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                     Chihuahua & friends
				By Rockies Gamer

- welcome to the world of Nintendo’s
   * Here you get to walk , play , take to contest , and 
      Meet other dogs.


Lets start!!

 - choosing your dog
     * there are many dogs to choose from
      * Boxer 
      * German Shepherd
      *Shetland Sheep dog
      * Yorkshire Terrier
      *Cavalier K C spaniel

     * you can also earn other dogs , items ,and rooms.
          ( you  unlock by earning trainer points and going to bark mode with 
            Friend with a dog you don’t have)  
   -   You  get trainer points by entering contest, walking your dog, and going    
         To bark mode.

*Taking your dog home

   - you start out with $1,000 so you can buy a dog. After choosing your dog you 
take him/her home. He or she should just walk around getting use to the place. Call 
him over to you and pet ( lets say it’s a him ) him for a while, then a screen 
should come up say you should have a name for him. Then you have to say it into the 
microphone , after about 3, to 4 times he’ll bark. Now you have to teach him sit . 
On the touch  screen , touch his head and  slide down and he should sit. In the top 
right corner of the touch screen  you should see a light bulb, touch it and above 
his head is a little time you have that long to say  sit or the trick your teaching. 
Make sure in a quite place. Now he’s ready to go for walks, play, contest, and play 
with other  dogs.

*  dogs stats
    - you can look at your dogs stats by  touching  the ? Next to your dogs name. 
Here you find trick list,
          And contest results . ( always check to see if your dog is long or short 

*your stats
     - select go out and hit info and this begins up a list
           -trainer info = your stats
           -friend list = friends you  meet in back mode
           -trainer accomplishments = contest  stats
           -system setting  = settings

* shopping
          Here is the list of supply items you can buy at the begging .

                -water bottle  $0.60
                -dry food   $1.50
                -short hair shampoo  $1.30
                -long hair  $1.80
                - rubber brush  (for short hair)  $30.00
                -wire brush  (for long hair) $40.00
                -red/blue flying disc  $6.00
                -red/black collar  $10.00 
                -red/yellow ribbon   $6.00

    - interior decorator (what the room looks like)

            -Designer Condo  $500.00
            -Early American   $1,000.00
            -Tatami Room      $5,000.00

     - second hand shop
          * sell items you don’t want here

    - Dog hotel 
          * leave your dogs here if you need more room for a new dog (it can only 
hold 5)

   * Walking your dog
       -When walking your dog  you can walk to the store, park, gym, or just walk 
         The ?  Are events like get a present or play with another dog.  You can 
walk your dog every 20-30 
          Minutes every time your walk meter should go up.

                      Now I must leave you to play with your dog have fun.

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