 Jump Jets
  14 Null Signature
  15 Target Jamming
  16 Chaff
  17 Shield
 4  Multiplayer Levels
  1  Introduction to Multiplayer Levels
  2  Colosseum
  3  Frosty
  4  Icepack
  5  Junkyard
  6  Number 51
  7  River City
 5  Walkthrough
  1  Introduction to My Walkthrough
  2  Level 1-Going Down Hard
  3  Level 2-Suffer the Silence
  4  Level 3-Friends Indeed
  5  Level 4-Dry Me Out
  6  Level 5-Sailing Away
  7  Level 6-Catnap
  8  Level 7-Catnap II
  9  Level 8-Bright Lights, Dark City
  10 Level 9-Bright Lights, Dark City II
  11 Level 10-Not Again!
  12 Level 11-Thor on the Rocks
  13 Level 12-Wolf in Sheep's...
  14 Level 13-Under the Guns
  15 Level 14-Size Matters
  16 Level 15-Size Matters II
  17 Level 16-Not on my Watch
  18 Level 17-Payback
  19 Level 18-Worst Day Since...
  20 Level 19-Ready to Rok!
  21 Level 20-Ready to Rok! II
 6  Stories
  1  Introduction to Stories
  2  Entry by Coolguy63
 7  Hints
  1  Introduction to Hints
  2  Entry by Coolguy63
  3  Entry by Coolguy63
 8  FAQ
  1  Introduction to my FAQ
   1.1  Version 1
Created the Table of Contents and the mechs' section; after I get Xbox Live, I'll be 
adding more to the mechs. I'll also be adding offenses and defenses soon.

   1.2  Version 2
I added the offense section, and, like the mechs, I will be adding more once I get 
Xbox Live. Working on the defenses.

   1.3  Version 3
Completed the defenses, and I hope I don't need to repeat what I said about Xbox 
Live. I should be adding parts of walkthrough soon.

   1.4  Version 4
I've started the walkthrough and started on the non-mech enemies, added infantry.

   1.5  Version 5
Entered the 2nd and 3rd level into the walkthrough, started the stories section, and 
made an entry.

   1.6  Version 6
Started the hints section and made two entries. I've created the grinder section, 
and no, I don't have Xbox Live yet, I'll add more once I do. Working on more 

   1.7  Version 7
Added the walkthroughs for levels 4 and 5.

   1.8  Version 8
Added walkthroughs for levels 6 to 9, nearly halfway there.

   1.9  Version 9
Sorry, no walkthroughs today, but I did change the grinders section to the 
multiplayer levels section including the mechs you can fight in griders (if there 
are any). I'll probably add more walkthroughs tommorow.

   1.10 Version 10
Added more walkthroughs (like I said I would), should be finishing soon. By the way, 
I added walkthroughs up to level 12.

   1.11 Version 11
I've finished the walkthrough, and I've also added the FAQ section.
   2.1  Introduction to Mechs
These are the mechs you will be using in your battles. But, don't get to cocky, your 
enemies will be using some of these too. I'm rating the mechs on a scale of 1 to 10, 
comare and find what you're best in.

   2.2  Atlas
This is one of the two main assault mechs you will use, it’s a heavy mech and it can 
take a lot. It doesn’t have jump jets, but with the massive damage it can give and 
take, it doesn’t need them. Its energy weapon is 4 pulse lasers, its ballistic 
weapon is 4 autocannons, and its missile weapon is 2 javelins. It has a chaff to 
draw missiles to, not that it needs it. The atlas receives a 9 out of 10.

   2.3  Belial
The belial is a pretty fast mech with jump jets. It carries a pulse laser, 2 gauss 
rifles, and a crossbow. The belial isn’t very formidable, but its jump jets and 
gauss rifles earn it a 4.

   2.4  Bowman
The bowman is a modified catapult, but that doesn’t mean its weapons aren’t just as 
potent. It may have a chaff instead of target jamming, but still has jump jets. The 
catapult’s weapons are changed to 2 lasers, 2 machineguns, and 2 warhammers during 
the transformation, and that makes it just as formidable. I give the bowman the same 
as its cousin, a 7.

   2.5  Catapult
The catapult is a good mech, but only if you use its 4 pulse lasers, 4 javelins, 
jump jets, and target jamming right. A catapult can beat much stronger opponent with 
its speed and good defense options if the pilot of it has any tact. The catapult is 
a good mech, so I give it a 7.

   2.6  Cougar
This is one of the weakest mechs in the game, but it is fast. It’s fairly fast and 
very weak, the best thing to do with this mech is dodge and run. It has 2 Pulse 
Lasers, an autocannon, and 2 Javelins. I give this mech a 2.

   2.7  Elemental
I don’t consider the elemental a mech, it has jump jets, but that’s the extent of 
any good traits it has. The elemental pops with minimal damage, yes, it pops, no 
explosion, just a pop; and not only that, it can be outrun by a ragnarok. It has a 
pulse laser and 2 crossbows to defend itself with, but they don’t help. The 
elemental receives a 1, its lucky I rate on a scale of 1 to 10 or it would get a 0.

   2.8  Hackman
Like the puma, this is a great stealth mech, it has null sig, but no jump jets. It 
only has two weapons a gauss rifle and 2 crossbows, so also like the puma, it can 
get in defenses but not out.. This is the fastest mech in the game, so it gets a 
score of 3 out of 10.

   2.9  Kit Fox
This is a mech for people who like light mechs and heavy weaponry; its pulse laser 
isn’t heavy, but its warhammer is, but all mechs have a downside, it has no 
ballistic weapons. This also has jump jets and null sig, so it is powerful, for a 
light mech. I give the kit fox a 5 of 10.

   2.10 Mad Dog
This is one of two mechs that have no defensive abilities, no jump jets, no chaff, 
no nothing. The mad dog’s arsenal doesn’t help my rating either, 2 pulse lasers, an 
autocannon, and 3 crossbows; maybe if it had at least 2 autocannons it would receive 
a higher rating. Since I’ve actually lost to a cougar in this thing, it gets a 1.

   2.11 Mad Cat
The other main assault mech this is as powerful if not more, its faster, but it has 
slightly less health. It has twin PPC’s backed up by twin machineguns and 4 
javelins. It has target jamming, but lacks jump jets. I give the mad cat a 10 out of 

   2.12 Owens
The owens is a very light scout mech, without any stronger mechs protecting it, it’s 
helpless. It has a machinegun and 2 crossbows, that’s it, unless you count its 
target jamming. The owens receives a 2 out of 10, because it still might be able to 
beat a mad dog.

   2.13 Prometheus
This is a modified atlas, its just as deadly, and it too has a chaff. Instead of 
pulse lasers, autocannons, and javelins, it has 3 lasers, 2 gauss rifles, and 2 
warhammers. This is for people who like power and effectiveness. By the way, 
the prometheus receives a 10.

   2.14 Puma
The puma can easily penetrate most defenses because of its speed and null sig, but 
once it’s in, it’s screwed. It can put up a fight with its PPC, 2 machineguns, and 2 
crossbows, but not for long. The puma has stealth, but lacks any power whatsoever so 
it gets a 3 of 10.

   2.15 Ragnarok
The ragnarok can take a lot of damage, but its speed makes it an easy target. This 
has a powerful arsenal including 2 gauss rifles, 4 javelins, and the legendary lava 
gun. The strategy I use with the ragnarok is knock over your opponent with triple-
charged gauss rifles and hit them with the lava gun while they’re down. By the way, 
you’re about to get hit with a massive attack, block it with the shield. The 
ragnarok receives out of 10 an 8.

   2.16 Summoner
The summoner is a powerful, medium-sized mech, it has 4 pulse lasers, 2 autocannons, 
and a warhammer. It has jump jets, but no other defenses. The summoner is overall a 
good mech, and I give it a 7 out of 10.

   2.17 Thor
The thor is the weaker original of the summoner. Its arsenal is nothing compared to 
the summoner’s, it has 2 lasers, 4 machineguns (which are powerful for machineguns), 
and 2 crossbows, I couldn’t think of a worse combination of weapons, but, 
nevertheless, it is a decent mech. Its jump jets and target jamming help it get a 6 
of 10.

   2.18 Timber Wolf
This is the other mech that has no defense mechanisms, it’s the weaker variation of 
the mad cat. It has 2 pulse lasers, 2 gauss rifles, and 4 crossbows, a decent 
arsenal. I give the timber wolf a 4 out of 10.

   2.19 Uller
This has no great fighting abilities, even with a chaff and jump jets, it’s a 
horrible mech. Its weapons are 2 lasers and a crossbow; I take back what I said 
about the thor, by the way. I give this pathetic mech a 1.

   2.20 Uziel
The uziel is an all-around good mech, it has 2 PPC’s, a machinegun, a crossbow, jump 
jets, and a chaff. Most light mechs only have one PPC if any but the uziel is a 
great light mech. For being, in my opinion, the best light mech in the game it gets 
a 7.

   2.21 Vulture
This is a decent light mech, but I don’t suggest using it against medium or heavy 
mech. It has a chaff, but no jump jets (who’s heard of a vulture that can’t fly?), 
it also has 2 lasers, a machinegun, and 4 javelins. For being a decent light mech, I 
give it a 6.

   2.22 Ymir
This is a modified ragnarok that also has the shield and lava gun. It replaces the 
ragnarok’s other weapons with 2 PPC’s and 4 autocannons. Don’t worry, my strategy 
with the ragnarok still works, just use the autocannons instead of the gauss rifles. 
I give the ymir a 9 out of 10, just because I like it more than the ragnarok.
   3.1  Introduction to Offenses
This is where I list your offensive and defensive options. First of all, the 
offense, the first 3 are energy, the second 3 are ballistics, the third 3 are 
missiles, and the last doesn't fit into any of the above. The power, accuracy, rate 
of fire, heat, and effectiveness are rated on a scale of 1 to 10 and overall is an 
average of the five. Also, concerning the heat rating, less is more.

   3.2  Pulse Laser
This is a rapid fire energy weapon, it can do a lot of damage over a period of time. 
Its three levels of power are green, red, and purple, respectively. If you can track 
a target well, it is very accurate. This is a good weapon to use against tanks, 
turrets, and buildings. Mechs can have a maximum of 4 of these.
Rate of Fire-10

   3.3  Laser
This is a beam of energy that has homing capabilities, its power levels mimic the 
power levels of the pulse laser (I wonder why?). All mechs that have these have 2, 
no more, no less. The laser isn’t effective against anything in particular, just use 
it when you feel like it.
Rate of Fire-6

   3.4  PPC (Particle Projection Cannon)
The PPC is a very effective weapon and one of my favorites. It has a large homing 
ability, but it has limited turning, and also, the more powered up it gets, the 
slower it goes. This is also a charged weapon (to charge, press and hold the right 
trigger or A and release to fire), the more you charge, the stronger it gets. Mechs 
are only allowed to have 2 of these.
Rate of Fire-1

   3.5  Machinegun
This is much like the pulse laser, but it’s weaker and creates no heat to speak of. 
That’s all I have to say, about this pathetic weapon.
Rate of Fire-10

   3.6  Autocannon
This is a powerful weapon that I use mostly to knock over enemies. Fully powered, it 
can knock over smaller mechs and occasionally medium and large mechs. This doesn’t 
knock over elementals however, they’re weak enough without being immobile. You are 
only allowed to have 4 of these, and powered up once, it fires two times the shots 
as normal, and powered up twice, it fires three times as normal.
Rate of Fire-5

   3.7  Gauss Rifle
2 of these equal the power of 4 autocannons, too bad you’re only allowed to have 2 
of these. Like the autocannon, this can easily knock over light mechs and sometimes 
medium and heavy mechs. Powered up, it’s just more powerful.
Rate of Fire-4

   3.8  Crossbow
These are, in my opinion, the weakest missiles of the three. A mech can have, at 
most, 4 of these, and powered up, these follow the same logic as autocannons. The 
only time I suggest using these are against vehicles and elementals.
Rate of Fire-8

   3.9  Warhammer
Another of my favorite weapons, these are very powerful weapons, you can attach 
these to mechs, structures, and the ground. You  don’t have to attach these to an 
opponent to work, I ,for example, can charge the timing just right so that they blow 
up in the air right next to your target. Increasing the charge of this not only 
increases their power, but also the time until they blow. Your mech can have 2 of 
these equipped, and the level of charge are blue, yellow, and red, respectively. By 
the way, my friend likes to call these RPG’s (Rocket Propelled Grenades) and that is 
an accurate description of them.
Rate of Fire-1

   3.10 Javelin
Yet another of my favorites, this is good against all vehicles and turrets. When 
fully powered up, it can help you take down small mechs, and of course elementals. 
The power levels are the same as the warhammer’s. And, you can have 4 of these.
Rate of Fire-5

   3.11 Lava Gun
Ah, the legendary lava gun, it has massive destructive power and can sometimes knock 
over mechs. This fires 3 gigantic balls of napalm; this is excellent for destroying 
buildings and, of course, mechs. This can’t be powered or charged up, but it doesn’t 
need to. And, I don’t think I need to mention this, but I will anyway, your ragnarok 
or ymir can only have one of these.
Rate of Fire-4

   3.12 Introduction to Defenses
Now, lets get to the defenses, the jump jets use the left control stick, and the 
rest use the right control stick. Effectiveness is how well I think they work. I 
also give hints of how I prefer to use them, that is all.

   3.13 Jump Jets
These are basically rockets attached to your mech to make them flight capable. Only 
some mechs have jump jets, and only jump capable mechs are able to get to some 
areas. To activate jump jets, press down on the control left control stick and 
release to deactivate them. The time jump jets last vary with the mech, but on all 
mechs they recharge fairly quickly. You can also do damage to some mechs by landing 
on them, but the damage also varies with the size of the mech jumping, the size of 
the mech being landed on, and the falling distance.

   3.14 Null Signature
This makes you invisible and takes you off radars for long periods of time. Get this 
on a fast mech, and you can go in and out of an enemy base quickly and stealthily. 
But, I don’t suggest firing or getting hit while this is on, being damaged or 
creating heat reveals you, not completely, but enough for you enemies to get a lock 
on you.

   3.15 Target Jamming
This is probably my favorite of the defenses, it works for a decent amount of time, 
and nothing at all can hit you unless you walk in front of it. Target jamming 
prevents locks of any kind on your mech, no missiles, no PPC’s, not even pulse 
lasers or autocannons can hit you. This is great for going in and out of somewhere 
quickly; after you complete your objective, then you can deal with the annoying 
mechs, tanks, or helicopters following you.

   3.16 Chaff
This doesn’t last very long, but it attracts most missile weapons to it instead of 
you. But, even though it lasts a short time, it recharges quickly, so you can use it 
over and over again. Here’s a strategy for you: try attaching the chaff to an 
opponent, so when other enemies fire missiles, not only will they be drawn away from 
you, but they will also be drawn to your opponent.

   3.17 Shield
This is only available to the ragnarok and ymir, so you can only use it after you 
beat the game. It can block any attack, but it lasts a small amount of time and can 
be broken after several attempts. But don’t worry, it recharges quickly; I suggest 
using it to block massive attacks like PPC’s, warhammers, and lava guns, the 
ragnarok and ymir can handle smaller ones.
   4.1  Introduction to Multiplayer Levels
These are the multiplayer levels, I've rated them on a scale of 1 to 10, told you 
what mechs are good there, and given you a brief description of each. And, if there 
is a grinder available here, I've also given you the mechs you will be fighting, and 
in what order.

   4.2  Colosseum
This barren landscape has a giant trench in the center of the arena. A bridge hangs 
over it, but it can be destroyed. On one side of the trench is a magma pool, on the 
other, a small lake. Standing next to a furnace raises the heat of your mech, so 
don’t stand next to them. This level is well suited for heavy mechs, but jump 
capable mechs do have some advantages here. The colosseum receives a 5 out of 10 
from me.
   Mad Cat

   4.3  Frosty
A frozen area where mechs cool down quickly, so you can unload more ammo. Larger 
mechs can’t fit under the three landbridges here, so they’ll have to go around or 
take them down. There are mists all over the place here, white mechs can sometimes 
use these to their advantage. I give frosty a 7 out of 10.

   4.4  Icepack
This is an icy level where weapons cool down faster than usual. Although other mechs 
can find other ways up, jump capable mechs can easily claim the high-ground around 
the outer-rim of the level. This level is well suited for all kinds of mechs, except 
of course, elementals. Out of 10, icepack gets an 8, it’s a good level if you know 
your way around.

   4.5  Junkyard
The junkyard is, well, a junkyard, there’s trash all over the place and some of it’s 
explosive (yes, explosive trash), this doesn’t hurt mechs much, but it does a lot to 
power-suits. The lights here can be destroyed, but they don’t do much in the first 
place, what’s the point? This is very well suited for heavy mechs, light mechs have 
no chance, speed and jumping don’t help here. The junkyard receives a 9 of 10, 
because I like heavy mechs.

   4.6  Number 51
This is a fiery battleground that has a volcano in the center of it. There are large 
magma pools all over this WOB base, but none as deadly as the volcano, just being 
around this does you damage, and once a mech falls in, only a jump capable mech can 
get out. There are also buildings scattered all over the base, and a large land 
bridge near the volcano. All mechs can find advantages here, even elementals can 
find cover here. This is an excellent level and gets a 10 out of 10.

   4.7  River City
This is another level suited for every mech, it’s mostly flat with a lot of 
obstacles, mostly buildings. Fast mechs can go around buildings, jump capable mechs 
can go over them, and heavy mechs can just knock them over. The two sides of River 
City are separated by a large river with two large bridges hanging across it, fast 
or jump capable mechs can destroy these bridges to slow down heavy mechs. Even 
elementals can do well here, they can hide on the larger buildings and shoot down at 
mechs, the mechs can destroy the building, but the elementals would have still done 
better than if they have done otherwise. For being, in my opinion, the best level 
you can get without Xbox Live, River City gets a 10 out of 10.
   Mad Cat
   5.1  Introduction to My Walkthrough
This is where I tell you how I play the game. I'm not telling you to do it this way, 
but this is the way I find easiest. I try to be as specific as possible without 
giving you an hour's worth of reading. If you choose to play the game my way, great, 
if you don't, whatever.

   5.2  Level 1-Going Down Hard
   >>Recon Area
Mechs Available-
So, you’ve landed, well, take the only available mech and prepare to mow down some 
infantry and tanks. Head strait across the river and step on the infantry; now jump 
jet over the ridge. What’s this? A base, destroy it, one shot to each building with 
a javelin should do it, watch out for the infantry on top of the towers. Oh, more 
infantry, step on ‘em and move on. Look at this, a convoy, there should be 4 trucks 
and 7 tanks, destroy ‘em all. After you’re done torturing the convoy, follow the 
road to another base. There should be 5 turrets in this clearing, destroy them and 
any remaining tanks and infantry, then move on. Oh no, power-armor, I’ll bet you’re 
ready to piss your pants; there should be 4 of these midgets, waste ‘em and destroy 
the HQ building to complete the first level.

   5.3  Level 2-Suffer the Silence
   >>Destroy the Comm Tower
   >>Rout Defending Forces
Mechs Available-
First off, I would take the puma, it has null sig and a PPC. Anyway, down to 
business, follow the road to the first cluster of buildings you see. How’s it been 
so far? A few tanks and a ton of infantry, yeah, I’m sure that’s gonna stop a 40-ton 
mech. Oh, right, the buildings, level the whole base, destroy the tunnel, and look 
for any salvage. 3 suits of power-armor, oh no; squash ‘em and move on. Now go up 
the hill, watch out, there’s laser turrets, those might actually do something. See 
the 3 smaller buildings as soon as you come up? The middle one has a health in it, 
take it when you need it. After you leave this base, notice the ship in the water 
below? It has a health on it, don’t take it yet, you might need it later. Enter the 
next base and destroy all tanks and infantry; there’s more health than normal in 
this base, I wonder why... Your first mech battle, he’s supported by numerous tanks, 
infantry, and 2 turrets, lose them by wading into the water. By the way, briefing 
boy was right, it’s an owens. Now that it’s just you and the owens, nuke him, then 
deal with the rest. The last base and the comm tower, destroy the 3 turrets 
defending it, and then the comm tower.

   5.4  Level 3-Friends Indeed
   >>Save the Resistance
Mechs Available
I suggest taking the puma, its null sig will come in handy. Start off across the 
bridge to find members of the WOB terrorizing civilians, toast ‘em. Now follow the 
road and go onto the bridge, but don’t cross, we’re gonna flank ‘em. Jump over the 
left side of the bridge and walk until you find a chain of small islands. Now go 
backwards and hit the uller with a few PPC’s. If you get the uller down before you 
get to the area with the elementals, they will be immobile; if you want, you can get 
in a free shot, but after that shot hits, the elementals will wake up. Look around 
the area for salvage and destroy any battleships. Follow the road to another bridge, 
weaken the bridge but don’t destroy it, we’ll use it later. Cross the bridge and 
you’ll find an owens, he’s why we weakened the bridge. Lure him onto the bridge and 
destroy it under him, make sure you’re not on it too or you’ll be destroyed as well. 
There should be some tanks remaining, finish them off and continue. Up ahead there’s 
a few tanks, 2 elementals, and another uller and owens; use null sig and the trees 
for cover. Destroy all of them and you’ve completed the level.

   5.5  Level 4-Dry Me Out
   >>Secure Your Flank
   >>Cripple WOB Air Forces
   >>Destroy Key Structures
Mechs Available-
I usually take the uziel for this mission, its firepower comes in handy sometimes. 
Start by taking out all the turrets, there’s 4 on the mountains and 3 near the 
entrance to the tank depot. Now destroy the tank depot and the tanks, then look for 
salvage. It’s time to head for the air base, they’ll be sending helicopters to meet 
you, destroy them and the jets; the jumbo-jet has salvage in it. Now the drawbridge, 
destroy the tower next to it to open it up. There’s a lot of enemies on the other 
side, destroy the 2 turrets first, then go for the uziel. After flattening him, sink 
the docked ships. Now head up the hill and waste the helicopters, then destroy those 
2 annoying turrets. After leveling the helicopter depot, destroy the hanger. What? 
There’s 2 ullers in there, show ‘em what you’re made of.

   5.6  Level 5-Sailing Away
   >>Destroy All Barges
   >>Destroy Escort Vessels
Available Mechs-
I recommend the puma for this, yes, the puma, its speed and null sig is what we’re 
looking for. Follow the river, as soon as you pass the waterfall, go onto the land 
to your left, get back in the water once it ends. After you pass the overhanging 
structure, go onto the land to your left, jump jet over the rocks. And remember, 
sink all the boats you see on your way. Once you see a second overhanging structure, 
destroy it, don’t aim for the turrets, destroying the structure will destroy them 
both, one PPC should do it. When you see land on your right, go onto it and activate 
null sig. Ignore all mechs you see, they’re not your target. When you get to the 
fork in the river, go left, that’ll lead you to the rest of the ships.

   5.7  Level 6-Catnap
   >>Defend the Icarus
   >>Secure Mad Cat
Mechs Available-
Take the uziel, it has the most firepower of any mech you have, for now. First off, 
you’re got a ton of tanks, a few helicopter, and an uziel incoming, don’t let them 
get to the Icarus. Now the best directions I can give you are stay to the right side 
of the valley and follow the nav point. You’ll find tanks, turrets, infantry, and 
another uziel, I’ll give you more once you reach the city. Now find the convoy, 
don’t shoot at the mad cat, but destroy the tanks around it; if all else fails, cave 
in the tunnel on the north side of the city. After you’ve captured the mad cat, 
destroy all incoming enemies, mostly tanks and 2 uziels, and, don’t mistake the 
techs’ car for a tank. Now look for salvage, there’s a small base at the south side 
of the city. After you’re done looting the small base, go to the real one at the 
north side. Level every building there, start with the turrets and the tank and 
helicopter depots.

   5.8  Level 7-Catnap II
   >>Defend the Icarus
Mechs Available-
   Mad Cat
Not much to do here, just defend the Icarus. It doesn’t matter if Foster blows up, 
you can repair the cougar he’s using, and he lives (too bad). There’s salvage 
scattered around the Icarus, but you probably won’t need it, given how pathetic the 
enemies are, briefing boy fighting with you, and, of course, you’re using the mad 
cat. Oh, you’ve got tanks, helicopters, and 2 uziels coming.

   5.9  Level 8-Bright Lights, Dark City
   >>Stop Reinforcements
   >>Clear Your Approach
   >>Gain Access
   >>Shut Off the Power
Mechs Available-
   Mad Cat
First, destroy all tanks and turrets, that’ll release the 2 pumas. Then destroy the 
bridges under the pumas, easy. Look around for salvage, then fight the catapult and 
his turret and helicopter support; I suggest dropping the bridge on or under him. 
Now mop up the remaining enemies and head through the door. That was a short 
mission, wasn’t it? Sorry, it’s not over yet.

   5.10 Level 9-Bright Lights, Dark City II
   >>Stop Reinforcements
   >>Clear Your Approach
   >>Gain Access
   >>Shut Off the Power
Mechs Available-
   Mad Cat
Start by destroying the 4 turrets and 4 elementals, then head in. Now destroy the 
tank and helicopter depots and the belial. After you’re done, wipe out any remaining 
tanks, helicopters, and turrets, then hit the generator. There’s a lot of salvage 
around, pick some up before taking out the uller. Now head into the power district, 
ignore the mechs until you destroy the mech depot in the back. After you’re done 
with the enemies that may have escaped your wrath, nuke the nuke plant (sorry about 
the pun).

   5.11 Level 10-Not Again!
   >>Locate the Icarus
Mechs Available-
   Mad Cat
Well, they are a pretty big target aren’t they? But how many times are they gonna 
get shot down? Anyway, start up the hill to find a small base complete with turrets, 
tanks, infantry, a helicopter, and an uller, nothing new. There are three 
landbridges ahead, defended by tanks, turrets, and an uziel. I suggest moving across 
the bridges quickly, in case your enemies decide to destroy them under you. On the 
other side you’ll encounter tanks, a kit fox, and an uller. After you find the 
Icarus, you’ll have to protect it from 2 tanks, a belial, and an uller; by the way, 
there’s salvage all over the place, health and ammo should be no problem. After 
you’re done with your 4 little buddies, you’ll get 2 new ones, a mad cat and an 
uziel, there are the best mechs you’ve fought so far, but they shouldn’t be a 

   5.12 Level 11-Thor on the Rocks
   >>Raze Sensor Nets
   >>Destroy Enemy Mechs
   >>Protect the Icarus
Mechs Available-
   Mad Cat
   Timber Wolf
Take any mech you want, this shouldn’t be a hard mission. You’ve got 3 heavy assault 
helicopters incoming, shoot ‘em down, after that head after the first tower. Nothing 
big defending the tower, just a few tanks and turrets. After you’ve downed the 
tower, head back to the Icarus, it’s under attack by 3 helicopters, is that all 
they’ve got? Defending the second tower are turrets (including a mortar), tanks, and 
a vulture. By the way, near the entrance to the area did you notice the large block 
of ice behind the trees and the turret? Well, destroy it to find some salvage, an 
energy power-up and a health. Nothing very heavy guarding the next tower, a few 
tanks, a few turrets, the usual. You’ve got a vulture with light tank support in the 
next area, nothing to worry about. Do not go in this tunnel, if you do, you’re gonna 
be crushed, it collapses, I suggest destroying it from outside. After the tunnel 
you’ve got a cougar and a vulture, where are the good mechs? After you’ve nuked the 
mechs, break through or jump over the ice ledge the cougar came from, that’s where 
the next tower is. Like Foster said, to your west are the helicopters, destroy ‘em, 
and don’t waste ammo, you can actually step on them. Now head for the last tower, 
it’s protected by a mortar turret and 2 vultures. A thor? Straider’s campion is a 
thor? Well, I guess it could pose a small threat, it’s weapons are fully powered-up, 
anyway, waste him. Hey, the thor didn’t blow up, I wonder why...

   5.13 Level 12-Wolf in Sheep’s...
   >>Enter Base
   >>Intercept Comms
   >>Reach Extraction
Mechs Available-
Don’t fire at any enemies or step on any infantry, if you do, you’ll blow your 
cover. Now that you’re in the base, you need to go to the comm center, don’t shoot 
at anything, yet. Ah, this is what you’ve been waiting for since you saw those 2 
atlases at the gate, isn’t it? Well save it. Just destroy the generator and leave 
through the back door. You’re gonna be followed by tons of ullers, atlases, tanks, 
and helicopters, run for your life. Luckily, there’s health everywhere, in hangers 
and trucks. After you reach the giant land bridge, collapse it after you reach the 
other side, then you’ll be home free.

   5.14 Level 13-Under the Guns
   >>Locate Gun Batteries
   >>Destroy the Guns
Mechs Available-
   Mad Cat
   Timber Wolf
Take the mad cat for this one, it’s fire power will help a lot. Destroy the ice 
block to the left of where you came from, this will let you into the base. Inside 
the base, you’ll meet a mad cat and an uziel; there’s salvage all over the place 
inside the base, mostly health and energy. After you go deeper into the base, you’ll 
encounter an uziel on the ridge, he has the high-ground, and he’s not leaving it. 
After you get inside the actual base, meaning walls on all sides, Strader will send 
you a new friend to play with, it’s a mad cat, have fun with him. There’ll be a lot 
of salvage around, I don’t think they think you can handle yourself. After you get 
to the closed door, find and destroy the nearby generator to open it. I think 
Strader is starting to get a little peeved at you, he’s sending out 3 of his 
minions, 2 vultures and a mad cat. Once you’re done dominating them, head for the 
orbital guns, you should still have plenty of time left. Now that you’ve taken out 
the orbital guns, you’re not the only mechwarrior Strader will have to worry about. 
By the way, you could’ve taken the path around the base for this mission, but I’m 
not gonna go into that one since it’s the coward’s way to beat this level.

   5.15 Level 14-Size Matters
   >>Locate Mech Base
   >>Destroy Defenses
   >>Destroy Mansion
Mechs Available-
Great, you get to be an elemental, you should have fun with this one. Jump over the 
magma rivers, you don’t want to fall in. Luckily, even with your minimal size, you 
can still step on infantry, so, step on the idiots. Now find a metal gate, these 
look so much smaller as a mech, don’t they? Well, jump over it; soon you’ll find a 
weakened wall structure, go through it. By this time you should have some pumas 
chasing you, don’t stop to fight them or you’re gonna get dominated. Soon you should 
find a large hangar, jump onto it, then jump over the large wall. After you’ve 
vaulted the wall you’ll have to fight 2 power-armors, and, don’t fall into the lava. 
As you advance, the puma that was following you will jump over the mountain, again, 
don’t fight him, instead duck into the tunnel. When you’re in the tunnel, use the 
pillars for cover but don’t stop moving down the tunnel. After you get out of the 
tunnel, turn right, you’ll see a pile of trash with a health in it, you should need 
it by now. Now that you’re back to full health again, turn right, you’ll see an 
archway, go through it, the puma won’t be able to follow you. Now there should be 
some tanks and 3 elementals. After you’re done with them, you should be home free, 
destroy the building next to the mech base and go in. Inside the base, there’s a 
cougar, an uziel, a thor, and an atlas, you choose the latter.

   5.16 Level 15-Size Matters II
   >>Locate Mech Base
   >>Destroy Defenses
   >>Destroy Mansion
Mechs Available-
From an elemental to an atlas, and this is no pushover either, all its weapons are 
fully powered-up. After you cross the first small landbridge, that puma that was 
chasing you as an elemental will show up. After you punch through the weakened wall 
section, you’ll find a cougar, a cougar on an atlas... Right. After you travel 
through the valley a little, you’ll find a belial and a mortar tank, destroy the 
tank first, it poses a bigger threat. Soon you’ll come up on the regional palace, 
before the palace, the party goers are gonna try to fly away in 4 transport 
helicopters, take down as many as possible. Once you start to approach the palace, 
you’ll be ambushed by 4 mechs, 2 kit foxes, a thor, and an atlas. After you’re done 
with these idiots, head for the palace, after you destroy part of the palace, you’ll 
be ambushed by another mech, watch out, it’s a prometheus, and it’s no pushover, 
flatten him and then the palace.

   5.17 Level 16-Not on my Watch
   >>Destroy Local Forces
   >>Secure Escape Route
   >>Liberate Prisoners
Mechs Available-
   Mad Cat
   Timber Wolf
I usually take an assault mech for this one, like a mad cat or prometheus. To start 
off, you’ll be fighting a uziel supported by several tanks, nothing to worry about. 
After a while you’ll come up on another uziel supported by 2 turrets and a tank. 
Around the bend, you’ll find a base; in the base, there’ll be a ton of tanks and an 
uziel, not very powerful, but not to be underestimated. In a small base up ahead, 
there’ll be several tanks and an uziel, there are a lot of these around, aren’t 
there? Up ahead, there’s a repair yard with 2 mad cats and 2 uziels which are 
slightly damaged, there’s also salvage all over the place. After you leave the 
repair yard, you’ll find tanks and turrets, where’s the challenge? After you cross 
under a landbridge, you’ll have incoming bombers, you probably won’t be able to 
destroy all of them, but you can use the landbridge as cover, don’t worry, it 
shouldn’t break unless you weakened it, and by the way, they only make one pass. The 
second comm tower is in the next base, it’s protected by helicopters, tanks, and 
turrets. Following the base, there’ll be a huge valley with about a hundred turrets 
in it. Destroy all the turrets and head to the camp, the guard force is a single 
infantry soldier. After you head into the camp, a dropship will drop a prometheus on 
you, destroy him and it will come back to drop 2 more. 

   5.18 Level 17-Payback
   >>Prevent Escape
Mechs Available-
   Mad Cat
   Timber Wolf
For this mission you’re gonna need whatever mech you’re best in, this level requires 
efficiency. First off, there’s a cougar trying to distract you from your main goal, 
after you’re done with him, follow the convoy. The convoy is made up of heavy tanks 
and catapults, try destroying the lead catapults to start a chain reaction. After 
you’re done with the first convoy, Foster informs you he missed a convoy of 
catapults and heavy tanks, what an idiot. Destroy the convoy and take down Strader.

   5.19 Level 18-Worst Day Since...
   >>Assault the Space Port
   >>Stop the WOB Retreat
Mechs Available-
   Mad Cat
   Timber Wolf
Although there are areas that only jump capable mechs can reach, I suggest using an 
assault mech, like a prometheus or mad cat. There are gonna be some mortar tanks 
trying to blow out bridges under you, don’t let ‘em or, well, think about what 
happens when a bridge gets blown out under a mech. Up ahead is a mech depot, destroy 
it and any mechs it may have released. Following the inside path to the space port, 
there are 2 owenses, they’re trying to delay you, but they shouldn’t be a problem. 
After you’re done messing with and finally finishing off the owenses, you’ll be 
close to the space port. Make no mistake, the guard force here is not light, you 
didn’t think they’d let you just walk in and waste Strader did you? Soon there’ll be 
a helicopter depot, destroy it or these stupid things will be all over the place. 
After you enter the space port, turn right and destroy the tank depot and 2 
generators there, that’ll open the door. As you near the door, you’ll find a mech 
depot, destroy it and, of course, any mechs that wandered out of it. Once in the 
inner space port, destroy the plane first, then the mech depot, and I don’t think I 
have to repeat myself; by the way, the plane has tons of salvage in it. Now destroy 
the generator behind the mech depot, that should let you into the area where the 
dropship is, and Strader. Now that you’re in, start to destroy the dropship, but 
before you’re able to, you have to fight Strader in his ragnarok, and its weapons 
are powered up, I thought this would be a harder battle, but the rag is a slow, easy 
target. Now that you’ve defeated Strader, it’s time to try out your doomsday present.

   5.20 Level 19-Ready to Rok!
   >>Stop the Drill
Mechs Available-
First of all destroy the tunnel behind you, you don’t want enemies streaming in 
behind you. Then, which enemy do you want to fight? Behind door #1 on the left, a 
thor, and behind door #2 on the right, a timber wolf. After you go into the city, 
you’ll find some tanks and a mad cat, waste ‘em. In the next area, you’ll meet 
tanks, a mad cat, a thor, and 2 mech depots, destroy the depots first and then the 
mechs. Before you enter the next area you’ll run into 3 assault tanks, destroy ‘em 
and then take down the atlas in the next area. Now you’re leaving the city into the 
magma fields, you’ll be welcomed by 2 thors, take ‘em down. After you go even 
further you find a mad cat, destroy it before advancing. Now you’ll find a mad cat, 
an atlas, and a timber wolf, not a team to mess with too often. It might take a 
little work to destroy these three, but after that, you’ll be at the drill approach.

   5.21 Level 20-Ready to Rok! II
   >>Stop the Drill
Mechs Available-
On the drill approach, you’ll find a number of tanks, turrets, and helicopters, you 
have 8 minutes, should be plenty of time. Now that you’re at the drill, you’ll find 
its guards, atlases, a prometheus, and a thor. After you’re done with the read 
guards, you’ll be swarmed by elementals, ignore them, they’re endless. When you 
start to attack the drill, Foster will give you some bad news, the drill isn’t 
taking any damage and his only idea is to self-destruct. Step into the drill and 
press A to save the world.
   6.1  Introduction to Stories
This is where I write stories of skillful happenings of MechAssault, if you have an 
entry you would like to make, e-mail me via web form. I will not accept something 
that enemies or techs did. If I don't accept your entry, please don't send it again. 
By the way, don't forget to tell me what your nickname for this site is so I can 
give you credit.

   6.2  Entry by Coolguy63
Once I was playing a grinder at River City with my friend, and we were at the point 
where we were fighting against 3 ragnaroks. I was an atlas and I attached a chaff to 
one of them, they were all at pretty low healths so all of them were limping, they 
couldn't get away. Anyway, I attached a chaff to one of them and one of the others 
fired javelins, they were drawn to the other ragnarok and it was the finishing blow. 
All of the rags were standing next to each other so it started a chain reaction and, 
like I mentioned, they were limping so they couldn't get away. All that was left 
when the smoke cleared were three, gigantic, purple shields.
   7.1  Introduction to Hints
I write hints here, things that may be helpful to you. If you have an entry you 
would like to make, e-mail me via web form. If I think the hint is helpful, I'll 
probably enter it, but if I don't accept your entry, please don't send it again. By 
the way, don't forget to tell me what your nickname for this site is so I can give 
you credit.

   7.2  Entry by Coolguy63
Almost all of the scenery in MechAssault is destructible, and most of it can destroy 
or badly injure mechs and enemies. There are two kinds of buildings and scenery: 
falling objects, and explosive objects. Falling objects that can hurt enemies are 
usually tall buildings and bridges, destroy these above or under enemies to do 
massive damage, if not kill them. Destroy an explosive object anywhere near an enemy 
to take them with it. Explosive objects are usually pumps that send out an 
electrical explosion, propane tanks that burn enemies to death, or bubbles of dried 
lava that sends out a spray of molten lava.

   7.3  Entry by Coolguy63
Trees are one of the only things that are rarely destructible and shots can’t go 
through them. If you’re under heavy fire, about the only safe place is a cluster of 
trees. Hide in trees and you can’t be touched, it’s safe to hide in trees until you 
think of a way to get away from enemy fire.
   8.1  Introduction to my FAQ
This is where you ask me questions about my walktrough or the game. Send your 
questions to me via web form and ask them clearly, and, don't ask me any questions 
you know are stupid ones.

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