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Welcome to my FAQ! I hope this FAQ/Walkthrough helps you!

                        The Story

Ten years ago you were sent to your Grandpa`s farm for the summer. At mother`s hill 
you met a little girl and became friends with her! After ten years of living in the 
city you get to go back to the farm to fullfil your Grandpa`s dream of succesfully 
raising a farm! And you even get to marry the girl you once met when you were a 

Watering can
Blue feather

                          Cost of tools
Hoe: free
Ax: free
Sickle: Free
Watering can: free
Hammer: free
Brush: 800g
Clippers: (don`t know)
Scizzors: (don`t know)
Blue feather: 1000g

                         Items Won sells:
SUGDW apple: 500g (Ripoff! Do NOT buy!)
Ball: 100g (Not a ripoff! Buy!)

                          Girls` Hearts
Black: You don`t exist!
Purple: Starting to become your friend
Blue: Your friend
Green: They gained your trust!
Orange: HUGE Crush
Red: Love you! (Marry them now!)

Likes: Flowers, Eggs, Anything cooked with eggs, Honey, weeds, Fish
Dislikes: Blue grass, Green grass, Red grass, Stones
Personnality: Nice, Cute, Loves All Animals Exept Monkeys!

Likes: Flowers, Honey, Grass, Bodigizer, Fish
Dislikes: Weeds, Stones, Sticks,
Personnality: Cute, Sweet, Outgoing

Likes: Flowers, Bodigizer, Honey, Fish
Dislikes: Weeds, Grass, Stones, Sticks, garbage
Personnality: Nice, Careing

Likes: WINE!!!, Flowers, Grape juice
Dislikes: Garbage, Weeds, Stones, Sticks, Grass
Personnality: Nice, Drunk :p

Likes: Wine, Flowers, Grass, Fish, Eggs
Dislikes: Garbage, Weeds, Stones, Sticks
Personnality: Nice, Shy, Cute!

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