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NBA Street

Version 1.2
Author: jljb007
Game: NBA Street 

Table of Contents
1. Version History
2. Copyright
3. Introduction
4. Controls
5. Street Legends
6. Courts
7. e-mails  
9.    Conclusion

Note to All Readers: The Introduction, Street Legends, Courts, and Intro are from 
the instruction manual.  Also, if you would like to E-mail me with feedback or 
anything, my E-mail is: [email protected]  

Version History

1.1 The first Guide, all of the basics.  Most of the stuff you’ll need to win.  I 
promise to all readers that I will update this FAQ in time. 
1.2 Added all the courts, and finished E-mails, also added in the rest of the 

           ©	Copyright jb007 All Rights Reserved 2004
	This copyright is to certify that anyone who copies any part of this FAQ 
without my permission will NEVER be included in any of my FAQS!!!  And can be under 
federal trouble.


	Your games to big for the arena, too cool for the hardcourts.  Take your 
game to the streets and play against the city’s legendary ballers with NBA STREET.  
Lace up the ‘tops, crank up the beats, and let it roll, y’all.  Hit the blacktop and 
play basketball the way it was supposed to be played: in the streets, outside the 
lines, and over the top.


----------                                  General Controls
	Move player		control pad, control stick
	Turbo			Z, button, L button, and R button
	Pause Game		Start/Pause
	Shoot/ Dunk/ Lay-up         B button
	Pass			A button
	Trick Move		X Button or Y button
	Call for pick		Tap C Stick
	Switch Players		A button
	Shot Block/ Rebound         B button or Y button
	Steal			X button
	Dive			Double tap any turbo button
Advanced Controls
	One Handed Spread Eagle		Hold L button+ R button+ press B button
	Double Pump			Hold L button+ Z button+ press B button
	Set Shot				Hold R button+ Z button+ press B 
	One Handed with Scissors Leg Kick	Hold L button+ R button+ Z button+ 
press B button
	Streetwise			Hold L button+ R button+ press x button
	Reel 2 Reel			Hold L button+ Z button+ press x button
	Downshift			Hold R button+ Z button+ press X button
	Slip ‘n’ Slide			Hold L button+ Z button+ R button+ press X 
	Changeup			Hold L button+ R button+ press Y button
	Breakin You off			Hold L button+ Z button+ press Y button
	Double cross			Hold R button+ Z button+ press Y button
	Cyclone				Hold L button+ R button+ press Y button
Advanced Dunks
	Special Delivery			Hold L button+ R button+ press B 
	Around the World		Hold L button+ Z button+ press B button
	Dunkalicous			R button+ Z button+ press B button
	Dinner’s Served			Hold L button+ R button+ Z button+ press B
	Gamebreaker			Hold any two turbo buttons+ press B
                    (Dunk or Shot)
 	Note: Gamebreaker dunks result in 50000 points, shots result in 25000 and it 
takes a point away from the other team)

 Street Legends

				Know your competition, know the players, and more 
importantly, get them to know you.

Name: Lewis Barker  Age: 27  Height: 6’ 9’’  Weight 255 lbs.   Hometown: London, 
Currently Resides: Boston, MA  Nationality: British  Blood Type: A+  Occupation: 
Additional Sports/ Hobbies: Boxing, Snowboarding, Soccer  Playing Style: Physical 

	Baller Bio
Stronger than a cup of two-day old espresso and built like a heavyweight 
prizefighter.  Biggs is the definition of blue-collar.  What he lacks in pure 
talent, more than makes up for in hard work and never-say-die attitude.  This 6’ 9’’ 
monster will fight for every rebound and challenges every shot while prowling the 
lane like a man possessed.  Think you can keep him out of the paint? Unlikely he’ll 
muscle you aside and it on ya.  But because he’s so polite, he might thank you.

Name: Carlito Vargas  Age: 18  Height 5’ 10’’  Weight: 160 lbs.  Hometown Bronx, NY  
Currently Resides:  Philadelphia, PA  Nationality: Dominican  Blood Type: B 
Occupation: Aspiring Rapper  Additional Sports/ Hobbies:  Lowriders  Playing Style: 
Arrogant Playmaker

	Baller Bio
This fiery little Latino can be ball with the best of them.  Bonafide’s got more 
game than a toy store.  With ankle-breaking moves and phat passing skills to boot, 
he moves faster with the ball than everyone else without it.  How quick is he?  
He’ll break you down before you can even think about reacting.  An then he’ll do it 
again.  At the other end of the floor, Bonafide developed into a defensive stopper, 
locking up guys tighter than Fort Knox.  He also brings a wicked outside shot to the 
table, making his skills truly “Bonafide”.

Name: Drake Evans  Age: 19  Height: 6’ 2’’  Weight: 185 lbs.  Hometown: Grose 
Pointe, MI
Currentley Resides: Detroit, MI  Nationality: American  Blood Type: AB  Occupation: 
Aspiring D.J.
Additional Sports/ Hobbies: Sport Bikes  Playing Style: Pure Shooter

	Baller Bio
You don’t have to like Drake, but you’d better respect his skills.  That means 
stepping out every time he catches the rock, otherwise he’ll bu busting his sweat 
jumper and telling you all about it all the way back down court.  Drake comes with 
grade A skills.  His jumper’s butter smooth with range for days, and he can knock it 
down with a man in his face.  He loves setting up on the 3 point line and draining 
buckets, filling up the basket like he’s preparing for a picnic.  There aren’t many 
better than Drake at getting under a players skin.  He’s about as cocky as they 
come, and he’ll give you an ear full every time he scores.

Name: Donavan Jones  Age: 24  Height 6’ 7’’  Weight 212 lbs. Hometown Trench Town, 
Currentley Resides: Venice, CA  Nationality: Jamacian  Blood Type: A  Occupation: 
Cab Driver
Additional Sports/ Hobbies: Soccer  Playing Style: Above the Rim

	Baller Bio
Give this Jamacian hugh flyer a lane and you better flee the scene quick, ‘cause 
he’s about to stuff the rock with authority.  DJ’s got more bounce than a hip-hop 
video.  With a seemingly endless repertoire of jams, DJ looks to take it to the hole 
every trip down the floor.  This legend soars high above the rim, but there’s more 
to his game than just the monster dunk.  He can hurt you in all kinds of ways.  
Wheather he’s just shooting the rock from the outsude, or breaking guys off the 
dribble, DJ’s flashy and smooth and he loves making players look silly.  He’ll throw 
down on anybody at anytime.

Name: Takashi Sato  Age: 21  Height: 7’ 8’’  Weight: 270 lbs.  Hometown: Yokohama, 
Currentley Resides: Los Angeles, CA  Nationality: Japanese  Blood Type: B  
Occupation: Student
Additional Sports/ Hobbies: Kickboxing, Gymnastics  Playing Style:  Shot- swatter 

There’s no overlooking this fella… 7’ 8’’ of shot blocking intensity.  Takashi is 
looking to reject every shot that comes his way, protecting the basket like it was 
his family.  His height lets him dunk the ball for easy baskets, and his long suck 
up the rebounds like a vacuum, but Takashi lives to shot swats.  Don’t even bother 
shooting if you see him nearby, ‘cause he’ll sned the ball back faster than a 
Japanese bullet train.

Name: Clifford Monroe  Age: 46  Height: 6’11’’ Weight: 247 lbs.  Hometown: Harlem, 
Currently Resides: Brooklyn, NY  Nationality: African American  Blood type: 0+  
Occupation: School Teacher  Additional Sports/Hobbies: Distance Running  Playing 
Style: Old-School Finesse

Baller Bio

This cool cat is one of the best players never to have played in the NBA.  
Origionally hailing from East Harlem, Stretch first made his mark on the parks and 
playgrounds of New York City.  He’ll amaze you with his arsenal of old-school hooks 
and finger rolls, gliding gracefully to the hoop with his long, lean frame.  Young 
bucks keep trying to take the old man, but his sillky skills and basketball savvy 
have left Stretch undefeated after all these years.  Every year he grows older, he 
gets a little wiser.

Pacific Blvd.
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia
Climate: Cold and Rainy
Competition: Above Average

The Paint
Location: Washington, D.C.
Climate: Mild, and Sunny
Competition: Above Average

Beacon Hill
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Climate: Cold and Snowy
Competition: Above Average
Local Ledgend: Biggs

South Beach
Location: Miami, Flordia
Climate: Hot
Competition: Average to Tough

Broad Street
Location: Philidalphia, Pennsylvania
Climate: Moderate
Competition: Very Tough
Local Ledgend: Bonafide

Route 66
Location: Northern Arizona
Climate: Hot
Competition: Extremley Tough

The Yard
Location: Detroit, Michigan
Climate: Modertae
Competition: Tough
Local Ledgend: Drake Evans

The Cage
Location: Manhattan, New York
Climate: Moderate
Competition: Fierce
Local Ledgend: Skip to my lou, The Goods, Starbury

Venice Beach
Location: Venice, California
Climate: Hot
Competition: Very Hard
Local Ledgend: DJ

The Loop
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Climate: Windy
Competition: Above Average

Yakatomi plaza
Location: Los Angeles, California
Climate: Warm
Competition: Fierce
Local Ledgend: Takashi Sato

Fort Point
Location: San Francisco, California
Climate: Moderate
Competition: Tough as Nails

Rucker Park
Location: Harlem, New York
Climate: Moderate
Competition: Best in the City
Local Ledgend: Stretch

This section is just for feedback.  I’ll add some when I get some.

 I hoped you enjoyed my FAQ I’ll have more updates soon.  Gimmie some suggestions.  
I DEFINATLY will add a strategy section.  

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