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    Well, I guess you are reading this guide because you have a problem.  Well, not 
really, just a problem with the game.  Hopefully this guide will solve your 
problem, and answer any questions you may have.  As you know, this game is about 
cars.  Very cool, fast, slick cars.  This guide is about which are the best, and 
how to get them.  Sense the compadability yet??


    These cars are pretty good.  Overall they have good control, and are very 
fast.  I use these cars when I try to earn money, or just like a little "run-away 
from-the-cops" round.  Anyway, here they are.

LAMBOURGHINI MERCEOLIOGO: Yes!  This is may favorite car, and looks soo cool in 
black!  It is very fast, and can out-run cops with ease.  It takes a skilled driver 
to control this car like a pro, but once you got it, burn rubber.  It can reach 
speeds of up to 183mph.  This car is a little hard to control, but is very good.

LOTUS ELISE: Now, before you say "YOU IDIOT!", just hear me out.  This car is very 
easy to control, and can out-run cops if you get into or above 100mph.  It doesn't 
spin out easily, and can take smashes from all sides, and bangs into walls or 
obsticals without causing slowing you down much, or getting you arrested.  It can 
reach speeds up to 135mph, and is probably the best car for beginers, and for 
medeum-difficulty races.  Not the best car for high speed races, like some in Hot 
Persuit or Championship, but overall a good car.

DODGE VIPER: Yes, a little odd shaped I admit, but cool.  This car can reach speeds 
up to 140mph.  Good in control, and excelent for those tough forest levels.  It can 
be used in Hot Persuit or Championship because of its speed and control, and when 
you can select it, I would consider it.  Not the fastest car, I know, (although, 
this section isn't based on speed, is it?) but can get the job done.  

LAMBOURGHINI DIABLO: This car is similar to the Merceoliago with a few 
differences.  One is that it isn't as fast.  But, it can be controled a little 
easier.  It is pretty cool looking, and looks good in red.  I reccomend this car be 
used in Championship races such as Wine Country, just because it is fast, and 
controls pretty well.  It can reach speeds up to 165mph.  A good choice, as I said, 
in Championship.

The remainder of this FAQ is currently under construction, and should be fully 
operational by 5/12/04.  Please check back.




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