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 ##########   #####    ##   #   ##########  #####
 #           #     #   # #  #       #       #
 #           #     #   #  # #       #       #
 #            #####    #   ##       #       #
 #                     #    #   ##########  #####    
 #                    ADVENTURE  BBBBBB   AAAAA  TTTTT TTTTT L     EEEEE
 #                    D          B    B   A   A    T     T   L     E 
 ##########           V          BBBBBB   AAAAA    T     T   L     EEEEE
          #           E          B    B   A   A    T     T   L     E
          #           N          BBBBBB   A   A    T     T   LLLLL EEEEE
          #           T-----2-----
          #           U
          #           R
          #           E


   --____TABLE OF CONTENTS_____________________________________________

            PART 1:
                 Chapter 1: Prologue
             Chapter 2: The Characters
Chapter 4: The Walkthrough

            Part 2:
                 Chapter 1: The Ending
             Chapter 2: Surprises
 Chapter 3: Emblems
Chapter 4: Secret Items

   __________________Chapter 1: Prologue______________

         Sonic the world's superhero is mistaken at a military base for a prisoner 
named Shadow. Shadow fools the police and military for Sonic doing bad things like 
robbing banks and defeating the good folks. Behind all this is the famous super-zero 
named Dr. Eggman, known also as Robotnik, reseearching Dr. Gerald Robotnik's 
research. Gerald Robotnik happened to be his grandfather.
        Everyone else is fooled except Miles Prower, Knuckles The Echinda and Amy 
Rose, all SOnic's friends. Tails helps Sonic escape from prison and saves Amy from 
Dr. Eggman. Then Eggman gets his revenge by blowing up half the moon by using a 
powerful cannon, called the Eclipse Cannon. Now it's up to Sonic, Knuckles, and 
Miles Tails Prower to save the day. And joining the Dark Side, Rouge The Bat, they 
can find pieces of powerful emeralds to beat the Good Side. 

 ______________________Chapter 2: The Characters___________________

        These of the following are not all of the characters, just the imprtant ones.

      Sonic The Hedgehog- A fast, blue hedgehog that is a bigtime superhero.
Shadow The Hedgehog- A black fast hedgehog, the rival of Sonic that relies on Eggman 
to do the dirty work.
Doctor Robotnik Eggman- The most "Powerful" opponent of the game. He uses a suit 
with a cannon to destroy enemies. He is mostly known as the Super-zero "Robotnik"
Miles "Tails" Prower- A fast fox that uses a machine called the Tornado to kill 
enemies. He is the worst opponent of Eggman.
Knuckles The Echidna- A fast red Echidna with a bad attitude, mostly Sonic is angry 
with him.
Rouge The Bat- A government bat spy that pretends to be on the Dark Side. She was 
working on "Project Shadow" IN the game. She is known as The Treasure Hunter, Rouge 
and she is the enemy of Knuckles.
Chao- A small creature that you raise in the Chao Garden.
Omachao- The male full-grown chao that helps you along the way of your journey. He 
is both good and bad. 
Amy Rose- Sonic's girfriend that always gets in trouble. You can play with her in 2P 
Battle Mode.
Metal Sonic- Also found in 2P Battle Mode, Metal Sonic is sort of like the evolved 
form of Sonic.
Tikal The Echinda- Found in 2P Battle Mode, she is Knuckles' girlfriend. 

______________________Chapter 3: FAQ AUTHORED BY ME______________________________

        1. Why did Gerald Robotnik invent a Hedgehog?
           Maybe to suit his grandson in killing Sonic in having his properties or 
maybe it was just his plot to make an animal that no one would discober he made.
         2. What does Rouge do?
               Rouge The bat, like is said in the Prologue and character sections is 
a government spy trying to find out about Shadow. She also likes jewels and gems so 
I guess she's in it for that too.
         3. MOST FREQUENTLT ASKED QUESTION: Who is Eggman, really? He seems familiar.

          Eggman is Robotnik, if you remember from the Sega Genesis games. There was 
one stage in Sonic 2: Miles Tails Prower that was called Death Egg. Death Egg was 
really Shadow, that Eggman had unleashed.

         4. What does Tails look like outside his space thingy?

           If you have ever collected the key to Chao Garden, you will see that 
Tails is out of the Tornado. He Can use his tails as a helicopter.

         5. How many levels are in Sonic 2?
      It depends on which side you are on. Dark side has 12 and Good side has 16.

         6. How do we get Kart Race? 

           Defeat on good side, Route 101, and on dark side, 280. You are Tails on 
Route 101, and Rouge on 280.

          7. What is the difficulty of Sonic 2?

           It can be hard, but it is mostly only challenging. Some parts are 
extremely easy, just watch out for parts that look like they might trick you. If you 
are a novice this may be a game you want to try for later. Don't get too upset 
because you can't beat it. Concentrate on another game for a while. 

___________________________Chapter 4: The Walkthrough________________________-

        Here is the moment you have all been waiting for: THE WALKTHROUGH!

        HERO SIDE

         Level 01: City Escape Mission 1: Escape from the military pursuit.
Play as Sonic
                First you will find yourself on a board grinding down the city 
streets. Just for fun you can run over cars. 
      When you get to the part where you get off the board, talk to Omachao. Now 
keep going until you find an enemy. Jump with a and press it wile in the air to 
perform a homing attack. Destroy those E-201's and get to theb part where there are 
cardboard boxes in your path beside two posters. Lightly tap b to do a somersault 
and go on. At the part where you grind down the rail, press a to get on it. Grind 
down until you get to a small grassland. Walk up the steps and destroy the enemies 
carefully, don't jump too low! Now you should be past most of the obsticles that you 
need to learn. Go on further until you get to the part where you are running down 
the building. You should see a G.U.N. truck that was sent by Eggman. If you have 
time, hold B button and dash down the street, if it is close you won't have enough 
time to charge up so hold the control directional button down until marks are behind 
you. Also, when you go around the last corner you should see Big The Cat.
      Anyhoo, just keep running, when it approaches, don't give up. If it hits you, 
you ain't dead, (if you had no rings you will be) so collect some more ringts along 
the road. Eventually you will fly across the road, the truck will crash and you will
see the goal ring. Hit it and Level Complete!


      This guy is just another heep of garbage. He is sooooooooooo easy he shouldn't 
even be called a boss. He is weaker than dental floss. Anyway, he will fly up in the 
sky and fire a machine gun. Start running or hide behind the boxes, although he can 
destroy them. When he lets dodge his missiles and attack when he's finished them 
all. Use your homing attack, A, A, to get him. Make sure you hit the cockpit. Repeat 
this process until you defeat him.


            Level 01: IRON GATE
                           Play as Eggman

     Mission 1: ????? 

           You will be playing Eggman Level 1 on Dark Side which is one of my 
favorite people. Destory the locks on the doors to start out with and hold B to lock 
on to enemies press it again to kill 'em. A woman in the background will say Level 
So and So Security Door Breach. This means you have made it to another part of the 

           I can't really explain how to beat Eggman's levels, but they are easy so 
just use patience. Sorry. Anyway when you see a small platform, jump on it to ride 
it to other places. At the end you will see the goal sign. Jump on it and exit the 

       BOSS 1: ??????

       He is just like Sonic's Boss, BIGFOOT. Look back to see the info on it. Ypu 
will play this level with Shadow. Same controls as Sonic, so good luck. He will fire 
missiles a little more accurate than BIGFOOT, so be aware for that.

         Level 02: Wild Canyon  PLay as Knuckles. Mission 1: Find Three Pieces of 
the Master Emerald. 

           You will play as Knuckles in Wild Canyon. Your objective is to find three 
pieces of the Master Emerald. The computets will help you by giving you hints, so 
stand in front of them and pressing B. When the green light appears at the bottom at 
the Emerald spot, you know it is near you. If the light is yellow, you are a lot 
closer, you are warm. If it is red, you are hot. If an exclamation mark is over your 
head you are super close, on fire. And if it is nothing, gray, you are froze. 

         Get on the wirly thing and go up unless there is an emerald in the first 
area. I cannot help you on finding the emeralds cause they occur in different places 
each time, but I can give you my best hints and tips and good-luck. There is no Goal 
sign, so when you collect the emeralds, you have beat the level. On Knuckles and 
Rouge's tages it is easy to get an A Rank. 



    HERO STORY: Boss 2: DR. EGGMAN Play as Tails

     You will fight Eggman before level 3, and he is easy. Walk around him and dodge 
his lock-on missile, and attack when you are close to him or behind him. He will 
also fire several missiles at once, but not occasionaly. 

     His health meter is larger than BIGFOOT's but he is a wimp at fighting when you 
are against him. It was easy for me, but you haven't played with Tails unless yet 
unless you played in 2P Battle Mode or beat Route 280 with Rouge on Kart Race, but 
there you will not be in the Tornado. Any way his controls are the same as Eggman's, 
B-hold to lock on and b-tap to fire one missile. After you beat him you can go to 
Prison Lane. (Hero Story)

Level 02: Dry Lagoon
    Dark Story: Dry Lagoon, Play as Rouge, Mission 1: Find three pieces of the 
Master Emerald.

      You will start iut in an area with a well in the center. Since it will be your 
first time with Rouge, practice her stuff in this area. A and a again to glide, b to 
kick and a and then b from high distances to do a Drill Claw. Anyhoo, when you're 
done go on the turtle in the middle unless there is an emerald in the first area. 
Jump on it's back and ride to the next place. Look in the last chapter on how to 
find the Treasure Scope in Dry Lagoon, but it is there. It wil help you see 
invisible items. You do not need it though. Not now. 
       So, like in Knuckles's levels I can't help you find the emeralds just use the 
clues on the floating computers to gain hints and look in the places you most 
wouldn't expect. 

    HERO STORY: Level 03, Prison Lane Play as Tails

         You will start out behind bars in a jail cell. Destroy the enemies beyond 
them to open the doors and get out. Lock on works good. Keep going until you get to 
a door with a robot behind that if you destroy it won't open. Destroy the robot a 
few feet away from him and enter. Be sure you killed the first one too.
         This level is exceptionably easy. Just use these skills to determine where 
to go next. The goal sign is the end like always. This level dosen't need much 
walkthrough guide help but I'll try my best for you novices. Just destroy the 
enemies and look at what is in front of you.

Mission 1: Return to the Hidden Base.

   You will start out near a spinning platform, with fire in the middle. Jump on it 
when it gets to the side and move on. Destroy the big tank thing below the rising 
platform (sidewalk) above it. Destroy the vases for coins and the other gas tank. 
Stand on it to get to the rising sidewalk. Avoid the sand and shoot the things on 
the pillars to make a sidewalk. Go over and destroy the three tanks. Go up and 
destroy the things on a pillar to make a sidewalk. It will lead you to a checkpoint. 
        Get on the rotating platform and when it meets with the other small 
platforms go on. Don't go to swiftly. Take your time. When you get across all of the 
platforms, destroy the three things on the pillar to create a side walk. Get the 
Chao Key from the Chao Box to get to go to Chao Garden at the end of the level. 
        When you get to the other side of the pillar, go down the narrow walk where 
there are two robots floating that you can kill. Go a little further and there will 
be a rotating platform again. Go and cross over the small platforms and make the 
pillar (again) go down and make a walkway. You will have to fall down to the next 
part. Kill the robo-car and go up the steps to the tank. Destroy it and go forward 
to the vases. Destroy all to get many coins. If you collect a hundred more, you will 
get a life. 
          Avoid the spike things in your path and go on to the part where a tank 
stands. Destroy it and others will fall down. Destroy them and move on. Be careful 
on the small platforms not to fall in the quicksand. Get over to the rotating 
platform and go around it like the others. Then get the checkpoint past the small 
platforms. Go ahead and kill the three enemies flying toward you. Go ahead and hit 
the thing to go over the flames. At the other side, over the flames, get all the 
pillars down to walk across. Get a red balloon near there for rings and go back 
across the pillars. Avoid the second black thing up near top. Ride on it to the last 
main part. Kill the enemies attacking. Pay no attention to the Eggman Faces. Go on 
through the goal. Level finally complete!
 BOSS 2: Miles Tails Prower: Look into the Eggman section in Hero mode where you 
beat Eggman with Tails. Use this strategy.

HERO STORY Level 04: Metal Harbor, Play as Sonic. Mission 1:Escape from the military 

   Sonic will start off running. Keep going until you get up the loop-de-loop. Avoid 
the water and go until you have a walking control. Use the jumper to get on the 
platform ahead and then kill any enemies in your way. Get to the checkpoint and look 
ahead at all of the robot floaters. Use your homing attack and A button and A again 
while in the air over and over by using the control stick to get to the other side. 
When at the other side get ahold of the pulley and go up to the part where a green 
platform is. It will have shoes in it called the Light Shoes. Get them and you can 
now use Light Dash by pressing B in front of a set of rings. Go down from where the 
pulley is. See the ring path? Stand in front of it and press B to use the Light 
Dash. Try it for starters. When you get to the other side, avoid the driving yellow 
car things and the bombs that the airplanes drop. Keep hitting the boosters to  
avoid them. When you get to the path of rings use Light Dash again and get the 
checkpoint. Go on and get in front of the rings to use Light Dash. You will go 
around a corner and up a loop-de-loop. Now, use somersault by tapping B when you get 
to the part with a little crack with green arrows pointing down. Ride the pulley up, 
then go through another walkway to another somersault place. Go under, then ride the 
pulley up. Go up the loop-de-loop and forward where a somersault place is. Go under 
and stop quickly. There are many robots ahead. Use homing attack, a and then A in 
the air, to get to the other side. Get the checkpoint. This important. Get ahold of 
the rocket at the end of it and it will take you to the huge rocket. Race the clock 
to get to it. Don't charge up a speed dash by hoolding B. You don't have time. I 
beat it my first try but you may be the novice I wasa talking about, no offense. And 
don't take charges if you are the best of the best. You have 15 seconds so hurry!
Keep running to the goal.

Hero Story: Boss 3: SHADOW 
       Shadow can put up a good fight but his power energy meter is low. When he 
stops to try to attack, hit him with a homing attack in the back. He will try to do 
the same so try to keep from falling in the water.

 DARK STORY Level 04: Radical Highway, Play as Shadow Mission 1: Break through the 
besieging military! 

       This level is extremely easy. Follow this stragety if you need help. Yo will 
start grinding down a tower. Get off at the end and bump a bumper thing. Go up and 
go either way through the loop-de-loop and through the tunnel. Destroy the E-102 
Robot and go up the boxes or ride on the pulley. Go up the roads. When you get to 
the three boxes, get on top and destroy the floating robot to get to the top above 
you. Ride the rocket to the top part of the level and somersault under the rolling 
thing. Go down and up the loop-de-loop to the tower. Use the bumper things to get to 
the bottom safely. You will get a 20 ring thing when you come out.
        Go up the highway and somersault under a rolling thing. Use homing attack on 
the robots to get over to the other side. Watch out for the falling platforms in the 
highway. The airplanes may do you a favor by "pointing them out" with their bombs. 
Ahead, don't get on the visible bumper thing. Somersault the wooden box between the 
steel boxes to get up on the pole press a to get off and on the other highway. Now 
go up the bumper ahead to get ahold of a pulley to get you to the rocket. Ride the 
rocket to the next part. Get the checkpoint and go around the loop-de-loops. 
         At the part where you see a big long stretch, jump on the space. You won't 
die, instead you will float. Kill the enemies with homing attack and use somersault 
at the end to get through the rolling things.(or get on the pole at the beginning of 
the stretch to go a different way) Go across killing any enemies, then head on down 
the next highway. Keep running to the checkpoint. Go through the tunnel. Keep 
running through the highways and loop-de-loops. At the end when see the goal at the 
end of the tunnel, wathch out! before you enter the tunnel, a robot will come down. 
Run to the exit.

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