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                                n00b FAQ for Neocron. V.1.1
			        By Hurricane *a.k.a. Cipher*


October 12, 2002. 
V.1.0: First wrote this FAQ at Panama City Beach watchin the waves and babes from 
the condo balcony. 
I know, I suck don't I? Would rather write dumb faqs than go clubbing :D. Oh, and 
I know my ascii skills are about 
as good as a three year old's so you don't have to email me saying so. This is 
the n00b faq, I will add more and 
change it around as major game-changing patches come out and when retail hits. 
This FAQ was done using Beta 4, which
is public open beta. In Europe and the U.K. the game is already released.

October 17th, 2002.
V.1.1 Added new site in legal notes and changed some incorrect information 
regarding minimum sl.
Later today added another site.

This is my first FAQ so please don't be too harsh on me.


Neocron is a Massivly Multiplayer RPG with First Person Shooter elements, Made by 
a German company named Reakktor and
published by CDV. The website is www.neocron.com. For Neocron news and 
information check out www.neocrononline.com.

To use the index, just hit ctrl+F in IE and type the number of the question (plus 
the period) then hit find. If it goes 
to the Index instead of the question, just hit find again.


1.   How do I get back in my apartment?
2.   Whats the password to get back in?
3.   Can people break into my apartment?
4.   What is a lawchip? How do I take it out?
5.   How do I equip my weapon?
6.   I died/got pked and lost my weapon and inventory! What do I do?
7.   How do I keep from losing my weapon?
8.   Where do I go to gain experience points?
9.   What is a Generep? What is a gogaurdian?
10.  Where do I buy weapons/ammo/armor/implants/tools?
11.  How do I put in an implant/bone enforcement?
12.  I hear some people can build weapons. How do I get this done?
13.  What do I do with a blueprint?
14.  What is this white box above my weapon?
15.  I saw something called a "v.09 experimental slotenhancer" at Crytons. What's 
16.  How do I use a slot enhancer? Can you use it on an already built weapon? Can 
you use more than one?
17.  How do I get to the Outzone/Wastelands?
18.  How do I find my vehicle?
19.  How do I hack/dupe? 
20.  How do I start a clan?
21.  What character class is the best? What are major differences in the classes?
22.  What is faction sympathy and how do I raise it?
23.  What is soullight and how do I raise it?
24.  A Copbot just shot me for no reason! Why?
25.  What is the minimum sl (soullight) required to keep the Copbots from killing 
26.  What ammomod is the best?
27.  I'm stuck! How do I get loose?
28.  I have a question not answered in this faq/something that needs adding. How 
do I contact you?

1. Q: How do I get back in my apartment?

A: Hit F12 on your keyboard to open the Nav-Ray system. Then select services. Now 
select primary apartment. Then hit the
start button and you will get either (A) an arrow at the middle top of your 
screen, or (B) a dotted line. 
Follow either of these to get back to your apartment.

2. Q: Whats the password to get back in?

A: your password is your name. For instance: If my name were "l337dude" I would 
type "l337dude" in the password area,
then hit ok. You should syncronize and then be on your floor.

3. Q: Can people break into my apartment?

A: This was a bug that was exploited in beta, however I believe this is fixed or 
if not, will be fixed in retail. 
As of yet though there is no way to break into someone's aparentment.

4. Q: What is a lawchip? How do I take it out?

A: A lawchip is an implant that is in your brain when you start a new character. 
This prevents other people from pking 
you, however it keeps you from gaining full experience and money from mob kills. 
To remove this, go into R.P.O.S. mode
 (default is TAB key) and press implants on the bar at the top. Then, open your 
inventory which is on the same bar. 
Drag the lawchip from the implants window to your inventory and it will start a 
construction process which will remove the 
chip. Go fix yourself something to eat or drink cause this is gonna take a good 5-
10 minutes to remove. You can also put 
the chip back in as long as your not in a clan, but it takes equally long to put 
it in as to take it out.

5. Q: How do I equip my weapon?

A: First go into R.P.O.S. mode and click Inventory at the top of the screen, or 
F2. Then drag the weapon in your 
inventory to the bar on the right side of the screen numbered 1-10. Drag it to 
any slot, then when you get into an area 
where weapons are allowed (I.E. the sewers) Press the number corresponding to the 
slot you put the weapon in. Most people
use number 1.

6. Q: I died/got pked and lost my weapon and inventory! What do I do?

A: Most players are pretty helpful, although some of them are jerks. Just ask 
around and maybe you will get some money
or another weapon. For the inventory part, right click a generep and click the 
recover inventory button. It will
get your inventory for you for a small fee. If you don't have the money to 
recover your inventory, your backpack will be 
right wherey ou died, so you can get it for free if you can get to the spot you 
died. Simply right click your backpack
and either press the take all button or drag what you want from the backpack into 
your inventory.

7. Q: How do I keep from losing my weapon?

A: There is no surefire way to avoid this, if you die unexpectedly. However there 
is a way to drastically reduce 
the risk. Simply fill all the other slots on your quickbar with junk, and you 
might drop one of the unwanted items 
instead of your weapon. Also if you do not want to fight, or you know you are 
about to die, Drag your weapon into your 
inventory. This way when you die, the weapon stays in the inventory so you can 
recover it with the generep or walk back
to the backpack and get it.

8. Q: Where do I go to gain experience points?
A: Depending on what faction you chose and where you start, The best place to 
level will be the low level 
sewers. To get to a low level sewer, hit F12 on the keyboard to open the Navray, 
then click Sewers, then Plaza sewers,
then Start. This will lead you to the sewers. The first think you want to kill is 
going to be spiders, sewer flies,
and roaches. Then once you gain a couple of levels, start killing rats.

9. Q: What is a Generep? What is a gogaurdian?

A: When you die, you have the option of selecting a place to regenerate. These 
stations are called Genereps. You can also
use these to get around the world of Neocron, although you have to have activated 
the genrep for a small fee before
you can go to that location by teleporting. Gogaurdians are like little item 
banks that are scattered around Neocron. The
maximum number of items that a gogaurdian can hold is 32.

10. Q: Where do I buy weapons/ammo/armor/implants/tools?

A: There are NPC stores all around the Neocron world, which you can buy most of 
the things you need. 
Here is a breakdown on what stores sell what items...

Cryton's Tech Tools: Sell tools, weapon/item/ammoparts, v.09 slot enhancers (will 
explain these later) and some implants.

Archer & Wesson's: Simple weapons dealers sell gun and ammo mods for guns with 
free slots, and low tech weapons.
Advanced weapons dealers sell Advanced weaponry and the ammomods for those 
weapons. Ammo dealers sell ammo and 
four weapon addons. Some also sell light and medium armor.

HEW Technologies: Sells hi-tech weaponry, drones, hi-tech ammo mods, and hi-tech 
ammo. Some also sell advanced armor. 

Yakarma's Psi Equipment: Sells Psimonk armor, spells, and implants.

Yo's Pawn Shop: These guys sell pretty much everything, theres also one that will 
buy anything in your inventory, 
whereas most stores only buy what they carry. i.e. if I took a A&W Colt budget to 
a Simple weapons dealer, 
I Could sell it. But if I had a Street Model rifle or a Psi spell, I couldnt sell 
it to him because he doesn't 
carry spells or street rifles.

ASG: This store sells vehicles. Vehicles are generally very expensive to buy and 
maintain. They are used in the wastelands
to get around.

Diamond Real Estate: Sells bigger apartment and clan apartment keys.

Street Hawkers/Traders: These guys sell various items at a cheaper price than you 
could get otherwise. However, most 
of the tools you can buy from them are shabby quality. There are a few however 
that sell better quality items. 
To check the quality of a tool, right click it and look beside quality. It will 
either say Better or Shabby. Of course,
The Better quality ones outperform the Shabby quality tools, but Shabby tools 
cost a lot less.

11. Q:How do I put in an implant/bone enforcement?
Find another person (plaza 1 medicenter is a good place to find one) that is 
implanting at least the tl of the implant
you have. This is also referred to as "poking". The process is remotely done, 
just go up to an implanter with the chip in
your processor (go to R.P.O.S. and then processor at the bar on top, just drag 
the chip into it) and ask for a poke.
A typical tip for these guys is 200-1000 depending on the tech level of the chip, 
but if you don't have the cash you don't
have to pay them, but it is considered polite.

12. Q: I hear some people can build weapons. How do I get this done?

A: If you don't know what your doing having a weapon built can be a pain. First, 
find someone researching that has at
least the tech level of the item. You check this by right clicking the weapon in 
your inventory and looking
beside TL. Starting weapons are easy to research because they only require a 
research level of 3 or so to research.
To research an item you need an empty data cube, which can be purchased at 
crytons Tool dealers. Simply give the weapon
and the empty datacube to a researcher, and he will research the item and give 
you back the weapon and the data cube,
which will then be a blueprint. Most researchers like to be tipped, too. I 
generally tip 500-2000 depending on the tech
level of the weapon.

13. Q: What do I do with a blueprint?

A: Time to head to a Crytons Tech Tools that sells weapon parts. first, right 
click the bp (blueprint)
in your inventory. It will have a list of weapon parts you need to get. Go right 
click the dealer, and buy the parts the 
blueprint has on it. Then, find a constructor. Constructors are players that take 
weapon parts and blueprints and build 
a weapon out of them. Tip these guys the same as you would a researcher.

14. Q: What is this white box above my weapon?

A: Thats called a slot. With a slot you can add different modifications to make 
the weapon more powerful and shoot
different kinds of ammo. You buy these at Archer & Wessons and also HiTech 
ammomods at HEW.

15. Q: I saw something called a "v.09 experimental slotenhancer" at Crytons. 
What's this?

A: Slot enhancers garuntee at least one slot; However they cost a small fortune. 
Monsters also drop more powerful
versions of slot enhancers, experimental 1.5 and illegal slot enahncers. the 1.5s 
give 2 slots and the illegals give
3 slots. These are dropped by very powerful monsters (mostly dropped by Launcher 
Cyclopses and Warbots).

16. Q: How do I use a slot enhancer? Can you use it on an already built weapon? 
Can you use more than one?

A: Slot enhancers are used during the construction process, so you would give the 
slot enhancer to the constructor along
with the parts and blueprint. Also, you can't use a slot enhancer after 
construction, and you can only use one at a time.

17. Q: How do I get to the Outzone/Wastelands?

A: If your character is low level you might want to avoid these areas. But, to 
get to the Outzone city exit/Outzone, press
F12 to get to navray, then select services, then select hovercab station. Follow 
the arrow/dotted line untill you get to
the hovercabs. Look for a sign that says To Outzone, then get on the hovercab 
that goes there. You will stop a couple of
times, when you do check the wall closest to you and see if it says outzone 
station. If not keep riding till you find it.
Once you reach it, get out and head down the stairs in the middle. To go to the 
Outzone City exit head left, for the 
Outzone sector 1 head right, then go up the stairs.

18. Q: How do I find my vehicle?

A: Go to the Outzone city exit. When you find the huge blast doors, go out into 
the Wastelands. Then, follow the road
and head north untill you see a spider-like steel structure. This is the ASG 
vehicle depot. Go up to the terminal, right
click it, select the vehicle you want to use and press spawn. When you are done 
with the vehicle drive near the depot, then
right click the terminal, select the vehicle, and hit store vehicle (or something 
like that, can't remember).

19. Q: How do I hack/dupe?

A: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH If you really think I'm going to tell you this, you are either 
10 years old or you really really
REALLY suck at this game. In any case if you do this you are a loser. Go get help 
somewhere and ask a legitimate question.

20. Q: How do I start a clan?

A: Ah, an easy one. All you need to do is find a Diamond Real Estate and purchase 
a clan key. The minimum faction
requirement is a pain though; you have to have at least 100 sympathy with a 
faction to be able to start a clan.
when you get the key, right click it to activate it. Then right-click it again to 
set the security code. You are better
off joining a current clan if you can, since clan keys are expensive (500k).

21. Q:  What character class is the best? What are major differences in the 

A: The best class for you is dependant on the type of skill you want to increase 
most. Here is a breakdown:

Private Eye: PEs are the jack-of-all-trade class. They don't have high level 
caps, but they are really good all-around
characters, but ideally they are good for hitech weaponry such as plasma 
pistols/rifles, and so forth.

Genetank: Tanks are dumb (they cap at 20 int) but they are 
walking...er.....tanks. They are best with Str based weapons
like cannons, and they cap str at 100.

Spy: Spies are an excellent non-combat class, simply because of the high 
hacking/constructing/droning capabilities. 
They cap at 100 int, so it is a good class for building or researching. They suck 
at combat though, so be careful 
around higher level NPCs and players.

Psimonk: Psimonks are severely underrated. They also have a lvl 100 int cap, and 
most of them either implant or hack. 
These aren't that great at pking either till you can use some high level spells.

23: Q: What is soullight and how do I raise it?

A: Soullight is like a karma system for Neocron. You get bad karma by 
playerkilling and shooting npcs. Pking only
costs you around 4 sl although killing an NPC will cost around 20.

24. Q: A Copbot just shot me for no reason! Why?

A: Shame on you, you npc/player killer you! To raise soullight, all you need to 
do is kill mobs. I know, It's slow
and boring but as of this writing this is the only way to get your soullight back 
to normal.

25. Q: What is the minimum SL required for the Copbots not to kill me on sight?

A: As of time of this writing it is -18, although in retail it could change.

26. Q: What is the best ammomod?

A: A lot of people say one ammomod is better than another, but I really think it 
is just personal preference.

27. Q: I'm stuck! How do I get loose?

A: There are two commands to get out of hairy situations like getting stuck in a 
berrel or a wall. The first command is
/set reset_position 1 . You simply type this in the chat box like you would chat 
to someone. This command will
reset you to the entrance of a sewer or in other instances in the middle of the 
sector. The other command is
/set kill_self 1 . This will immediately kill you on the spot allowing you to go 
to select a generep. This is only
recommended when /set reset_position 1 does not work.

28. Q: I have a question not answered in this faq/something that needs adding. 
What is your E-mail address?

A: [email protected] Please don't ask me anyting stupid, all emails not 
FAQ/Neocron related will be deleted 
before so make sure NEOCRON FAQ is in the subject somewhere. I also will delete 
mails about duping/hacking and anything 
relating to that. I will add how to use the city terminals later, so don't email 
me about that either. No Inkjet ads or
Sex site links either, I get enough of those already. (That makes up about 90 
percent of the crap I get).


For the guys at Reakktor and CDV for a good unique mmorpg, the guys in #neocron 
on irc.enterthegame.com (Hey Danae! Dis
faq is teh pwn, don't j00 think?....just kidding, don't ban me :D ) and 
http://www.neocrononline.com, they are what makes 
Neocron's community great. Also to all the people that helped ME when I was a 
noob, and too the many other people in-game
 that helped me write this FAQ, as well as GameFaqs for such a cool for-the-
players-by-the-players FAQ site.

Some people write a lot here, but I will keep it short and to the point: If I 
find this guide on any other sites than
the ones I have given permission, you will NOT enjoy my little lawsuit letter you 
will get in the mail.
List of Sites this faq has been permitted to be published on:

Gamefaqs (http://www.gamefaqs.com)
Cheat Code Central (http://www.cheatcc.com)
Neocron Online (http://www.neocrononline.com)
Neoseeker (http://www.neoseeker.com)

© Copyright 2002 All writes reserved (Ph34r teh punz0rs!)

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