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Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles FAQ 

Version 1.0 – Made on 12/17/06

By Oscar yang, “X-uzumaki-X”

1. Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)
2. Battle Tips
3. Game guide (not mission by mission, just the ones I think are harder, But 
if you want specifics, email me, [email protected]) 
4. Secrets and Things that can be Unlocked

Note: I call Power strike “Rasengan” because that is what they call it in 
Japanese Naruto; I’m just used to it.

Note: Please Contact me before using anything in this guide. Thank you!

1. Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)

Q: “What is Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles?”
A: Uzumaki Chronicles is a fantastic Naruto, which is a popular Japanese 
manga/anime, video game. It has excellent graphics and is amazingly addictive 
and fun.

Q:  “Is it really worth the money? I’m having doubts on how good it is.”
A: Yes! When I was going to buy it, all I was thinking was hoping it wasn’t 
some horrible game. But it is REALLY worth it.

Q: “What’s your rating? 

A: 4 ½ out of 5. Now for me, I am VERY difficult to please when it comes to 
video games. Most of the other good games are rate I are 3’s and 4’s. Only my 
most favorite games are 4+.

2. Battle tips 

* If you’re like me, and you hate the protecting missions where you have to 
guard cargo, don’t you think your teammates should be in there with Naruto 
kicking ninja butt together, not fighting like a silly game of tag wrestling? 
Well the tip for protecting missions is to always use your shadow clones. 
Don’t rely on Neji’s 64 palms, if you’re in a hurry, that’s going to eat to 
many seconds from your time limit. Whenever you fight during these missions, 
always charge your shadow clones to full blast and try don’t lock on if you 
have the skill chip “Naruto U barrage” equipped in your skill plate. Check the 
Radar and when you see enemies near the cargo, run their and let loose your 
shadow clones, they should stall the enemy or wipe them out, leaving you more 
time to take care of the other baddies. Try to always have both Extra Clone 
chips equipped. 4 clones are your life savers in cargo protection missions.
Note: NEVER! Jump and summon shadow clones, and make sure you summon your 
clones very close to the enemy.
* For Skill Plates; Equip the best and most used chips first. Examples 
are; “Naruto U barrage”, Extra Clone A and B because “Naruto U barrage” only 
works if you can summon 4 clones (you do not need these 3 if you 
have “Naruto’s essence”, but most people don’t get that till the last mission 
of the game and they replay it), Perfect strike, Air dash, Flash jump, and 
etc. Then set the taijitsu, ninjitsu, and whatever other special chips you 
have that are left over (if you have a good one like tai attack +4 you might 
want to set that after you set your special chips like ones listed above, I 
don’t like taijitsu +5 cause it takes up so much space it drives you 
ludicrous, but the second +5 that cost 1230 virtue is an okay one.). Try to 
put your chips in a good pattern so they only take up the room they need. 
Don’t just put them all randomly bunched up in the center and you leave like 
72 little triangles everywhere around the plate. Put them in spots where they 
don’t disrupt the placement of other valuable chips. Some people think empty 
chips are a waste of money, they are in the beginning, but at the near end, 
they are very useful. Say you have a stupid little empty spot on the plate, 
say a small triangle. Just your luck, you already used both of your “taijitsu 
+1” and “ninjitsu+ 1” chips. Empty chips 1, 2, 3 are all small triangles. Fill 
in the holes with them and all other chips until your plate is full. A full 
plate gives a huge bonus to your highest stat in the plate. So if your highest 
amount is taijitsu (1 little triangle is 1 point, so if a ninjitsu chip takes 
up 2 triangles, you get 2 ninjitsu points), you’ll get a huge bonus for 
taijitsu if you fill in all the chips on the plate. NOTE: USE EMPTY CHIPS ONLY 

* Try to save some virtue for raising stamina or health, you haven’t raised 
your health high enough until it cost about 1200 to raise it, and then you can 
lighten the raising. I suggest you always check the new skill chips (A message 
appears when you get new ones available for purchase) before raising stamina 
or health, to me skill chips come first. Then use the left over virtue to 
boost up your health and stamina, unless you’re saving virtue for a specific 
* In a regular mission in whom you don’t have to protect or find something, 
always check your radar. Hunt down those nasty baddies by locking on to them 
and dashing furiously around! X-X-X-X-X-X-X!!!!!KEEP PUSHING X! Not literally 
breaking that button in half, but dashing around when an enemy is nearby is a 
good strategy. You’ll usually never get hit, and if you do, let’s hope you’re 
good at substitutions. Lock onto you target, and charge up Rasgengan (power 
strike) to max (This is only useful if you have the chip “perfect strike” 
available and you actually have it equipped). Don’t ever let go of that charge 
button even when it’s maxed until you find an opening. A good way to find 
openings is to wait and make sure the enemy isn’t flailing his butt all over 
the map. Hitting the target with a few punches, just 1 – 3 not 78, makes them 
sitting ducks. So when you want to kill that ninja crook, stop dashing 
randomly like a headless chicken. Just dash around that enemy, and when you’re 
in a good spot, say behind the enemy, Dash straight up their and land a few 
punches. After those punches land, with no delay, LET THE DOGS OUT. GET YOUR 
Note: Always keep locked on to your target. Rasengan isn’t useful if you’re 
not locked 
* If you want to keep a distance from an Enemy, use Naruto U barrage. This 
allows Naruto to attack at an enemy no matter how far as long as they are 
locked on. While they’re down, it doesn’t hurt to throw a few fire kunai or 
something. I personally like to flash jump or air dash before I throw a 
projectile, although it gives it a slight less accuracy, it gives the 
projectile more flexibility.
* If your one of those taijitsu types, the heaven upward combo is very 
effective. As usual, keep dashing. If you’re really good at dashing, try 
locking on to an enemy and dashing around them in circles. When you want to 
attack, dash closer to them and push square twice, it takes some practice, but 
once you get it down, Naruto should perform a powerful taijitsu tackle attack!
Note: pushing triangle twice instead of square will do the flip kick.
* No matter what type of Ninja you are, you need ninjitsu (including rock lee: 
D just because he can’t use it doesn’t mean he doesn’t need it)! After you 
finish a combo, try to launch another rasengan at them.  This is why I 
emphasize in always charging your ninjitsu’s. Even if the target is still on 
the ground, Rasengan will still hit them. Be sure to lock on first.
* The best way to use Nine Tail power is on a boss. Charge up to them and use 
taijitsu. When using taijitsu while in Nine Tail mode, your clones stay out 
and fight as well. They can also use Rasengan. The way to really handle Nine 
Tail mode is to use a lot of taijitsu combos. The good thing is, Your opponent 
is in slow-mo and they don’t get knocked away when you use a strong attack 
(back fist, heaven upward kick, etc) so you can keep bashing them. After you 
finish a combo, TAP power strike, and continue onto the next combo, Repeat as 
much as needed. 
* ALWAYS; Lock on to your target unless you have a reason not to (shadow 
clones when you don’t want to use barrage is an example). Keep plenty of 
weapons; fire kunais, 8-way fire bombs, and 3 or 6 –way shurikans are my 
personal favorites.  

3. Game guide

I’m only going to write about missions that I felt were difficult. If the 
mission you need help on isn’t listed, please email me (address at the top), 
I’ll be more then happy to assist.

 “Shop Assistant” 
 Karin needs your help in advertising Emporium Karin’s ninja tools. This 
mission may look hard to some people, but it’s quite simple. Don’t pay 
attention to Naruto when he throws the advertisements after a fight. That 
helps doesn’t help you. Your goal is to defeat a certain number of ninja. I’m 
not sure what the number is. But it should be around 6-7 battles worth of 
ninjas. You can always check if you beat the number by choosing the “Ask 
around” option at the leaf village. 

 “The Missing Tamasaburo” 
 When you get to the part where you have to find the honey dew plant, it’s 
actually quite simple. Don’t think of it as like I Spy. In fact, you only need 
break one boulder with Chouji.  Beat the enemies; sexy no jitsu doesn’t work 
on the kunoichi (female ninjas). After that, climb up the little uprising. 
There should be 2 more kunoichi, defeat them. Notice that large boulder? Break 
that with Chouji’s Human boulder and move forward and you find the Honey Dew 
plant. Optional: After you beat the 2 kunoichi, ignore the boulder and keep 
going on the same path. You’ll eventually find a treasure chest. Break it with 
a few attacks and you’ll get an item bag. These items are not random. There 
are many hidden treasure chest hidden throughout the game. Some are yellow 
(usually containing skill chips I believe) and some are black. The rarest 
items can only be obtained through these chests. They are the silver and gold 
kunai. 5 silver kunai equals 1 gold kunai. I don’t recommend just using these 
in a battle. After a certain amount of missions, Karin will trade them for 
rare skill chips only obtainable at the Emporium. After you break the Chest, 
go back to the boulder and break it. Then get the Honeydew plant and bring it 
back to the maker. 

Boss fight: Chouji
UH-OH CHOUJI SNAPPED FROM HUNGER. He should be an easy boss. Charge up 
Rasengan and attack him. Keep locking onto him. Human boulder can do major 
damage if you don’t dodge it, possibly even killing you because if you get 
backed up onto a wall, you’ll get hit multiple times. Keep dashing when he 
uses human boulder, even if it misses, it’ll still come back. When his arm 
expands, Chouji is about to use Partial Expansion jutsu. You have no time to 
lose, quickly flash jump or jump up and hold it. When he finishes, continuing 
barraging him with attacks. It shouldn’t take to long to attack him. 
Note: Chouji has a new jitsu “Expansion Jitsu”. It’s like the Human boulder 
only it’s used for defense and doesn’t move. He usually uses it when you are 
close or using taijitsu.

 “Fragile- Do not Break”

This ones just like your first mission only a bit harder. This time you get to 
form a team. I recommend Neji (not sure if he is available on this one, if 
not use someone else) and Sasuke. Their will be more enemies then the first 
mission so keep using your shadow clone jitsu at max.    

 “Gamblers Fallacy”
On your first fight you fight…Ninja monkeys? . Their a bit faster then the 
ninja you fought before. They are quite easy; just use taijitsu or Rasengan if 
you want to finish it quick. One full charged Rasengan should kill a ninja 

Boss Fight: Monkey Leader
I really hope you have Nine Tail power available. If you don’t finish this 
battle quickly, the boss runs away and you have to find it and fight it with 
its hp full again. I suggest you lock onto the boss. Use Rasengan as much as 
you can. My personal way of using Rasengan is to keep fighting while it 
charges. So don’t just sit their waiting for the monkey to smack you while 
you’re charging. Use your taijitsu or weapons on the boss while you’re still 
charging Rasengan. Once it’s full, wait until the boss isn’t running around 
(lock on!), then just blast that monkey. Repeat. Use Nine Tail power whenever 
you can. (Read Battle tips for tips on how to use Nine Tail power to its full 

 “Sasukes Pursuit”
You don’t have to defeat all the enemies on each map. But there are a lot of 
treasure chests (including one silver kunai in near the save point). I’m 
going to skip to the Shrine gate part. Kiba mentions that there is a strong 
genjitsu guarding this shrine gate. The genjitsu is very difficult to find. 
The secret is you look at the Shrine gates shadow (walk close to the shrine 
gate, not so close you actually move to the next area, but close enough for 
you to see the shadow), The shadow should be leaning either right or left. If 
the shadow is leaning left, then that is the correct direction. You have to 
enter about 4-5 correct Shrine gates in order to proceed to the next area. 
You’ll see a scroll that is floating. That is a save point. Save but don’t go 
yet. On the other side of the mountain trail, facing the scroll is a chest. 
Break it for your first silver kunai (DO NOT USE IT AS A WEAPON). They will be 
useful for purchasing extremely rare skill chips only available by gold and 
silver kunai, including probably the best chip in the game, “Narutos Essence”( 
It is Extra Clone-A, Extra clone-B, and Naruto U barrage all on one chip.)  
The next area isn’t very much. The only thing on the uprising is 2 chests. 
Watch out for falling rocks (you can see the rocks shadow). The uprising isn’t 
necessary to climb. It’s only for the 2 chests (one of them is a chip, the 
other is 10 shurikan). If you don’t want them, don’t climb the uprising; just 
continue to the next area. 

Boss Fight: Kabuto (In the Japanese version of this game you fight Kisame, if 
you guys watch English Naruto, you don’t know who that is yet)
 This one could be your first difficult fight. Kabuto is the only Boss that 
heals (well what you expect from a medical ninja? yes Kabuto is a medical 
ninja). Unlike the TV show, Kabutos’ taijitsu is quite powerful. You can’t use 
substitution jitsu on his melee attack, so don’t try to use too much taijitsu. 
Stick with Rasengan (you should have perfect strike by now if I remember 
correctly). Naruto U barrage won’t be much effective. When he uses his 
underground fighter jitsu, He does one of 3 things. 1. If his health is high 
He’ll come for you, in this case when the dirt trail is close to you, JUMP! 2. 
He’ll flee and throw needles at you, which I recommend you dodge. Or 3, if he 
has low health, he’ll flee and use supernatural palm jitsu, which heals him. 
In this case, charge at him as fast as you can (while you charge rasengan), 
and Use fully charged Rasengan. Repeat.

 “Trouble in The sand”

This is an A-ranked mission so stay on your toes. I’ll skip to the Boss 
because everything else is pretty straight forward. 

Boss fight: Gaara
Okay finally. Everyone’s favorite Sand ninja finally shows up. Gaara isn’t as 
ultra powerful as he is in the show. The only thing annoying is his sand 
shield. It’s just like in the show. But there is a way around it. If you 
haven’t notice when you attack Gaara, the shield slowly grows smaller and 
smaller after every block. That’s right. The shield slowly gets weakened after 
every attack, getting weakened on a different degree depending on the strength 
of your attack. So use attacks like Rasengan and Shadow clones (barrage gets 
blocked, even shikamarus’ shadow possession gets blocked. Weird I know)
Rasengan works best. Once Gaara gets back on his feet, his shield wont work 
for a few seconds. You can take this advantage to use Naruto U barrage if you 
want, or if you charged up Rasengan while he was on the ground, Perfect 
strike. Gaaras’ offence is kind of weak. The only thing I don’t know much 
about is his sand clones. Sorry I’m to busy dashing, trying not to get hit and 
stuff to try it out. 
If you find out, you can email it to me with your name and ill put it in this 
guide under your name. 
Note: after you knock Gaara down, his shield regenerates to max power again.

 “Hinatas Helper”
Only one fight on this mission. But its an important mission in the story. 

Boss fight: Sound Giant (?)
This guy is big. Yeah, big. The main thing is once again, Rasengan. I suggest 
you dash A LOT. Just keep using Rasengan. Naruto U barrage is hard to land 
because this guy is aggressive (He he, wait till the next mission on this 
guide, most aggressive boss in the game). Once he only has about 30 percent of 
his hp, He starts using strong attacks. You DO NOT want to get hit by his 
combo. It does around 100-120 damage. Not to mention if the physics were real, 
Naruto would have every bone in his body broken by this attack. His other 
attack he uses when he has little hp is this weird one where he summons 
lightning bolts that track you down. You’ll know he’s using that one when he’s 
covered with a sphere of electricity/light. Just keep your distance, lock on, 
DASH DASH DASH, and rasengan when this dude isn’t flailing his giant club 
around, the usual.

 “The Stunt Man”

You encounter sound ninja here. The only thing that is annoying is their 
speed. Otherwise they are pretty lazy. I don’t think I have ever seen one that 
was aggressive or block. Ill skip to the boss because t his ones pretty 
straight forward.

Boss fight: Giant Praying Mantis

Most aggressive boss ever, don’t try to use Naruto U Barrage, its not going 
make it based on the aggressiveness of this big thing. Using Perfect strike on 
this thing, theirs like no other option. After you get a big of its health 
gone, a second one comes..... Yeah, I know, as if one wasn’t enough (the boss 
battle challenge for this is actually 3, and I beat them easily, so quit 
complaining). Use Neji for these guys, 8 trigrams 64 palms will be a good 
attack here. After you finish the first 64 palms, try to hurry up and go to 
the other one and use it again. Hopefully you should have enough stamina if 
Neji was full and you didn’t take long to get to the other praying mantis (you 
shouldn’t, they are usually together). When they have low Hp, they use this 
strange attack. They stand with there butts pointing up and a whip-like 
material comes out and smacks you… no matter how far you are away. Just dash 
it, its kind of annoying. 

 “Closed for Business” 

More sound ninja. This ones straight forward as well, so I’ll skip to the 
difficult part. Skip skip skip*. This part was a bit hard for me the first 
time. You only have 5 minutes (which is actually plenty of time). Okay run 
over to the boulder they pointed to in the cut scene. Charge up Rasengan while 
you’re running their. Use perfect strike on the boulder and it should break. 
Now go through the tunnel. This parts a big trickier. I’m not sure about one 
part though. Okay the first thing you need to know is. You’re not in a maze. 
Sometimes you may feel that way, I did, but your not. Okay you should be at 
a “fork in the road” you have a choice of up or left. Go left. Then you’re at 
another fork. Go left again; this is where I may be wrong. If I am correct, 
you should be in a tunnel with only one road. Go up that road. Okay after the 
cut scene you should be in a cart. Hopefully you have a lot of time here. 
After a few seconds, you should see a track changing switch. Hit it with a 
taijitsu move, back fist is best. If you missed it that’s okay, because your 
going in a circle. Once you hit it, you should be eventually got onto another 
track. This is a confusing part I don’t know how to explain any better so 
listen up. There should be 5 or 6 switches and the exit. Notice how all the 
switches have a circle shaped sign? Let’s hope you’re not colorblind. Your 
goal is to make all the switches having their circle signs yellow half facing 
down, down meaning pointing toward the center of the Earth. Get it? I hope you 
do. Some of the signs already have their switches in the right position, you 
can tell by their sign. Once you make all the signs facing the right direction 
by hitting the ones with the white side facing down, your cart should be able 
to go into the exit. Once you’re at the exit, just walk outside and you’re 

 “Mass Disappearances”

The funny thing here is you can substitution jitsu the mist. Ha-ha. So just 
keep dashing. This one isn’t really S Rank to me. There are a few treasure 
chests here and their but this ones pretty easy and short. You’ll fight a lot 
of sound ninjas though. You can just run if you want to speed things up a big. 
I’ll skip to the boss. 

Boss fight: Gaara

This Gaara is the same Gaara as before. – Read boss fight for “Trouble in the 

After you beat Gaara, A cut scene takes place and you go to another boss fight

Boss Fight: Kabuto 
Same idea. – Read boss fight for “Sasukes Pursuit” 

“The Final Battle”

At last, the final mission. This missions easy too, but a lot of sound ninjas, 
A LOT. Naruto gets an antidote for the mist so you don’t have to worry about 
that now. There is a gold kunai stashed in chest somewhere in this mission. 
After you fight a bit, Kakashi and Sasuke meet up with you and join your 
party. Karin is accompanied by Sakura to meet you, so if you found that gold 
kunai, you can buy any of the several rare chips you want. Stock up on weapons 
(fire kunai ), and get ready for some bosses. 

Boss fight: Sound giant and Kabuto

This one is not as hard as you think. First thing you should notice are the 6 
prisms. In this room, Sound Ninja regenerate because of the Prisms mist. That 
means you can’t hurt the sound giant till those prisms are destroyed. This is 
much easier then it sounds. First you do right when the fight starts is charge 
up Rasengan. Go to the Nearest Prism; keep an eye on the 2 bosses. Once 
Rasengan is fully charged, use it on the prism, it should break. You can 
switch to Sasuke and use chidori if you prefer that. Other wise keep doing 
Perfect strike until all 6 prisms are destroyed. Then I suggest you switch to 
Kakashi or Sasuke, both of them can do damage from far away (Kakashi charges 
with his lightning blade and will teleport to the target with thousand years 
if you lock on). Doesn’t matter which you kill first, with Kakashi, both 
should take heavy damage and die quickly. Once Kakashi’s out of stamina, use 
rations or switch to Sasuke. With Sasuke, Just Chidori once or twice and 
hopefully by then it’s over. If not, you can stay original and have Naruto 
kill them, or Ration up Kakashi or Sasuke and finish them.

Final Boss Fight: Orochimaru

Heh, funny you never see this guy till you have to fight him. Anyways, 
Orochimaru is pretty easy because you have allies. Orochimaru does have a 200 
damage taijitsu combo. But I never had a “game over” on this fight. In fact, 
when I fought him, he only used needles. But on the Boss challenges, He uses a 
wide variety of attacks. He is extremely fast. In fact, he always teleports 
behind you and throws needles, and they hurt. His other attacks are very…
awkward. He can summon a ball of wind into his hand and hurl it into the air 
to form several hurricanes; he can do a mini version by spitting out one ball 
of wind from his mouth and creating 1 hurricane. He can use his tongue to stab 
you or dive at you from the air with it. Orochimaru can also charge at you 
like a snake. Once in a while he’ll use taijitsu, and sometimes he does his 
strongest move, a 200-220 damage taijitsu combo. So watch out. First things 
first, charge up Rasengan and lock on Orochimaru, KEEP DASHING. When he’s 
close, use Perfect strike. Once he’s knocked down, switch to Kakashi or 
Sasuke. For kakashi just use thousand years, Orochimaru will teleport way to 
much to use lightning blade on. For Sasuke, if you think you can land it with 
chidori, go for it, but it’s going to be difficult. Other wise just Phoenix 
Fire jutsu him. Repeat. 

Congrats! Read the next section to see what you unlock.

4. Secrets and Things that can be Unlocked
After you beat the game, you can replay the game on the same file with all the 
skill chips and stuff you had from before. The downside is all the stamina and 
hp you boosted is lost. But that’s forgivable. Along with that, you unlock 
cool new features. 
* You unlock Kakashi and Gaara as Allies when you “form a team”

* Boss battles or as I refer to, Boss challenges, are unlocked. This feature 
allows you, when not on a mission, to travel to a specific dot (marked green) 
to begin a boss battle, and by the way, Orochimaru is the green dot that’s 
near Hakuten Inari (Shrine gate). To begin a boss battle, just walk to the 
green dot with the boss you want to fight (you’ll have to find out which dots 
have which bosses) and click it.

I only know 1 secret so here it is. 
When you’re at the “now loading screen”, rotate both of your analogue sticks 
in any direction as fast as you can. The Konhara Leaf symbol should be 
spinning much faster, and circle of words “now loading” should be expanding. 
Eventually a blue little sphere will jump out of it. This heals about 25% of 
your Stamina. 

Hope you enjoyed the game! I had a great time writing this guide, and I hope I 
didn’t confuse some of you >_<. If you need any help on a mission I didn’t 
post, feel free to email me (address at the top). If anyone finds any secrets 
or information that might be helpful to this guide, email me with your name 
and I’ll write it into this guide under your name (that way you get credit for 
it). Thank you! 

Note: Please Contact me if you wish to use anything in this guide. Thank you!

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