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Why waste space on a fancy title?

	Let me just explain a couple of terms real fast: If you have already beaten the
game once, new stuff will happen the second time. First and foremost, the
ability to select which type of level up strategy you prefer. The new option is
“fixed”, and that increases the stats that your character is strong as. For
example, a myrmidon would have the majority of the stat increases be skill and
speed, while the rest fill up in between. The second thing is the unit bands.
When equipped, these bands change the stats that increase when you level up,
depending on the essence contained in the band. For example, a Knight Band
contains the essence of a knight, and therefore helps your strength and defence
stats increase. Or a Fighter Band helps your strength and HP increase. The Thief
Band that you get in chapter 3, helps your speed and luck increase, and so on.
Frequently switch these bands on one person, and he will eventually have great
stats in all areas. If you’re reading this on your first time through, ignore
the stuff I say about the bosses and units that are holding bands, as they do
not appear the first time you play through the game. 

	Always read the conversations in the “info” section. The first time I played
the game I skipped those and missed out on some good stuff. Notice how there are
either 1, 2, or 3 stars next to each conversation option. This ranks the
conversation on how helpful it is. A one star means that Ike is pretty much just
listening in on a conversation between some units. A two star means that you
will learn helpful strategies and hints about the upcoming battle. 3 stars means
you will get something for reading them. When you see the conversation entitled
“Three Brothers” (only available if neither Oscar, Boyd, or Rolf has died) Read
all three of them ( one per chapter) and you will be able to do a triple
critical attack with the three of them, but only if Oscar can wield a bow by
changing into a Paladin. With the three stars you can get weapons, skills, and
even two new characters.

	The weapon triangle is lance, sword, axe. That means that lances will give you
a +10 percent chance to hit and a +1 on strength against swords, swords do the
same to axes, and axes do the same to lances. The magic triangle is similar.
Wind magic is strong against Thunder, Thunder is strong against Fire, and Fire
is strong against Wind. Light Magic is not strong or weak against anything. 

	Support conversations build strong bonds between units, and when 2 units have a
support conversation, on the battlefield, if they are at most three spaces away
from eachother, they will get added stat bonuses. For example, if Titania and
Boyd had a support conversation, then when they were near eachother they would
get stat boosts. People wonder what good the stat “Luck” is. It is actually very
important. The amount of luck you have is directly relevant to your ability to
dodge critical attacks. For example, if your enemy has a 30% chance for a
critical, but you have a 10 on the luck stat, his percentage drops to 20%, or if
you have 15 Luck, his percentage drops to 15%. Also in chapter 15, the more Luck
you have, the more likely you’ll dig up artifacts in the sand.

	Let me explain the stats real fast. HP is your health, when you run out you
die. Strength is your ability to do damage with physical weapons. Magic is your
ability to damage with magic tomes or magical weapons. Skill affects your hit
percentage. Speed affects how often you will attack, and your ability to avoid
attacks. Luck I explained in the above paragraph. Defence is your ability to
lower the power of your opponents attacks. Resistance is your ability to lower
the power of magical attacks. Condition affects the ability to be rescued and to
rescue. Weapon levels are the core of being able to wield a weapon. You can
check a weapon’s weapon level by examining it with the Y button. There are 6
weapon levels: E, D, C, B, A, and S. E is the lowest weapon level, followed by
D, and so on. S is the highest. If you have a high weapon level you can still
wield weapons that are lower than yours, for example, if your weapon level is C,
you can wield D and E levels too. Iron weapons are always E ranked. Steel
Weapons are D. Killer and Laguz weapons are C. Brave weapons are B. Silver
weapons are A. Weapons formed by a master Craftsman are S.

	Unlike the other games, there are no Hero Crests or anything to change class.
Instead, once a unit reaches level 21 he will change class. You can also change
the class of a unit level ten or higher by using a Master Seal. You only get
like four of them so use them wisely.

	Another new addition is the skills. These skills can be equipped at the Manage
Section under skills at the base. Skills that are already on another person can
be removed, but then they disappear, you cannot switch skills around, so think
about who you will put your skills on wisely. The Occult is a special skill for
units who have changed class only. It turns into a different skill, depending on
the type of unit. For example, it will turn into Deadeye for Snipers, Sol for
Paladins and Valkyries, and Astra for Swordmasters. You can also use it on
Laguz. Make sure you save one for Ike and maybe one for Volke, once he’s an
assassin. You only get three or four of them.

	There are a few subtle differences between easy, medium, and hard mode. Medium
mode has a few more enemies, and you get a little less experience every time you
defeat an enemy than easy mode. You will also have to hold out for a longer
amount of turns in those specific levels, and will have less turns to get to
specific objective. In hard mode, you get very little experience from killing
people, you have to hold out longer in those specific levels, and when it’s
dark, you can only see three spaces in front of you. In those levels you can use
torches and thieves to illuminate the paths. Your enemies will be stronger and
more in number. But enough of the boring explaining, let’s get to the game.

1. Walkthrough 

2. Skills

3. Items

4. Bands

5. Characters

1. Walkthrough (Including the Bands)

Prologue: Mercenaries: It’s impossible to lose this first fight, as long as you
don’t accidentally drop your weapon. When Greil comes out, use the vulnerary and
let him attack you. Exchange blows and repeat. Beat Greil and you win!

Chapter 1: The Battle Begins: There are a grand total of seven guys for you to
kill. Visit the villages to get a Steel Sword and a Seraph Robe. It is highly
recommended that you do NOT use Titania ever, because her stats suck for someone
at her level, and all she does is take experience away from your good guys.
Remeber the triangle: Lances are good against swords, swords are good against
axes, and axes are good against lances. Which is not to say that you should
never attack someone while at a disadvantage when it’s clear you will kill them
anyway. Kill the boss, seize the village and you win!

Chapter 2: Rescue: Send Oscar up to kill the sword guy all by himself. When
Titania comes, ignore her and let everyone else kill the rest of the guys,
having Rhys heal whenever possible to get his experience up. Kill the boss to
get a Speedwing. Kill all the enmies and you win!

Chapter 3: Pirates Aground: Visit the village to get an elixer. Some of these
guys have Hand Axes now, so Shinon won’t attack without being attacked back.Make
your way to the ship and talk to the Pegasus Knight, Marcia. She will join your
team later in the game. Kill the boss to get a Thief Band. If this is your first
time through the game you won’t get it. Rout the enemy and you win!

Chapter 4: Roadside Battle: Have Shinon or Gatrie weaken the first guy and let
Soren finish him off, the one where Soren can attack him from a thicket. Soren’s
gonna be your best magic user and one of your best units so you have to train
him. Have Gatrie stand out in front of everyone, because he is even more
invincible than Titania. He will weaken considerably those who attack him, so
your weaker guys can finish them off and get the experience. The boss has a
javelin, which is the lance’s response to Hand Axes. He has very little
resistance, so Soren will do good damage here. Kill him and you win!

Chapter 5: Flight!: Position your people like this: Soren, Boyd, Oscar, and Rhys
will go to the left. Gatrie, Titania, Shinon, and Ike to the front. Block the
entryway with Titania and Gatrie, and let Shinon shoot arrows from behind. When
you’ve cleared out the first group, move through down the path to the boss. On
the left side, Have Boyd and Oscar hold the fort on the left, make sure Oscar is
the closest to the Bottom because the Fighter over there can do good damage with
his Hammer. Have Soren cast magic from the safety of the heal hedges and have
Rhys heal when necessary. Survive for 6, 8, or 10 turns, (depending on the
difficulty) and you win!

Chapter 6: ?: Ignore what Soren says in the beginning and jump out at the two
weak, unsuspecting soldiers there. Move down the right bridge killing everyone,
including the first enemy magic user you’ve seen. Kill everyone and get to the
boss. The two guys on either side of him don’t move, but they have Javelins. The
boss has a Short Spear, which is like a powered up Javelin. This is what you do
if you want to help Soren and Rhys out a little. Boyd’s Biorythm is likely to be
in the toilet, so have him stand so there is one space in between you. Equip the
weapon that gives you the lowest avoid and stand there. He will attack you and
hurt you. Have Rhys heal Boyd and repeat until his Short Spear breaks. Then
Soren can attack him without fear of a counterrattack. When in maps where the
object is to escape, have everybody except Ike escape first, and you will get
more bonus experience from the level. For the best options set up. Go to options
and turn animation off. This makes it go faster. Turn game speed to fast, text
speed to max, Autocursor off, Grid Thickness to zero, and display bonus exp on.

Chapter 7: ?: The items in the chests are an Armorslayer, a Ward staff, and a
Miracle skill. Send Oscar and Boyd up to kill the two guys guarding the first
chest. After one turn a myrmidon named Mia appears. Talk to her with Ike or let
her catch up with you for her to join your side. Send everyone to the left.
After the cutscene, go back and kill all the guys that appeared near you. Have
Gatrie kill all the guys guarding the boss except the priest. Shinon can be his
help. Kill the thief that appears too so he doesn’t steal the chests. The boss
is a sage but he is extremely weak. His Elfire is a killer to those with little
resistance. Have Soren attack the priest. The priest has high resistance, and it
should take a few turns before Soren can kill him, but this is good to get his
weapon levels up. If you don’t do any damage, that is the best. If you do no
damage but attack twice, that’s even better. Kill everyone and you win!

Chapter 8: Despair and Hope: You have to split up your group and guard the
entrances to the middle or you are doomed. Have Ike and Soren take the left.
Position yourself so Soren is guarded fully by Ike. Have Titania take the right
entrance and make sure she’s got a hand axe to finish the guys quicker. Have
Oscar and Boyd take the bottom entrance. Put Boyd at the entrance with Oscar
behind him and get Boyd to equip a Poleaxe. The only ones you won’t kill are the
ones with javelins that attack you from afar. Kill the priest that will heal
them and you will get a red gem to sell for 2500 G. After a couple of turns, the
girl mage, Illyana, will come within Ike’s reach. Have him talk to her to get
her. Kill the boss to get a Soldier Band. Wait it out for 8 turns (easy mode)
and you win!

Chapter 9: Gallia: Rolf and Mist join your team automatically, Marcia will
appear after 5 turns if you helped her in chapter 3. You have to train Mist, she
is essential to for you to defeat the Black Knight in chapter 27. Rolf is an
amazing Sniper if you train him well. Send out all your worst guys and Boyd to
the coast, moving as far as you can every time. You have to kill the pirate
before he can burn down the villages, which contain a Restore Staff and a
Talisman. Try to weaken the enemies and then have Rolf finish them off. You need
to help Mist with her weapon level. Marcia may seem to suck in the beginning but
she is actually really good with time, as are most of the units in the game.
When you kill the archer near the castle, five reinforcements come out
immediately, 2 myrmidons and 3 soldiers. Use the Ward staff on Rolf to raise his
resistance and kill the two mages by the boss. Use the same healing strategy as
in chapter 6 with the boss, only this time use Mist. Kill the boss to get an
Arms Scroll, which raises the weapon level of the currently equipped weapon. (By
the way, The max weapon level a unit can get is B before they change class.
After that, it goes to A and then to S.) Seize the gate and you win!

Chapter 10: Prisoner Escape: Accept Volke’s offer. As soon as the guard sees
you, reinforcements will arrive near you and every where in the place. You don’t
have to talk to the people in the cells to get them later, just open them. The
only one worth saving is Nephenee. Open the chests to find these items: Statue
Frag, Steel Lance, Javelin, Short Axe, and the Counter Skill. Have Ike escape
and you win!

Chapter 11: Blood Runs Red: Start out by having your weaker units that you want
to be strong kill the soldiers where you start. Bring either Lethe or Mordecai
to talk to the myrmidon named Zihark, by the vigilantes. He is the second best
swordmaster in the game when you train him. Visit the villages to get an Elwind,
a Killer Lance, and a Draco Shield. The village with the Elwind is in danger of
being destroyed by the thief near it, so you need a fast mover to get over there
and ensure it’s safety. You can’t have any laguz go in the villages or they will
get shut out. After your first encounter with the boss, the Black Knight appears
out of the house in the middle. GET EVERYONE AWAY FROM THERE! He will kill all
of your guys! Good thing he doesn’t move unless you are in his strike zone.
After the Black Knight appears, 2 Wyvern Riders and a wyvern rider named Jill
appear. If you kill them, you won’t get Jill, she is pretty good, but not as
good as Marcia when trained. Have someone arrive at the blue square and you win!

Chapter 12: A Strange Land: The birds are vulnerable to bows and Wind magic.
Most of them are holding something valuable that you will get when you kill
them. (If the name of the item they are holding is red, you will get it when you
kill them.) Jill will come and try to get on your team, just let her talk to
Ike. Her Laguzguard comes in handy when she’s fighting them. Kill all of the
birds and you win!

Chapter 13: A Guiding Wind: Get Ike to go to where you are supposed to be
guarding. Never move him. You need thieves to open the chests. These are in the
chests: Occult Skill, Energy Drop, Laguz Axe, Killer Bow, Longsword, and a
Speedwing. Talk to Astrid with Ike to get her, then have her talk to Gatrie to
get him back. If you forgot to bring a thief, there is a way to still get most
of the chests. After the cutscene where Naesala sends out his birds to fetch the
treasure, they will ignore you and only go after the treasure. Kill a bird right
after he takes a chests and you will get the item he stole. Make sure a bird is
only allowed one item at a time or else you will only get one of them. The most
important items are the ones on the top ship; the Occult, the Energy Drop, and
the Speedwing. Make sure you get those, especially the Occult. After all the bad
guys that are human are gone, the green soldiers (if there are any left) will go
after the boss. It is imperative that you rescue the soldiers so they don’t kill
themselves. Once the boss starts moving (When someone is in his range) he will
continue to chase after your guys. Don’t kill him before you grab all the chests
or the game will end early, (If there are no more birds.) Wait out for ten turns
and you win!

Chapter 14: Training: Have Marcia talk to Makalov to get him on your team. Visit
the village to the left to get a glimpse of Callil and she will give you a
spirit dust. Visit the other two villages to get a Vantage skill and a Secret
Book. In this battle you will have to fight two ferals, Laguz that have been
altered to follow commands. The boss has a Killer Axe. Rout the enemy and you win!

Chapter 15: The Feral Frontier: The sand makes it difficult to move non magic
users and non flying units. Get rid of all of your mounted units and attack with
units that can do damage and take hits. The beast tribe is weak to fire magic,
the bird tribe is weak to bows and wind magic, but only when in beast form. If
you move to certain spots in the sand with a person with high Luck, you can find
items. I have found a Statue Frag, a Guard skill, a Physic, a Killing Edge, a
Silver Blade, a coin, a White Gem, and Boots. You can’t leave without the Boots,
they are in the top part, to the right of the castle. The Statue Frag is by the
giant rock on the lower right, bottom side of the rock. The Physic is somewhere
near the bottom of those strange ruins by the castle. The White Gem is over by
where you got Stefan (In the sand). To get the Guard skill, when you are
positioning your units, put a thief on the very bottom left square, the one that
is one space up from the bottom, and have him move 1 space down and as far as he
can left. There are probably more items that I haven’t found. I found the
Killing Edge once, but I can’t remember where it was located. I’m fairly certain
that there is a Light Magic tome by the Physic, but I don’t know which tome it
is. Move either Lethe or Mordecai to the very top right of the area and have
them wait in a certain square around there. The square is not on any of the
edges but is only 1 or 2 spaces away from the top. Move them there to get
Stefan, the best Swordmaster in the game. After you beat the level, you get
Tormod, a fire mage, and Muarim, the boss. Muarim’s Demi Band means he will
remain in beast form forever, but at the cost of some stats. Beat him and you win!

Chapter 16: The Atonement: There are many chests here that contain valuable
items, so bring Volke and or Sothe. There is a Halberdier named Devdan who does
not like to fight children, so talk to him with Soren, Rolf, Mist, Tormod, or
Sothe to get him. He’s okay but Nephenee is better. These are the items in the
chests: Bolting, Silver Lance, Draco Shield, Full Guard, Ashera Icon, and a
Physic staff. The boss has a Spear, which is the most powerful ranged lance in
the game. Just to check your progress, all but maybe 2 of your units that you
will use forever should have changed class by now. Seize the throne and you win!

Chapter 17: Day Breaks: Part 1: No specific strategy here, just move forward and
kill everyone in your way to win!

Chapter 17: Day Breaks: Part 2: No specific strategy here, just get to
highlighted square and you win!

Chapter 17: Day Breaks: Part 3: Protect Ike because of his lowered Speed and
Skill Stats, he won’t last if someone gets to him. You need to kill everyone in
range, while steadily moving downward. The reinforcements you send will deal
with the rest of the top guys. Hold out for 10 turns and you win!

Chapter 17: Day Breaks: Part 4: Have Ike and three other units stay behind while
the rest of the group moves forward. After the cutscene with the hawks coming in
as Other units, four enemies appear next to Ike. That’s why you need the other
units. There is a mage with Meteor, the long range fire attack. You can either
send one of your flying guys to kill him, or use the Bolting you got last
chapter. Because the hawks appear so early, they will probably kill everyone
before you can, but the Halberdier next to Oliver has a great skill that you
need to get so make sure the birds don’t get to him first. Kill Oliver and you win!

Chapter 18: Crimea Marches: Accept the aid of the birds. Tanith’s Reinforcements
skill lets you call 3 pegasus knights as Partner units. You can use this ability
three times per battle. Reyson is like Tethys from Sacred Stones and Ninian from
Fire Emblem. You can use him to let allies move again, plus he will heal those
who are beside him. Looking at the map, I’m sure you’ll see a familiar face.
Talk to him with Rolf and kill him with Ike to get Shinon at the end of the
battle. You have to beat the level in 15 turns or less or else Shinon will die
and you won’t get him. A lot of the sages here have ranged attacks, so watch
out. The items in the chests are: Recover staff, Silence Staff, and a Wrath
skill. The boss has a Tornado, the A level wind magic. His Nihil skill negates
the skills that you have. Rout the enemy and you win!

Chapter 19: Entrusted: Whatever happens, do not try to attack Naesala, as he
will kill everyone you send up to him, much like the Black Knight. Ballistas are
long range weapons that can only be used by archers and snipers. All you have to
do is kill Homasa and you win!

Chapter 20: Defending Talrega: If you want to keep Jill then don’t use her in
this battle. If it doesn’t matter to you, then by all means go for it. There are
plenty of Wyvern Riders around, and all of them are surprised to see her, to say
the least. Visit the villages to get a Smite skill and a Rescue staff. The boss
has a Full Guard, so the extra damage that bows and wind magic would normally do
is negated. Arrive at the spot and you win!

Chapter 21: Without a King: The items in the chests are: Stilletto, Parity
skill, Energy Drop, Talisman, Corrosion Skill, Thoron, Master Seal, and a Brave
Sword. The boss is weak against thunder attacks. Seize the throne and you win!

Chapter 22: Solo: If you save all of the priests you will get the Ashera Staff,
which is like the Latona staff from SS, it heals and restores all units on the
field. The more priests you save, the more exp you get for the level, too. You
need to shove the priests out of the way strategically to let yourself in the
rooms with chests. The items in the chests are: Silver Bow, Bolganone, Tomohawk,
Sleep staff, Spirit Dust, and a Nosferatu. Watch out for the sage with Bolting.
The boss has a Killer weapons. Kill the boss and you win!

Chapter 23: The Great Bridge: Ranulf joins your party at the beginning. After a
couple turns, you can talk to Haar with Jill to get him. The bridge is rigged
with a bunch of pits that open when you walk on them. Falling into one stuns you
for the rest of the turn and you cannot move. There are plenty of long range
sages and ballistas, and even the new catapult. The catapult hurls a rock that
does damage to all units one square away from impact. The boss, Petrine, has a
Flame Lance, which does damage relative to magic power. A few knights come to
aid you when you are about half way across the bridge. Seize the gate and you win!

Chapter 24: Battle Reunion: Lucia and Bastian join your party after one turn.
Get everyone away from the bottom of the field where you start, because the
Black Knight appears there after a while. Visit the villages to get a Savior
skill and a Nihil skill. The boss has Paity, so your skills wont work. Arrive at
the space and you win!

Chapter 25: Strange Lands: Flying units are great here. There are rocks
positioned high up the mountain, and your enemy can push them down the side to
attack you. There is also a single ballista that covers almost the entire
battlefield. Mounted units cant move as well here. The boss has a Bolt Axe, like
the Flame lance Petrine had, and the Sonic Sword Tanith has. Rout the enemy and
you win!

Chapter 26: Clash!: Elincia joins your unit, she is extremely weak, but if you
give her the bonus experience you get from battles, her Amiti, which is like a
brave sword only its unbreakable, will become extremely useful. There is a sage
with Meteor on the top part of the map. The boss has a Runesword, which is the
sword version of Nosferatu. He is overall easy to beat. Seize the fort and you win!

Chapter 27: Moment of Fate: The most famous chapter of the game, here you will
square off with the Black Knight. There are a whole bunch of thieves, one of
which is carrying the extremely irrereplaceable Double Bow, the S rank bow that
can hit units from up to 4 squares away, the bow that can fire through walls.
When you open a single door, the other one will show you the room in which the
other chests are, and letting the sages with meteors get a chance to attack. The
items in the chests are as follows: Physic staff, Silver Lance, Resolve skill,
Spear, Laguz Axe, Bolganone, Fortify staff. When you face the Knight, Mist will
be with you. The only way you can win this battle is if Ike has the Occult skill
Aether. Don’t worry about the two soldiers that come out, as they wont attack.
You do need to kill the Bishop though. The only way Aether will work is if you
are not attacking from afar, but that also gives the Black Knight’s ability,
Luna, to do heavy damage. Make sure Mist is High level and can use the Recover
staff, and that she has one. If you dont kill him in 5 turns, I wont ruin the
story, but the Black Knight will be killed some other way. You can also escape
earlier, but thats not really necessary since the knight doesnt move. Cause him
to die and you win!

Chapter 28: Twisted Tower: There are a whole butt load of Laguz here. There are
three dragons, all of which are way stronger than Ena was. The boss has a
Rexbolt, the highest level thunder magic, and a Bolting. Seize the gate and you win!

Endgame: Repatriation: Okay this is it! The final battle! Remember after this
battle you can go to the trial maps to help your guys weapon levels and
experience. At the beginning, you can choose a Laguz companion to fight with
you. The choices are: Naesala, Giffca, Tibarn. Giffca is the best choice. The
enemies are spread out across the map, enemies of every type in every place.
There are even a few dragons, but no other laguz. The semi boss, Bryce, has a
Wishblade, the S rank lance. The boss, Ashnard, has great strength, and his
armor can only be pierced by Ragnell and your ally that you called a turn into
the game. Defeat the King of Daein and YOU HAVE BEATEN THE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. Skills: There are five categories of skills that I have made up. The first is
the automatic category. These skills are the ones that act automatically when
conditions are met. Example: Vantage always lets you strike first. The second
category is the random category. These skills are the ones that act at random,
not including the occult skills. Example: Corrosion SOMETIMES lowers your
opponents weapon durability by 5. The third is the stat affecting automatic
skills. These are the skills that increase stats when you equip them. Example:
Celerity increases movement by 2 spaces. The fourth category is the option
category. This category lets you use your skill as an option, like you would an
attack. Example: Reinforcements lets you call pegasus knights when you choose.
And the fifth and final category is the Occult category. These are the skills
created by an Occult. Example: Aether is Ike’s occult, he attacks with Sol and
then Luna. 

Automatic category:

Miracle: Halves the damage of an otherwise fatal attack.

Vantage: Always strike first. 

Wrath: Double critical hit % when your at half HP or less.

Renewal: Restore a set number of HP each turn.

Provoke: Causes enemies to attack that unit first.

Shade: Causes enemies to attack other units first.

Resolve: Greatly increase strength, skill, and speed when your health is at Half
or less, and only when you are doing the attacking.

Daunt: Decrease hit and critical hit percentages of all enemies within three spaces.

Discipline: Greil’s skill, this lets you control your stats and change them at will.

Parity: Cancels all support, terrain, and skill bonuses.

Nihil: Negates enemies skills.

Blessing: Reyson’s skill, Restore HP to units next to you.

Random Category:

Counter: Sometimes deals half the damage an enemies physical weapon inflicted.

Guard: Sometimes negates an enemy attack.

Corrosion: Sometimes lowers enemy weapon durability by 5.

Adept: Sometimes allows the unit to strike twice consecutively.

Stat Category:

Celerity: Increase movement by 2 spaces.

Insight: Janaff’s ability, increase hit %.

Vigilance: Ulki’s ability, increases dodge.

Paragon: Doubles experience gained overall.

Blossom: Halves experience gained, but increases stats better over time.

Tempest: Double Biorythm effects.

Serenity: Halves biorythm effects.

Option Category: 

Reinforcements: Call up three pegasus knights as partner units. Can be used
three times per map.

Savior: Can rescue a unit without lowering skill and speed.

Smite: Shove someone two spaces.

Canto: Reyson’s skill, allow allies to move again.

Gamble: Halves units chance to hit, but doubles its chance for a critical hit.

Vortex: Naesala’s ability, attacks with the same effect as wind.

Occult Category: These can only be equipped to laguz and units who have changed

Aether: Ike’s occult, attacks with Sol and then Luna.

Sol: Mounted units occult, restores HP by damage dealt.

Luna: Generals and Halberdier’s occult, sometimes halves units defence.

Stun: Flying unit’s occult, sometimes stuns the enemy so they cannot move for
one turn.

Deadeye: Sniper’s occult, sometimes doubles units chance to hit and puts enemy
to sleep.

Lethality: Assassin’s occult, sometimes delivers a one hit kill.

Collossus: Berserker and Warrior’s occult, sometimes deals greater damage when
units condition exceeds enemy’s.

Astra: Swordmaster’s occult, sometimes attacks five consecutive times at half

Flare: Magic users occult, sometimes halves enemy resistance.

Roar: Beast Laguz occult, stuns enemy for one turn.

Cancel: Bird Laguz occult, sometimes negates all of an enemy’s attacks. 

Boon: Dragon laguz occult, restores an adjacent unit to normal condition.

	Some combos that can be made with skills are: 

1. Brave Advantage: Combine Vantage with a brave weapon, and watch everyone who
attacks you die.

2. Serial Killer: Combine Wrath with a Killer weapon, and watch the critical
hits fly.

3. Tactical Serial Murderer: Combine Wrath with Vantage and a Killer weapon.

4. Lots Of Hits: Combine Adept with a Brave weapon.

5. The Silent Assassin: Combine Lethality with Shade, now you can kill as many
people as you like without being seen.

6. Loaded Dice: Combine Gamble with Insight and you can get critical hits
without lowering your hit percentage.

There are many more combos just waiting to be discovered!

3. Items

Laguzguard: Halve damage from Laguz attacks. Only beorc can use them.

Beorcguard: the opposite.

Full Guard: Protects unit from extra damage from weapons.

Energy Drop: Increase strength by 2.

Spirit Dust: Increase Magic by 2.

Draco Shield: Increase defence by 2.

Secret Book: Increase skill by 2.

Speedwings: Increase speed by 2.

Talisman: Increase resistance by 2.

Ashera Icon: Increase Luck by 2.

Boots: Increase movement by 2.

Statue Frag: Increase Build by 2.

Red Gem: Sell for 2500 gold.

Blue Gem: Sell for 5000 gold.

White Gem: Sell for 10,000 gold.

Torch: Illuminate dark areas (Hard mode only).

Vulnerary: Increase HP by 10.

Elixer: Restore all HP.

Antitoxin: Heals poison.

Door Key: Open doors.

Chest Key: Can you guess?

4. Bands:

Fighter Band: Helps strength and HP.

Sword Band: Helps Skill and Speed.

Paladin Band: Helps everything but Luck.

Thief Band: Helps Speed and Luck. 

Knight Band: Helps strength and defence.

Soldier Band: Helps everything.

Mage Band: Helps Magic, Skill, and Resistance.

Priest Band: Helps Luck and Resistance.

Archer Band: Helps Skill and Luck.

Pegasus Band: Helps Speed and Resistance.

Wyvern Band: Helps Defence and Skill.

Demi Band: Keeps Laguz in beast form, but at the cost of some stats.

Laguz Band: Keeps Laguz in beast form with no stat decreases. Only Laguz royals
can use them.

5. Characters:

Ike: You have to train him, thats a given. He is pretty good.

Boyd: Your best axe guy for sure.

Oscar: Your best Paladin, give him a bow when he levels up.

Mist: Sucks, but you need her for chapter 27.

Titania: is good in the beginning but you should never use her ever.

Gatrie: Great wall of China.

Shinon: Good at first, but when you get him back at chapter 18 he sucks.

Rolf: The best bow you will ever have, just takes a while to train.

Rhys: Healer, duh!

Soren: Probably one of your best units.

Mia: Sometimes she’s good, sometimes not, depends on her stats.

Illyana: She’s okay, but not as good as Soren.

Marcia: The best flyer you can have.

Lethe: I’ve never seriously trained any of the laguz, except Ranulf.

Mordecai: See Lethe.

Janaff: Iffy.

Ulki: Worse.

Reyson: You need him for what he is.

Ena: Nope.

Nasir: Better.

Zihark: The best swordmaster besides Stefan.

Stefan: What did I just say?

Sothe: You’ll never use him.

Tormod: Maybe.

Muarim: Most laguz suck, this is no exception.

Ranulf: Finally a good Laguz.

Nephenee: A great unit.

Brom: Sucks.

Kieran: Pretty good.

Devdan: Nah.

Callil: Her weapons are good, at least.

Largo: He is good.

Volke: This is a No brainer...Yes!

Makalov: Sucks more than Rosie O Donnel.

Elincia: Needs some help, but her staff weapon level is great.

Lucia: Uh uh.

Bastian: No no.

Geoffrey: Yeah yeah.

Jill: Sometimes.

Haar: Nope.

Astrid: probably...Not.

Tanith: Sonic Sword Baby!

	So there you have it. I created it while I was playing through the game for the
fourth time, so I know its accurate. Ive got a Faq out for the first fire
emblem, the one with Eliwood, and its just as good as this one. Ive also got
some pokemon diamond and pearl stuff, just look for Nightshade777.

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