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so peoples, this is my first faq so bear w/ me.  ok here we go

---codes that me and my faithful cousin topher have found out---
1. ann REALLY likes spa boiled eggs, (we have married her and had a child)
2. in the beginning when you first start the game, you will go to the clinic and the 
nurse type lady will say that you have a cut, when she asks you if it hurts, you 
say, yeah, it's excruciating, she will give you a band aid, if you walk up the 
street you will see stew crying, give him the band aid and when the nurse type lady 
asks why you didn't use it, say it was b/c she gave it to you, brownie points w/ the 
ladies, that's the way to go, lol
3. hmm, idk that's all i want to type right now for codes, but if you are at a part 
that you don't know what to do, you can email me at [email protected], i will 
respond right away i promise

---things that aren't true that you might read somewhere else---
1. there is no way to have twins, me and my cousin topher have had a baby like, 4 
times and it was a boy each time
2. you might read a way to make your dog have puppies, there is no way, the only way 
is if barley comes to your farm and asks to have your dog mate w/ his
3. you might also see a code that takes like four days to do, and it's suppose to 
upgrade all of your tools, not true

---strategy for getting a wife---
1. give her all the things that she wants, or when you give it to her, her face will 
look all dreamy or whatever
2. give her something everyday and invite her to everything that you can invite her 
3. in the winter you can mine and get this stuff to make necklaces and bracelet's, 
etc. well make her one and when you get it finished from making, go to the store and 
have it wrapped in wrapping paper and then give it to her.

well peoples, i think that is all for now, if you have any comments or you think 
that my faq kicks bum, jus tell me when you email me at, [email protected]

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