Nightshade 777's Ultimate Heartless and Boss Guide YAY! - Guide for Kingdom Hearts

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Why waste space on a fancy title?

This is a complete guide about all the heartless and bosses in this game, their
attacks, and how to beat them. There are 2 categories, the Heartless, and the
Bosses, both of which are in alphabetical order. You gotta check out the boss
guide if you want to laugh and be informed.

Category 1. The Heartless


Air Pirate: These guys are the flying versions of the regular Pirates. They
attack with their fists but are fairly easy to kill. They attack with uppercuts
and downward punches, and they fly around the arena really fast. 

Air Soldier: The most annoying of all the heartless, except maybe the
Powerwilds. These guys fly around and kick you when you least expect it. When
there’s a whole bunch of them it can be hard to heal and they do a lot of damage.

Angel Star: These guys fly around really slow and attack with balls of energy.
They can send out a homing tornado that does a lot of damage. Their most
powerful attack is their charge beam. it takes a long time to pull it off so you
can kill them while they charge it up. When they take suficient damage they will
use their wings as a shield to block all your attacks and then they will tackle you.

Aqua Tank: These huge fish only appear in Atlantica but are nasty. They usually
have some Screwdivers to help them charge across to ram you. The attack you have
to watch out for is their Thunder attack. Their antenna will glow when they’re
about to do it.


Bandit: You will ony find these guys in Agrabah. They usually run up and slice
you. They have this attack where they fly through the air doing flips with their
sword. If you’re far enough away they will throw it at you but you can deflect
it easy.

Battleship: Neverland is where you will find these huge warship Heartless. They
shoot cannons and ram with their ship. They also have a heal cannon that they
fire sometimes and you can tell it is one because it will be green. It will heal
half your health. Sometimes they go really high in the air and rain down bombs
from above but it’s impossible to get hit by it if you don’t want to. (Why would
you want to?)

Barrel Spider: These guys like to explode spontaneously. They have a ramming
explosion and a jumping explosion. Or they can just stand their and explode and die.

Black Fungus: These guys will spread poison around themselves which does
continual damage over time. Sometimes they will turn grey and then you can’t do
damage until they change back.

Blue Rhapsody: One of the magic quads this one represents ice. He will jump
around and shoot ice at you and occasionally hit you with his hat.

Bouncywild: Don’t kill them right away. If you see one drop a banana peel on the
ground run over it and you will get lots of munny. It will speed around the
arena dropping bananas and attacking with it’s slingshot.



Darkball: These are the most common guys after you seal Hollow Bastion’s
Keyhole. They will go berserk and move really fast in place. They also charge
around the arena biting. Occasionally they will disappear into a trail of dark
fog and then reappear right next to you and attack.

Defender: These guys have a huge shield that bites and attack with fire and ice
and spins around.



Fat Bandit: These guys are just like the Large Bodies but they can breathe fire
and shoot Fire balls. They will puff up their bellies and unleash a stream of
fire but you can complete combos on their front when they do this. You can
deflect the fire balls back at them to stun them.


Gargoyle: These guys are exclusive to Halloween Town and they can Disappear in
the fog like Darkballs. They will attack with their wings and shoot a blue
homing fireball that can be deflected back at them. These guys are my favorite

Green Requiem: Another member of the magic quads this one heals. It can’t attack
but it will heal other Heartless so take them out.



Invisible: These are the strongest heartless in the game that aren’t bosses.
They will attack with their sword, jump in the air and shoot dark energy, and
stab their sword into the ground that makes a ring of fire around you. To evade
this, jump right before the ring closes.




Large Body: These guys are fat and move slow. they will swipe you with their
hands, jump to cause a shock wave, and throw themselves at you. When you’ve
taken 2/3 of their health they will go berserk and charge after you every where.





Pirate: These guys have a lot of attacks. They will walk and slash, jump and
slash, slash and lose balance, get up from ground and slash,  charge and slash,
and just slash.

Pot Spider: These guys will run into you. If you are far away they will jump and
spin into you but if you block it they will die.

Powerwild: The second most annoying guys, they will slide kick you, jump scratch
you, scratch you, and scratch themselves with their foot. Mostly they will dodge
all your attacks by sidestepping and that’s why they are so annoying.



Rare Truffle: These guys don’t attack they just jump around. Juggle them in the
air for exp. Just jump and slash, jump and slash, jump and slash.


Screwdiver: These guys will jet around the water attacking with their tridents.

Sea Neon: These guys are the Shadows of Atlantica. They will swipe you with
their tentacles and little else.

Search Ghost: These guys will attack with their hands and teleport around. They
have an attack which steals some of your essence and then they carry it with
them, just attack them to get it back and get exp.

Shadow: The weakest Heartless in the game, these guys just scratch at you.

Sheltering Zone: These guys are like giant Sea Neons. There is a 50% chance that
killing one will give birth to 3 smaller Sea Neons.

Soldier: These guys are the same as Shadows, only they have a charge attack and
a spin attack now, too.





White Mushroom: These guys don’t attack but they want to play a game of
charades. Just match their movement with the correct magic spell three times to

	Shivering: Fire
	Fanning itself: Blizzard
	Ray of light: Thunder	
	Falls down: Cure
	Stiffens: Stop
	Floats: Gravity
	Spins: Aero

Wight Knight: Haloween Town people, these mummies will slash at you with their
huge claws.

Wizard: Floating wizards that cast Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, and Gravity. They
teleport and they are invulnerable except to Aero when using Thunder.

Wyvern: These guys fly around and kick you with their feet. They fly high in the
air and then drop down to attack.



Yellow Opera: The strongest member of the magic quads these guys represent
thunder and will use thunder and charge at you with volt tackles.

Category 2: Bosses (In Chronological order)

Darkside: When he slams his fist in the ground, jump up and lock on to his head.
Jump on his arm and start whacking away. You get 2 exp points for every combo
finisher you land on his head. When he gets on his knees and shoots balls at
you, Lock on to his head and swat at the balls to knock them back at him. You’ll
get about twice as many experince points if you only attack his head than you
would regularly. This is very easy and if you can’t beat him, then I don’t know
what you’re doing playing video games.

Selphie: This little idiot thinks she can beat you with a frickin jump rope.
Let’s see, sword vs rope, what do you think’s gonna win? You will probably kill
her before she can land any attacks, but just in case you suck, she will run at
you and spin the rope around her head, which makes her look incredibly stupid.
Sometimes she will do this amazingly powerful attack, where she jumps at you and
knocks you over the head with the rope. It’s an instant kill so watch out. (I
hope you could tell I was kidding.) The only way you can lose is if you run out
in the water and drown.

Wakka: This guy loves to play dodgeball and you are his moving target. His
attacks consist of throwing the ball at you, jumping in the air and throwing the
ball at you, spinning around and throwing the ball at you, and just spinning
around. Retard. 

Tidus: He will run at you and hit with his rod. Sounds nasty doesn’t it? You
know what would be really funny? If a meteor fell out of the sky and killed him.

Riku: He will attack with his sword but if you keep pressing the x button he
will never be able to hurt you. He will usually do this get up kick if you hit
him a couple times, which really looks like he’s mooning you to catch you by
surprise. Try not to fall off the island and drown.

Darkside: Same as before, but with 1 more HP and a boner.

Leon: Jusr run around until he decides to shoot a fireball at you. Deflect it
back at him to stun him and then do a combo to his back. Just repeat, because
he’s too obsessed with looking cool to actually chase after you, which is why he
always loses.

Guard Armor: Destroy all his parts and you win. He will jump and trip and fall
on the ground, walk on you with his feet, do a swirly thing with his hands, and
spin his body around. SOOOOOOOOOOOO

Cloud: He will charge at you and then jump in the air and stab you. The first
thing that comes out of his mouth is “Is that the best you can do?” Which I
thought was weird because neither of us had even attacked yet. The long but
cheap way to win, if you don’t have Guard is to just run away and let Donald and
Goofy “Try” to kill him. It’s funny because Donald will run up to him and hit
him with his foot long wand, and then Cloud counters with his eight foot long
massive sword.

Cerberus: Rick, Nick, and Dick here are pretty hard to beat. They will walk
around and shoot fireballs at you. You can jump on it’s back to avoid the dark
pulse thing that shoots up out of the ground. Eventually he howl and start
biting you. Just guard the bites, and when a single head attacks it will be
stunned. Something that happens a lot with using air combos on it is that
sometimes you land on its head and then your jump gets disabled or something but
you can’t get away, untill it bites you off its head. Just take all of his HP
and he will die instantly.

Opposite Armor: He will start out as Guard Armor but you hit him like twice and
he will change. There’s almost nothing new here except he will charge shot you
with his body and he has more HP.

Pot Centipede: I used to think this guy was really hard until I found the right
way to beat him. When you knock the Pot Spiders away from him the first, try to
kill all of them before they can return to the Centipede. That will stop the
Centipede from moving to a new area and he will just stay by the Palace Gate.
Once all the Spiders are gone, let Donald and Goofy attack him until they die.
Never attack the tail end, because it will use it’s whatever they are to attack
all the time. If the Head’s anntennae are charged up but he isn’t spinning
around to get you, run up and get a combo on him because he won’t fight back and
his anntennae will be cooled down. It’s a good idea to attack him when your
partners are dead. When he is spinning around just run in circles around the
place and wait for him to stop.

Cave of Wonders Guardian: You have to attack his eyes to kill him. Focus on one
eye because it will be cleansed when you’ve taken about half his HP. When he
starts eating sand, jump on his nose to attack his eyes. Some people want to
stay on his head, but you shouldn’t because it is really hard to attack. He will
shoot Bandits and Fat Bandits out of his mouth to kill you. His eye beams do a
lot of damage so you need to guard against them.

Jaffar and Genie: Genie will fly around the arena swatting you with his hand,
but if he hits you he will drop more health than he took away. Jaffar will fire
a charge beam from his snake staff. When he says: “Abid dab hev kubas!” He will
conjure an ice storm that is deadly to the guys in the middle of the arena. When
he says “Habad cadumvah...Stay Back!” He will fire the charge beam. Sometimes he
turns his staff into a torch that he swings at you but that just makes it easier
to kill him.

Genie Jaffar: Jaffar is invincible, you need to destroy the lamp that Iago
carries around the place. There are moving platforms that never seem to work
when you want them to and Iago is usually an inch out of reach. That’s why you
need to equip the JungleKing for long reach. Jaffar must not be to interested in
winning because all he does is chuck lava balls at you. After about ten minutes
(If you haven’t already won by then) Iago will get tired and put the lamp down
on the ground for easy hacking. If Iago really wanted Jaffar to win, couldn’t he
just fly out of the pit?

Parasite Cage 1st: If you are lazy and you have half an hour on your hands that
you are willing to give up, then you could just let your partners kill the
thing. Riku never dies so it would be easy. Or you can spare some effort in your
fingers to take about a minute and a half to kill this EXTREMELY not DIFFICULT
boss. Just run up and hit him a hundred times and you win. DUH!

Parasite Cage 2nd: He is a little harder but not much. He will suck up stomach
acid and throw it at you for some continual poison damge. Now he will also do a
butt swing at you that can get you if you are standing in front of him. If you
keep landing combos on the actual cage part of him, he will eventually get
stunned and then you attack his core until he wakes up and apparently forgets
you’re there for a split second because he will start to play with himself for a
second and then stop and go back to attacking you.

Ursula: You have to cast fire repeatedly on her cauldron to stun her and then
you go up and attack her. If you run out of MP go attack Flotsam or Jetsam to
recover some. Always keep at least one MP for healing. When Ursula wakes up from
stunning she will spin around the arena laughing because she knows she’s gonna lose.

Huge Ursula: She is casting thundaga constantly throughout the battle so you
can’t stop moving. She says “Get ready for this!” and shoots out bubbles. Okay,
I’m ready, now are you gonna do a powerful non gay attack or what? She says
“AAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaAAaa” and then she does her thunder breath which is her second
most powerful attack, you have to mermaid kick away from it. After you get her
to a health bar and a half, she will say “This won’t be pretty!” and then she
will do a thundaga ring around herself which is unavoidable if you are close to
her. This battle will take a long time so be ready.

Lock, Shock, and Barrell: These guys are so easy if you kill them in the right
order. First go after Lock because he likes to throw stuff at you and that’s a
distraction. After he’s dead, Kill Barrell because he does the same thing as
Shock but it’s faster. Then it should be no problem to kill Shock.

Oogie Boogie: First kill his two Gargoyles. If you can get under the dice he
throws before they hit the ground and guard them, you will get mondo experience
points. This doesn’t work for the orange exploding dice. The number he rolls is
directly related to the attack he will do. He will: A. send out Heartless, B.
Call out the buzzsaw that wil spin around and cut you, C. Make the rotating
Blades spin around slowly, D. Have the rotating blades move up and down while
spinning. When you see the little icons on the wheel glow you have to step on
the one that Oogie Boogie is in front of to gate him in and get up there and
attack him.

Oogie House: There are seven dark blobs of energy that shoot fire at you that
you need to destroy. Stay clear of the swinging lamp that shoots fire at you and
just get the two blobs that are east of it. People say that you can destroy the
lamp, and I’ve tried and succeeded but it takes too much time and health. There
are Gargoyles that are everywhere too so watch out.

AntiSora: This guy moves and attack just like you. He just walks around and does
your normal combo finisher and your thrust. After a while he will split into
three guys. Two of them will disappear if you hit them but the other is the true
fake. Later in the battle (and he will do this a lot) he slips into the ground
and uppercuts you from underneath. You have to keep dodge rolling around IN A
CIRCLE! If you just go back and forth he will get you every time. Overall he is
a difficult boss.

Captain Hook and the Battleships: There are two ways to do this. Way number one
is to FLY skimming the ground and duke it out with Hook. You must be FLYING
because the air combo is quicker and he has less time to counter it. Way number
two is the cheap way. First destroy the Battleship’s sail and at least one of
the cannons until it has almost no HP left and then leave it alone because if
you destroy it another one will come. Then float over the water. Hook will throw
a couple exploding presents at you and then jump in the water. When you hear him
say “You won’t get me other hand!” Fly back to the center of the ship and unload
a couple hits before he hits the ground and repeat. This way takes about an
hour, and most people who do this way do a little up close combat also. Hook is
exceptionally vulnerable to fire but don’t burn him while he’s in the air or he
will run around in the air and do a lot of damage to whoever he hits.

Riku in the Main Hall: I have to wonder why, when there are so many other evil
wardrobe choices, why Riku has to be wearing a white lace skirt. That does not
symbolize evil for me but maybe its because I’m so not gay. Just guard all of
Gay Scottishman’s attacks and then use the Counterattack. You need the Olympian
Keyblade for this match. This gay (I mean “guy”) is very easy to beat.

Maleficent: Notice the first four letters of her (supposedly) name. Doesn’t that
mean something in English? The last four letters of the name is how much she’s
worth to those around her. She (Supposedly) will get on her (supposedly)
platform and float above the place. You have to take the platform’s HP out or
use Gravity to bring it down and open her (supposedly) for attacking. If you use
the Lady Luck Keyblade and just unload air combos on her (supposedly) she
(supposeldy) will just grunt and let you kill her (supposedly). Otherwise she
(supposeldy) summons meteors that do a million damage and summons defenders. She
(supposedly) is very easy to beat. (Supposedly) means if she (supposedly) was a
woman (supposedly).

Maleficent Dragon: Now she (supposedly) is a huge green fire breathing dragon.
She (supposedly) stomps on the ground to create shockwaves and bites you. After
you take her (supposedly) first health bar she (supposedly) starts shooting
fireballs at you that give a lot of experience if you guard them. She
(supposedly) will also breathe fire and cover the ground in flame. The best way
to do this without it taking forever is to summon Tinkerbell and have her
throughout. Stand right in front of the dragon, but out of her (supposedly)
flame breath’s reach, and whenever the ground is cool, run up and hit her
(supposedly) until you’re blinking red and then retreat and Tinkerbell will heal
you to perfect health. Block all of the fireballs and keep swinging at the gay
dragon (definitely).

Anku: Ansem in Riku’s body is really difficult and impossible without the
Olympia Keyblade so you can counter his attacks. You must have Counterattack and
Glide and High Jump equipped. Ars Arcanum does not help at all in this battle
and neither does any of the moves like that. You are on your own in this fight.
MP Rage is a very helpful ability if you have to Cure a lot. Just block his
attacks and use Counterattack and a combo. The combo will only complete itself
half the time, Riku will spin on the other ones. When you take a bunch of his
health, he will glow and his attacks will change a little. When he does his
charge move, he will hurl a blade of wind that you can knock back at him. When
he does his jump slash thing, a shockwave will appear on the sides. When you see
him charge back in forth across the arena, jump and glide around. At the end of
that, he does this jumping thunder attack that’s hard to avoid. Just keep at it
and you will emerge victorious.

Behemoth: This is very horifficly easy. Jump on his back and attack his horn.
Gravity does a lot of damage, but you have to destroy his magic shield with
physical attacks before it will do any damage. Sometimes his big tusks will glow
and he will shoot a huge ball of energy at the sky that explodes and then it
rains dark energy that you need to guard the first one and you will not die.
After you do enough damage he will lower his head so you can attack him from the
ground. After a few seconds of unloading combos, he will use this dark thundaga
type thing that is very powerful and takes away about half your health. His
health is purple, the highest level so it will take a while but it is still
really easy.

Eragog: This is the hardest fight against a Heartless. You can fly, you can fly,
You can fly, you can fly, you can flYYYYYYYYYYYYyyyyyyyyyyyyYYYYY you can fly.
You have to attack his head. He will breathe fire and he does this flame cloak
attack that is like giant Ursula’s Thundaga ring. After you kill him some, he
will summon balls of energy that seek you out. You can’t guard them, so use Aero
to minimize damage. He will also shoot fireballs at you that you can hit to get
experience. Basically just attack his head and he will die.

Olympus Coliseum Tournament Bosses:

Pegasus Cup: Leon and Yuffie: Go after Yuffie first because she can heal. She
will throw ninja stars at you and run away. After she is almost dead she will
say “This is gonna hurt!” And then she will throw a giant glowing Shuriken that
circles the field and hits everything. Once Yuffie’s out of the picture, go kill
Leon. He is just like the first time you fought him at Traverse town. Eventually
he will say “Power!” And then his Gunblade will turn into a Lightsaber kind of
thing that is twice as long. He is very easy to beat though.

Hercules Cup: 4th seed Cloud: Cloud is a little stronger with some new moves.
His Sonic Blade attack is now a lot more thrusts, and he has this new attack
where he says “Farewell” and then starts flying around the arena slashing
things. To avoid that attack you have to Dodge Roll in HIS direction when he
grunts, and then it will miss.

Hercules Cup: Hercules: For a god, Hercules isn’t hard at all. He is invincible
when he’s gold so pick up a barrel and throw it at him to make him vincible. He
will punch you, which is unblockable, and he will run at you like a bull which
is blockable. He will spin around slashing his sword, you have to just keep
pressing the square button to guard. Just keep hitting him and you will win.

Hades Cup: 45th seed: Yuffie: She is exactly the same but she will use her
Shuriken attack much earlier.

Hades Cup: 40th seed: Behemoth: You know how this works, he’s just a lot weaker.

Hades Cup: 30th seed: Cerberus: no new attacks, but Rick, Nick, and Dick have a
hell of a lot more HP.

Hades Cup: 20th seed: Leon and Cloud: Go after Cloud first because he does a lot
more damage. There’s nothing new.

Hades Cup: 10th seed: Hades: He will say “Take that!” and then he will shoot
flames out of his hands, just jump and do an attack. “Feel the heat” means he is
going in the center of the stage and will do this super awesome attack where he
rotates with flames shooting out his arms. Just run around him to avoid them. He
will be red and then he will start freaking out and hitting everyone. He will
say “That’s it!” and throw a fireball that can be deflected back at him to stun him.

Hades Cup: 1st seed: Rock Titan: This has got to be the easiest boss yet. He has
about three attacks and one of them is just by steeping on the ground. Just
attack his foot and he will fall backwards. Then run up and attack his head. It
will bob up and down to try to smash you but it’s easier than luring a retard
into a room full of bouncy balls to dodge it. I’m at lv 54 here, I beat this guy
without getting hit.

Gold Match: Ice Titan: Now THIS is a titan that is hard to kill, you gotta be
around level 80 to kill him. Jump on the seats and guard the icicles he throws
at you to hit them back at him. Keep doing that until he falls down and unleash
a whole butt load of attacks like Ragnarok. Once he gets up he will start
screaming for his mommy but she won’t come because she’s to busy getting knocked
up by a drunken wind titan at a bar. He will slam his fist in the ground and
Stalagmites will form and try to stab you. He will make a great sayaman pose and
ice balls will fall from the sky on you, just run in a direction to dodge them.
He will freeze where you are and you will be made into an ice cube unless you
are in a corner. Just keep knocking the icicles back at him to stun him and go
in for the kill. The more damage he takes, the more berserk he goes with his

Platinum Match: SEPHIROTH!: People say you have to be at least lv 80 to beat
him, but I took a health bar away from him at lv 57 so I think it’s a little
lower than that. I would have taken more if I had the Ultima Weapon, which is
the only keyblade you can use if you want to win. You might want to have Second
Chance, not because his Sin Harvest, but because of his pillar of flame. I mean
lets face it, if you get caught letting him use Sin Harvest (which takes away
all health and MP unless you have Second Chance it leaves 1 HP) You will die no
matter how many Elixers you have, because he chases you down and kills you
before you can even switch to items! You NEED SUPERGLIDE to catch up to him when
he teleports away to use Sin Harvest. You can never get there in time otherwise.
You need Counterattack to inflict damage in the beginning. Take off all your
Combo Pluses because he will teleport if your combo is more than 4. Ars Arcanum
and Sonic Blade suck here, he’ll just teleport away. You need Curaga and Aeroga
in your quick spell. Obviously you need Guard. In the beginning he will walk
around and slash his sword, now this is where it gets tricky. You have time your
Guard perfect with Sephiroth’s advance. When he is                                  
 (                   &                          &                              
                                   ) far away from you proportionately, he will
do a lightning fast sword slash that takes a while to perfect guarding it. You
need to guard it and counterattack in a combo and then run away because he will
do his pillar of flame. Sometimes he will teleport behind you before you can
finish the combo, in that case High Jump over his impending sword attack. If he
does a little mini jump towards you, hit him as soon as he touches the ground,
or he will slash you. After he has taken a health bar of damage (By the way, you
won’t see his HP decrease for a while because he has a hidden health bar beyond
that.) He will teleport away from you and do Sin Harvest. You need to Lock on to
him and Jump and Superglide over to him and attack him before he finishes or it
will lead to your death. Now he starts running instead of walking. Watch for his
occasional Sin Harvests and stop them. When he is in orange health he will stop
doing Sin Harvest YAY! Now he attacks with his meteors. They form in a circle
around him and rotate so you need to move forward and backward to dodge them.
After that, he will attack with dark orbs of dark, that follow him, but he is
not invincible unless he is in the process of summoning them. When he gets to
Yellow health he will do Sin Harvest again BOO! But when he gets to green he
will stop YAY! Beat him and you have just beaten the hardest boss in the game!

Kurt Zisa: Kurt Zisa is an optional boss in agrabah that you have to talk to the
carpet in Aladdin’s House. He is really big. At the start of the battle he will
cast a spell on you that makes it so you can’t use magic. He will stand in fron
of you and wave his swords around, you need to attack his glowing hands to stun
him. The hands drop health when you destroy them. Kill them both and he will sit
on the ground, stunned. His head is kind of hard to hit because he keeps snaking
it back and forth, but you should be able to get at least 2 HP bars out before
he stands back up again. Now you can use magic again but he will have a shield
and float around and the shield can only be hurt by magic. Gravity works the
best. He will conjure leittle red exploding balls that don’t move that explode.
He will also summon a dust tornado that surrounds you and does a lot of damage.
When you break his shield he will be stunned again. Then he will repeat the
process over, but know he will roll at you in 2 ways. The vertical way you have
to dodge roll at exactly the right time, and the horizontal way you have to
jump. Just keep doing the thing and he will go down.

Phantom: The Phantom is an optional boss in Neverland that you have to have
Peter Pan in your party and talk to Tinkerbelle where you saved before going up
against Anti Sora. You NEED DONALD for this. Have Stop, Cure, and Fire in your
quick spell. At the beginning of the battle the Phantom will cast a spell on the
clock tower that puts a decreasing number over your party’s head. If that number
gets to 0 you die. You need to cast stop twice on the clock face to stop the
spell. The phantom has a glowing orb under his coat where the color responds to
the only attack you can do damage with. If it’s red use Fire, blue means
Blizzard, Yellow is Thunder, and white is 4 physical attacks. You should have
ONE Air Combo Plus equipped so you end it with a finishing blow. Throughout the
battle, the Phantom will continue to cast the countdown spell on the clock face
and you need to continue to use stop twice to stop it. Just keep with the
highlighted attacks and you will beat him very easily.

Ansem 1st: Hooray the final series of fights! He will basically just float
around and use his Heartless as a shield. Eventually he will say “Insolent!”
then he will attack with his Heartless and say “Submit! You have to dodge this
attack. If he hits you will he slowly come toward you with a damaging sheild and
sometimes if you try to attack him the heartless will hold you down. It also
does continual damage over time but it will eventually stop.

Darkside: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Attack him exactly 37 times with combo finishers
in every 3 and you will win!

Ansem 2nd: Awwww, no party members! Big deal, this is just as easy as the last
one. When he charges you with his shield breaker, guard it. When he says “My
strength returns” he will go in the middle and his Heartless will shoot out of
the ground. Just keep running in circles and dodge roll at the right time to
avoid it. It ends with his quadroray X-Thundaga attack that you just keep
running in the circle and it will miss.

Ansem 3rd: There’s lots of Ansem fights. He is chained to his giganto Heartless
and he just attack with a lance. He will say “All shall become extinct” and you
 have to dodge beams. Sometimes he changes it up and says “Still confused? Then
perhaps THIS will enlighten you!” It’s the same attack.

Shadows: Go in the dark room and fight a whole bunch of shadows. Then attack the
ribbony thing to get free.

Ansem 4th: Exact same as 3rd. He will send out these wierd flying heartless that
are not listed in the journal.

Darkballs: You get Goofy back, yay! Just kill all the Darkballs and attack the
ribbony thing to get free.

Ship Head Bitey Thing: You and Goofy get to go kill a giant head yay! It will
just use thundara and believe it or not it doesn’t bite.

Invisibles: Donald is back YAY! Just kill all the Invisibles that are really
difficult to see (DUH!) and kill the ribbony thing to get free.

Core: Just attack it and it will die. It doesn’t even fight back.

Ansem 5th and Last: Exactly the same as before but now your partners get to help
out! Beat him and you have beaten the game!

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