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                        MySims FAQ Guide

Table Of Contents

Page                     Title
  1		        Table of Contents
  2		        Character Guide
  3                     Tourism and You
  4                     Star Point Guide

Character Guide

Character            Job in City
Tim				Helen’s grandson.
Helen 			The Mayor of the city.
Ewan			The Police Officer.
Tyler 			The owner of the clothes store.
Ashley			The owner of the flower store.
Olivia			The owner of the general Store. 
Charlie			The owner of the cake store.
Joseph			The town fisherman.
Sophie			The owner of the furniture store.
Marie			The highlands forest ranger.
Foster 			The guy who lives in the middle of the forest.
Nicki			The boat owner, if you want to go to the casino or the 
gym talk to her.
Elizabeth	        A wealthy sim that wants to sell her dogs.
Hawk			The owner of the casino, also runs the casino game 
				 Dodge The Theif.
Emma			 Runs the casino game Tic Tac Trump.
Tracy			 The Mountain Ranger of the town.
Martin         		 A guy that flies his plane around the town
Tourism And You
	Tourism is not a high thing in the town much anymore, as Helen says.
Helen asks you to talk to the tourists and cheer them up so they can tell 
other tourists that your town is a nice place. To cheer a tourist up make leis 
at the flower shop and touch the present button when talking to a tourist, 
touch the lei you want to give to that tourist then click the buttons that you 
believe will make that tourist  happy.
	For Boys: I have found that: Conversing, encouraging, laughing and 
comforting work well.
	For Girls: I have found that: Listening, encouraging, laughing  and 
comforting work well.
	Every day a new batch of tourists come so keep making them happy. As 
you notice the more tourists you make happier, The more torists come each 

Star Point Guide
	During the period of Star Point 1 you are just getting to know the 
people in your town. You get to know how to play Racquet Ball from Tim. You 
start learning that Helen wants you to help tourism grow in your city. 
	Within Star Level 2 you get a new RacquetBall racquet also meet 
Joseph, the local fisherman in the town. When you meet him he is very sad and 
gloomy, if you cheer him up you get money and a fishing rod. Cheering up 
Joseph raises your Star Level too. You will also meet Foster, Marie, And a lot 
more tourists. You do jobs for Marie and Foster, that will raise your star 
level. There is a point in this Star Level that you find Sophie asleep in her 
store. If you keep bugging her she will ask you what her store should be 
named. Whatever you type in will be the stores name so choose wisely. 
	While you enter Star Level 3 and 4 you notice that the boat is open 
and Nicki will fell free to take you to the Entertainment part of the town. 
The Casino is only open at night. The gym doesn’t open for a while. A cake 
chef named Charlie sets up shop and sells people cakes(you can also give cakes 
as gifts, to tourists).He will tell you about his brother, the great Italian 
	In Star level 5 there isn’t much you have to do. Martin comes and asks 
you if you can help him fix his plane. After you fix his plane you will be 
able to go Sky Diving. You get new clothing and furniture in your stores.Made 
by Nickr924
Copyright: Neva

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