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 Harvest Moon: Friends Of Mineral Town FAQ
This is my first FAQ so sorry if it isn't what you expected. 
First off this is not like other FAQ's because I won't introduce everyone in the 


 Part One: My Strategies On Marrying Girls

 Part Two : Ways To Make Money 

Part Three : Good Ways To Get Animal Affection Up 

Part Four : Recipies


Part One

 First choose who you want to marry. After meeting her look her up in this section 
and you will be able to know what she likes.And if you dont marry them in year 4 
they will marry:

 Karen: She mostly likes Wine and Bamboo Shoots.She will marry Rick. 

Ann: She likes food you make and Spa-Boiled Eggs.She will marry Cliff. 

Mary: She likes Mushrooms and Grasses.She will marry Gray. 

Popuri: She likes Flowers,Apples Chocolate and Eggs.She will marry Kai. 

Elli: She likes Grasses,Spa-Boiled Eggs,Mushrooms and Flowers. 

* All girls like : Perfume,Dresses,Diamonds,Earrings,Broaches and Necklaces. 

My Strategy is to talk to them and then give them a gift. If you give her cookies 
on the 14th of spring she will like you more. If you want her to let you in her 
house or room make friends with her family.

 Part Two 

A very easy and quick way to make a heap of money is to wait until the Horse Races. 
Bring your basket to the races and fill it with necklaces or broaches and dont 
forget to put them in the rucksack too but leave a space to pick up the basket.Put 
them in and collect any grasses or items and you will get 80 000 gold or more.

 Part Three

 A good way to get animal affection up is to brush,talk and feed them everyday.You 
can also have the sprites work and just go and pet them everyday.Another good way 
is to let them ot to graze on grass that you plant.For example have a big fenced 
area for crops and the rest of the field farm grass (which grows back!!).I highly 
recommend that you use small stones rather than wood because stone does not rot! 

Part Four 

  Recipe Name     Ingredients Used    Utensils Used 
  Mayonnaise (S)   Egg(normal quality) Pot
                   Oil                 Vinegar



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tell me (email address only unless asked) Please E-mail me for anything even to say 
hi or that you liked or even hated it i don't care!

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