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Another source of income, other then missions, blowing up stuff, killing NK troops, 
etc. is finding and verifying " Face Cards " Here, I'll go over some of the keys to 
locating and capturing these valuable characters...

Locating the Cards: There's a few ways to do this. The first one, which may be a 
little tougher, is completing missions for Intel (Intelligence). To do this, just 
do a Chinese, South Korean, Allied, or Mafia mission successfully, and you should, 
if not all the time, receive Intel. Enter your PDA email screen and bring up the 
card option. If there's a blue " I " on a card, there's Intel on it. Hit X on the 
highlighted card to view current intelligence on the whereabouts of this person. If 
that was confusing, just do the following. Complete Missions==>View Email==>Get 

Another way of finding cards is by roaming. Usually on back roads, paths, or 
awkward openings, there are number cards. EXAMPLE: When looking on your map, red 
lines are back roads/paths. Usually, if they're not connected to something, they’ll 
have a face card on them. Depending on the cards ranking, ex: 2,3,4,etc. the harder 
or more defended they'll be. For example, a number two may have a tank and a light 
scattered resistance compared to a Jack having Turrets, tanks, jammers, 
helicopters, more resistance, etc. Always be prepared, no matter what the rank.

The last way, like the first way, is through contracts. Example: Aces can only be 
captured through contracts. Usually hosted by the allies, Ace contracts are wicked 
hard compared to the other cards in the deck of 52. They'll, usually, have massive 
resistance, several jammers, elite units, and several objectives that may back 
track you and or weaken you more, both ammunition wise and health wise. Also, other 
then Aces, some of these contracts may also host Kings, Queens, or lower cards, 
such as sixes, two's, etc. They range as the game progresses.

One last part, how I take down number cards. First, I'll get into a helicopter 
(If available. if not, an heavily armored vehicle will suffice) and scout the area 
where I think the card will or should be. Once you make a run over, check your map 
in the PDA, and check out the way in and out. This may be a valuable asset when 
you're in the heat of battle and or need a quick way out. Next, see if there's a 
way in/out that isn't shown on the map. Etc, a short hill, narrow valley, etc. and 
try taking that way. It should be as heavily guarded. Then, if you can, eliminate 
turret soldiers, troop barracks, and any vehicles. After you've done this, simply 
eliminate any resisting forces, or, just subdue the card. If you don't have any 
ammunition to take out the barracks, vehicles, or turrets, and don't care if you 
capture the card alive, simply call in an air strike and blow the place up. That's 
how I do it, if you don't like it. Simply create your own tactics. Thanks for 
viewing my FAQ. IF you need help on Any Game email me at [email protected] and I'll 
be sure to help you.

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