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                            STARCRAFT GUIDE TO


       All this is here is a strategy on te online gaming for when you are protoss.

                               Here is my plan.........

  Begin by sending all of your probes to mine. Build 1 extra probe with the 50 
minerals you start out with. Once that probe is made, send it out to find a place 
with a vespene geyser and minerals (or just minerals) and build a nexus. Do that 
with about 1-3 probes somewhere around there and make some probes out of them 
nexuses you built. 

Now to begin building. 

(Note: Beforehand, while u were making the nexuses, u might have had to build a 
pylon). Build a pylon in you MAIN base. Once setup, create a forge. Once that is 
setup, surround the enterances of your base with photon cannons. Once all are 
covered, start to build a cybernetics core and a gateway @ any base you choose. 
When your gaeway is setup, make zealots to search the map for the enemy. While your 
zealots are searching for the enemy, build a cidital of adun and upgrade the 
zealots. Then get templar archives. 

Now is when the army begins.

Start loading a part of a base with gateways. Make sure you have enough minerals 
and gas to make a crap-load of templars ( and i mean a CRAP-LOAD). Once a group of 
templers are made, meld them all into archons. Once you have a massive army of 
bright blue, send em out to destroy >=D>.

This works with me about 75-85% of the time.

ENJOY!!!        3|\|_)0Y!!!

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