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                               OKAMIDEN BOSS GUIDE

                                 By Krystal Meree
                              Last Update: 22/04/11




 I.   Version History                  [VER]

 II.  Introduction                     [INT]

 III. Boss Guide                       [BOS]

         The Hana Valley Boss          [001]
         The Demon Market Boss         [002]
         The Agata Forest Boss         [003]
         The Theatre Boss              [004]
           Mini Boss 1                 [005]
           Mini Boss 2                 [006]
         The Underground Ruins Boss    [007]
           Mini Boss 3                 [008]
           Mini Boss 4                 [009]
         The Ice Room Boss             [010]
         The Dark Realm Boss           [011]
         The Final Boss (Spirit)       [012]
         The Final Boss                [013]

 IV.  Frequently Asked Questions       [FAQ]

 V.   Credits                          [CRE]

 VI.  Legal Information                [INF]



 = 0.4 =
   Added the last 3 bosses.

 = 0.3a =
   Modification to several Bosses strategies. 

 = 0.3 =
   Added the Ice Room Boss.

 = 0.2 = 
   Guide accepted. Added Mini Bosses 3 & 4. Minor tweaks for the strategy for 
   the Theatre Boss.

 = 0.1 = 
   Bosses 1 - 5 and the 2 Mini Bosses completed. Waiting for acceptance.



It has been quite some time since I played the first Okami game, so I had 
forgotten how enjoyable (and frustrating) the game's bosses can be! Thus I 
created this small guide that houses what little information I have on how to 
beat the weird, wonderful and wicked (literally) bosses of Okamiden!

I hope this guide will help you :)

                - Krystal


      Boss Guide 

The layout for each boss is as follows:

Difficulty: -/5 
1 = Very Easy
2 = Easy
3 = Medium
4 = Hard
5 = Hardest

What the Creature Scroll say about this boss.

My personal description of this boss.

How to Defeat:

Stages and the steps needed to defeat this boss.

              Well then, without further adieu ~ The Boss Guide!


                               - Master Anura -

                             The Hana Valley Boss

Difficulty: 2/5 

 = Master Anura =
 Master Anura is the most cowardly of demon toads, and the most power hungry. 
 The avaricious longing for power is what triggered the grotesque change to 
 make him the fat overlord of all toads he is today. He fancies himself a 
 singer, and can summon his minions with song. The large frill around his neck 
 allows him to project his dirges.

The first boss in Okamiden, this ugly toad is the root of the problems in Hana 
valley. I rated it 2/5 in regards to difficulty only because of the timing to 
protect Kuni, and this is the first boss you will encounter so it may take 
some getting used to.

How to Defeat:

 == PHASE 1 ==

In the first phase, you will have lost Kuni. So attack Anura when possible. 
Dodge/attack his tongue should he bring it out. Be careful when attacking his 
body as he will slam his head down frequently. If he should start inhaling, 
move in the opposite direction to fight against it. Once he has taken enough 
punishment, he will jump out of the water. You Must Act Quickly! Bring up the 
Celestial Brush screen when you see his belly button and draw Power Slash on 
it. This should make him cough up the first of the stolen Fruit...

 == PHASE 2 ==

Kuni has returned, but he can't do much without your help. Use the Celestial 
brush to guide Kuni to the push the fruit to the glowing circle.
You should be able to make it in time before Anura attacks him, but if not - 
Power Slash Anura's tongue if he's about to attack Kuni. Feel free to keep 
attacking Anura while his back is turned too. 

When Anura's health gets low, he may start jumping out of the water with a 
clam shell covering his belly button. You will have to use Bloom on it first, 
before using Power Slash.

Keep repeating this method of attacking while guiding Kuni in the background 
whenever Anura brings up a fruit. Kill/dodge the little toads around Chibi 
should they get in your way, but basically it's a rinse & repeat situation.


                                - Witch Queen -

                             The Demon Market Boss

Difficulty: 3/5 

 = Witch Queen =
 This is the iron-fisted ringleader of the Demon Market. Her silent, regal 
 facade is not easy to maintain as she is easily prone to anger. When she is
 enraged, her tantrums threaten to rend the ground itself. She will lash out at
 friend and foe alike until her anger has dissipated. Woe to all who cross her 
 path at the Demon Market.

This old Hag is one hell of a demon... queen. Look, she's evil, ok? 

How to Defeat:

 == PHASE 1 ==

This is going to be the easiest phase, so enjoy it while you can. Attack her 
by circling round to her back. You can't attack this witch head on, so be on 
the move and head towards her back.

 == PHASE 2 ==

This is where things get hot... and painful. She has summoned Red Wildfires to 
not only attack you, but as a life potion for herself. She will receive health 
back for every Wildfire she inhales. To prevent this, drop Kuni and/or guide 
him to the switch to make them disappear. If he is in trouble, or taking too 
long - Power Slash/kill the Wildfires until he gets to the switch. She's also 
got some new moves that include running madly with her knives (a danger to 
Kuni) so watch out. When she gets pummelled enough, she'll fall down and it's 
your chance to hack her to bits. Don't forget to use Power Slash.

 == PHASE 3 ==

This is pretty much the same as phase 2, but first - you quickly have to fix 
the switch's new area. Use the Celestial Brush to complete the area and guide 
Kuni to the location. Of course, the Witch Queen is becoming more insane by the
 minute by now being able to breathe fire, so once again - be careful. 

You are now up to the Rinse & Repeat section of the battle. Keep repairing the
 switches, guiding Kuni, killing any Wildfires, attacking the Witch back-side
and this battle should be over... soon...ish.

                                 - Bullhead -

                             The Agata Forest Boss

Difficulty: 2/5 

 = Bullhead =
 Believing himself to be a carp, his goal is to swim up a waterfall and become 
 a dragon, at least according to a legend he believes. He uses his bullwhip- 
 like whiskers and razor-sharp teeth to dispatch those who stand in his way. 
 The bones of his victims can be seen caught on the barbs of his crooked 

I actually found this battle to be quite fun. Once you get the timing right -
he's a pushover.

How to Defeat:

 == PHASE 1 ==
Bullhead should be begin by encircling you. If he is close by, feel free to 
attack him for Ink Pots/Rice balls. Once he starts swimming towards you, draw a
 line to connect the hook inside his mouth to the flower above you.
Once he is out of the water, smack him around for a bit then move out the way, 
as he has a tendency to drop down and crush whatever is under him. Repeat 

 == PHASE 2 ==

Drop Nanami and guide her to the next island. If Bullhead jumps out of the 
water, Power Slash him to protect Nanami. Once she is on the next island, use 
the Vine technique to bring yourself to her. Make sure to watch out for any 
White Toads wandering around on your island too.

Now Bullhead has a few new manoeuvres this time round. He will swim 
horizontally over the island, so dodge him by moving away to the other side of 
the island. He may also jump up and land on the island diagonally. I used this 
opportunity to grab at his Hook. Anyway, it shouldn't be too hard to 
avoid/attack him. Once enough damage is done you'll move to the last stage.

 == PHASE 3 ==

Guide Nanami through the wooden planks he's brought up while protecting her 
with Power Slash if he gets too close - and protecting yourself from the White 
Toads again. Once she has reached the other side, Vine your way to her. 

Now the guppy has one last move to add to his collection: he will begin to 
gather electricity between his whiskers for his next attack. The best way to 
combat this is to Power Slash him which will stun him grey and give you 
another chance to Hook him OR dodge the lightning ball.

Continue dodging/hooking him until he gives up.

                                 - Sen & Ryo -

                               The Theatre Boss

Difficulty: 5/5 

 = Sen =
 This demon is the sum of all the desires of failed actors through the years. 
 He gives focus to those yearnings in a dance of his own devising. He has no 
 use for those who don't appreciate his terpsichorean efforts. However, his 
 dance steals people's souls, so no one knows if he is actually talented.

 = Ryo =
 This demon is the sum of all those who lusted after worldly pelf. At some 
 point this demon traded the pursuit of riches for human souls. He is always 
 calculating the best ways of luring new souls to his clutches, and will use 
 any means he can to obtain them including lending out souls in order to 
 collect a fatally high interest.

 = Renjishi =
 A gigantic puppet used be actors in their stage performances, it had the 
 misfortune to become possessed by the spirits Sen and Ryo. Its dance-like 
 sweeping movements are actually dangerous to behold. Only a Miko has the power
 to bring this oversized contraption solace.

This will be your hardest boss yet. No questions. I always had the problem of 
ink shortages & not knowing what I was supposed to do!? Hopefully, you won't 
have either of these problems.

How to Defeat:

 == PHASE 1 ==

(NB: Try not to waste ink on this stage if you are on 'Old Hand' mode. Either  
that or make sure you have a few Spirit Ink in your inventory - you WILL need 

Start by running around while Sen sends out whirlwinds - which you must dodge /
run between to avoid. He might also throw out cogs which need to be Power 
Slashed. You can also damage him by connecting the Fire from the lanterns and 
sending it through his head/hand/s. If all else fails, try hacking away at his 
base - it's a dangerous area, but you can damage him there. After enough 
punishment is dealt, a cut scene will appear showing you how to connect the 
glowing orbs. Follow the pattern and connect the glowing points to take a chunk
 out of Sen's health and move onto stage 2...

 == PHASE 2 ==

(NB: If you are running out of ink, Power Slash the lanterns. But be warned, 
ink will NOT always come out!)

Pretty much the same as the first stage: avoid the whirlwinds, Power Slash the 
cogs, fight him with Fire/your weapon but now you also have to avoid any webs 
Ryo shoots at you. Once you do enough damage, the glowing points will return 
HOWEVER ice will appear around the orbs. You must use the Fire to melt the ice 
around the glowing orbs first (a continuous brush stroke from the fire to the 
points), THEN follow the pattern as usual and connect orbs to keep the pain on 

 == PHASE 3 ==

Unfortunately - you will lose Kagu. Even worse, since she was your eyes for the
 glowing points - you can't do much without her! To get her back you must keep
damaging Ryo with either Fire/his cogs/your weapon. When he turns grey, there 
isn't much you can do since you can't see the orbs! Regroup and wait for the 
next cut scene...

Ok, once his right hand (left hand side of the screen) begins to come down, 
draw up a Bomb and he should slap it instead of you. Alternatively, dodge the 
hand and draw up a Bomb on top of it to damage him. Or you can of course, dodge
 the hand and continue attacking him in the before mentioned manner (but it 
will take longer). Once his health is decreased sufficiently, you'll have the
opportunity to climb up his right arm and rescue Miss Kagu! 

Since you have Kagu back, Ryo now has a new move: Swiping! Dodge his hand by 
jumping over it or running towards the bottom corners of the screen. If you 
don't - Kagu will be his again. Attack, attack ~ until the orbs appear. Melt 
the ice and connect the orbs to move onto the last stage...

 == PHASE 4 ==

MY GOD, FINALLY! The end is in sight! Pretty much the same as the previous 
stages - Fire, Cogs and Bombs away! When enough damage is sufficiently dealt, 
he/they will collapse briefly so you can begin hacking away at him/them with 
your weapon (either at his hand or running up his arm to his head). 

When the evil spirits appear, you will need to connect Kagu first to the 
spirits then follow the pattern and connect the glowing orbs. Rinse and repeat 
the hacking & connecting to FINALLY take this god damn duo down.


                                - Green Imp ? -

                                  Mini Boss 1

Difficulty: 0/5 

 = Green Imp? =
 This strange imp is a collector of beautiful things. Many imps depend on him 
 for many things, and he enjoys a high degree of popularity among the females.
 His book on anti-aging tips has burned up the bestsellers charts.

Honestly, if you need a guide for this demon.. I have no idea how you managed 
to get this far...

How to Defeat:

 == PHASE 1 ==

...I don't know what you expect, except to say: HIT HIM! 

Smack him and his buddies around while dodging/Power Slashing their paddles. 

You'll get a few green imps falling in here and there, but just keep at it 
until the deed is done.


                            - Witch Queen Returns -

                                  Mini Boss 2

Difficulty: 1/5 

 = Witch Queen =
 This is the iron-fisted ringleader of the Demon Market. Her silent, regal 
 facade is not easy to maintain as she is easily prone to anger. When she is
 enraged, her tantrums threaten to rend the ground itself. She will lash out at
 friend and foe alike until her anger has dissipated. Woe to all who cross her 
 path at the Demon Market.

God damn, I knew it was too good to be true. Another trip to the demon market
 without running into this beat up old bag. At least it's not as bad this 

How to Defeat:

 == PHASE 1 ==

Well, first things first. SAVE & RUN! Guide Chibi down the path with the D-pad
 while running past or jumping over any fences. Power Slash the boulders.

She will also start throwing her knives so run either side of the tunnel to 
dodge them.

When you come closer to the end of the tunnel, the Witch Queen will start 
diving towards you. Just hug either wall of the tunnel and you should be safe.

 == PHASE 2 ==

Okamiden turns platformer! Running sideways, continue jumping over anything 
in your way until the path splits. You have 2 choices:

1) Jump and take the top path and you will have to time-jump to avoid the 
Witch queen's blade. For some reason, I had a hard time with this path and 
the timing.


2) Continue running down the bottom path. You will have to Power Slash any 
boulders in your path, jump over any gaps and avoid falling rocks.

Soon you should be free from this witch - once and for all.


                          - King Fury a.k.a Sugawara -

                           The Underground Ruins Boss 

Difficulty: 4/5 

 = Daidarabotchi =
 There are many myths in Nippon of a giant that walks the lands. It is not a 
 living being as such, but an invention of the Moon Tribe. Once it is set in 
 motion, it will continue on its path of destruction until the beauty of the
 Nippon is but a distant memory.

 = King Fury = 
 A city politician who worked for the sake of the people, but was brought down 
 by political in-fighting. He never recovered from his betrayal and died of 
 grief and full of resentment. His anger brought forth a spirit that sought 
 only revenge.

Time to take on the big bad guy - King Fury! I still found this battle easier 
than Sen & Ryo. As long as you are stocked up with Spirit Ink etc. you should 
be fine...

How to Defeat:

NB: All the chests can be bypassed as long as you have enough Ink & Soul 
sake/spirit. I recommend buying from the imp in front of the save if you're

 == PHASE 1 ==

Those who have played 'Shadows of the Colossus' will have a sense of deja vu 
here. You have 5 minutes to get to the top of Daidarabotchi, which is not that 
hard (trust me, I suck at jumping).

Start by running up Daidarabotchi's right leg, hugging the wall. When you get 
to the top of the leg, use Vine to the flower on the left leg. Continue running
 around the leg. Sugawara will appear and begin gathering lightning to throw at
 you. It can be dissipated by drawing Wind (either left, right or spiral). 
He may also take nose dive at you - but just keep running. Enter the top of the
 leg and run to the left. Sugawara will start throwing his lightning balls 
again, so use Wind (either left or right) after throws them to get rid of them.
Eventually you'll find the next portal to enter. (If you run past the portal,
 there is a chest which contains an Inkfinity S).

Now I hope you had fun when you were in the clouds, because we have some 
jumping to do. Use the jump pads to move higher until you reach the exit. 
(The chests contain Holy Bone L, Spirit Ink L and Divine Sake L - collect if
 need be).

When you emerge from Daidarabotchi, you'll see Sugawara is still around and so 
is his lightning. Draw Wind to dissipate it while running up his arm to the 
right. Use Vine to connect yourself to the flowers, until you reach the top. 
Fall onto the platform, and run up to the head.

 == PHASE 2 ==

Ok, the little pretty boy is going to be busy with the controls, while you busy
 yourself with the King Fury, who now has some new attacks:

 = Dark energy: He'll start gathering dark energy which you can disrupt by just
   attacking him repeatedly or by using Power Slash. If he is close enough to 
   the edge, it should knock him off the platform. You can also just dodge the 

 - Nose Dive: He'll have his green electric dagger out before he attacks Kurow.
   Power Slash to disrupt.

 - Lightning: When he starts gathering yellow lightning, use Wind (spiral) to 
   disrupt him.

You can jump and attack him at any time, but he'll continuously be moving. Now
 and then he will fall down for a brief smacking around - but it's very short.

 == PHASE 3 ==

After the next cut scene, quickly guide Kurow to Sugawara. Once he's down, 
smack him around! Be careful when he returns to normal as he will do an AoE 
attack, so run away ASAP. 

Next, he'll bring out his Demon Slips which can either be Power Slashed as soon
 as he summons them (no damage to Sugawara) OR Power Slashed after he throws 
them (damage rendered to Sugawara).

Now quickly - grab Kurow who's standing off to the left hand side and run to 
the right. Daidarabotchi's arm will slap you if you are too slow.

Drop Kurow and guide him back to the controls. Back to fighting the King Fury! 
Same moves - attack & protect Kurow. If he should fly to the centre of the 
screen and start summoning the darkness, guide Kurow up to him again and wait 
till he's down before attacking.

 == PHASE 4 ==

(NB: If you find Kurow is dying too often, just pick him up. When you pick up 
your partner, you'll reset his/her health back to full.)

He should be down to 1/3 of his life when he decides that two heads are better 
than one. Same basic premise applies, BUT you now have 2 Sugawara's to contend 
with AND Daidarabotchi's arms! Yes, continue to battle the Sugawaras and avoid
Daidarabotchi's arms by running in the opposite directions.

Remember to keep an eye on Kurow (make sure he's at the control panel) and his 
health points (grab him if he's low). Watch the 2 Sugawaras movements and 
attack them when possible. Should be able to finish this battle without too 
much fuss (and a few less Spirit Inks...).


                                - Asteroidean -

                                  Mini Boss 3

Difficulty: 2/5 

 = Asteroidean =
 The resentment of all souls lost at sea manifested itself as this boat-sized 
 starfish. Avoid the foam it spews from its mouth and its long arms to protect 
 yourself from being dragged to the sea floor.

It's not that this mini boss is that difficult, but after that underwater 
gauntlet that I had to endure, I was quite worn out (especially after a few 
deaths thanks to Masterpiece 4 -_-;;). Had to use a few Solar energy units 

How to Defeat:

 == PHASE 1 ==

Staryu! ...ahem. In the first phase, you need to stop Asteroidean from 
releasing those bubbles and turning Okamiden into a bullet hell game. Power 
Slash or avoid them. When you have a clear moment, you need to start hitting /
Power Slashing his arms until they turn red and fall off.

Be careful of his spinning move. I find that hiding in the bottom left/right 
corner of the screen is the best way to dodge this attack.

Once all his arms have fallen off, you move onto stage 2...

 == PHASE 2 ==

Basically the only thing to do now is to keep hitting him until he's dead. 
His core is a little more hyper with his new move of Water Beam, but it can be 
dodged by constantly swimming around. And again, hide in a corner should he 
start his spinning attack.


                                   - Genji -

                                  Mini Boss 4

Difficulty: 0/5 

 = Genji =
 This loathsome lothario loves all women, and thinks they all love him. A demon
 gave life to the character created by the famous author Shikibu. Originally 
 written as the perfect man, this Mr. Right went wrong, to the detriment of all
 the ladies in the world.

...And I said Kurow was a little pretty boy... sigh. Ok, I don't know why I 
decided to add this. Blame the Creature Scroll I suppose... IT had him listed 
there... Anyway, feel free to skip this section. Please... T_T;;

How to Defeat:

 == Room 1 ==

Power Slash the pile of clothes near the entry OR slate tablets near the door 
of the next room.

 == Room 2 ==

Use Vine on the hook on the left hand side of the room to the statue in the
middle of the room

 == Room 3 ==

Power Slash the bookcase in the lower right hand part of the screen (NOT the 
one up against the wall).

 == Room 4 ==

Power Slash the 2 screens in the middle of the room. Go behind where the 
screens used to be and on the left hand side, use Vine to join the hook from 
above to the hook in the floor. Go up the ramp and step on the switch, then 
Power Slash the purple mound.

 == Room 5 ==

Let Nanami do the rest ;)


                                  - Mizuchi -

                               The Ice Room Boss 

Difficulty: 3/5 

 = Mizuchi =
 A dragon that protects the Mystic Amber in Orochi's Ice Room. Formally the 
 protector of a seaside village, he joined forces with Orochi when the village 
 was razed in a war and he abandoned hope in mankind. He froze himself in ice 
 in order to become the eternal protector of the Mystic Amber. His nostrils, 
 however, still remain active, and will emerge from his icy hold if he gets a 
 whiff of something delicious.

Betcha you tried to melt that cannon as soon as you entered the room, right? 
Cause I did...for 5 minutes... --;;
Difficult, why? Because once again, I wasn't sure what to do or WHY Manpuku 
kept getting deflected again and again and again...

How to Defeat:

 == PHASE 1 ==

Let's start with Mizuchi's attacks:

 - Freeze Breath: Mizuchi will start breathing out ice which will form icicles 
   on the ground. You can melt the icicles, but it's easier to run.  

 - Ice Roar: Mizuchi will roar loudly causing icicles to rain down from the 
   ceiling. You will see the shadow of the icicles before they fall, so you 
   can easily dodge them.

 - Head Smash: He will bang his head down when you get too close. Just be 

 - Bite: He'll do what all good dragons do - he'll try and bite you. Once 
   again, be careful.

The key to dealing with Mizuchi is not by showering him with fire, or Power 
Slashing him to hell and back. It's just plain old smacking him with your 
sword/mirror/beads. Attack his neck/head whenever possible until he turns 
grey. At that point you should see a giant icicle form over his head. Power 
Slash the icicle and it will him in place for awhile.

Now, run to the cannon and put Manpuku inside and light it. Manpuku the human 
cannonball will take a nice little chunk out of Mizuchi's health. Run over and
pick him up and continue the onslaught.

Once Mizuchi's health is down to about 50%, move onto...

 == PHASE 2 ==

Alright, everything seems to be the same as phase 1, except after shooting 
Manpuku out of the cannon. Mizuchi will summon an ice wall while Manpuku is 
flying towards him! Quickly, bring up the Celestial Brush screen and use his 
Fire to melt the wall.

It shouldn't take too much more to get rid of this guy and get your well 
earned amber.


                                   - Kurow -

                              The Dark Realm Boss 

Difficulty: 3.5/5 

 = Kurow =
 This is Kurow in full battle mode. His wings allow him to fly where he 
 pleases, or so he believes. His eyes burn with a passion and knowledge unknown
 to most humans.

Oh, little pretty boy...How could you? Or more importantly - Why did you?! When
 is this game going to tell us what's going on?! Hmm.. perhaps if we can defeat
 you quick enough, we can get some answers...

I would say, the only difficult part of the battle against Kurow is his 
speed. He's so fast, that landing a blow without getting hurt might seem 
impossible. Also, your Celestial Brush is going to be almost useless here. So 
don't think you can rely on Fireburst etc.
Either you can try to attack at full force and endure or you can wait and play 
strategically. Up to you...

How to Defeat:

 * NOTE 1 *
I'm putting this note here because it's the last time you can buy items before
 the final battle. If possible, make sure you have the Celestial Brush skill: 
"Fireburst" (and "Splash" if you can - but not necessary). You won't use them 
for the battle against Kurow - they are a future investment.

 * NOTE 2 *
This whole battle is very random. Kurow will sometimes stun himself after an 
attack but it can't be predicted when. Other times he'll break his own combo 
for no reason. The only stead-fast advice I can give is to keep attacking - and
 have some Soul Spirits handy.

 == PHASE 1 ==

Kurow and his Light Saber flute, will be coming at you as soon as the battle 
starts - so watch out. When it turns red, he's about to attack you. Kurow also 
has several annoying attacks:

 - Combo: His light saber will turn red and will attack you with a succession 
   of quick combo moves. Try to get out of the way.

 - Spin Dive: He will start spinning towards you with his light saber en
   pointe. The only thing you can do is run/dodge it.

 - Sword Throw: Kurow will summon short swords to throw at you. This is the 
   best time to do some damage! Power Slash them to knock him out briefly.

You can attack him with your weapon whenever you get a clear shot OR you can 
wait for Kurow's sword move to stun him.

When he loses about 1/3 of health, he'll move to stage 2...

 == PHASE 2 ==

Kurow's 'healthy green glow' seems to have given him more speed - which is not 
good for us. Keep attacking when possible. You might even be lucky enough to 
knock him out for a bit, at which point you can us any of your Brush Techniques
 on him (be careful though - he wakes up with a vengeance).

Kurow may also stun himself after a couple of rounds of his Spinning Dive 
technique (if you keep running from him - not attacking in between). So you 
could try wait until that happens (it's not a reliable move though).

When he has lost about 2/3 of health, he'll go onto his final stage...

 == PHASE 3 ==

Flying high Kurow likes to throw out more swords than previously - but that's 
good news for us! Power Slash them and smack that moon child!

Kurow is still a threat though as he will bring out his green aura more often, 
so be careful and attack when possible.

Eventually, the battle will be over... he'll give up... and not explain 
anything -_-;;


                              - Akuro (Spirit) -

                                The Final Boss 

Difficulty: 4/5 

 = Akuro (Spirit) =
 The spirit aggregate of all darkness that once claimed the fearsome Orochi as
 one of its vessels. As it lacks corporeal form, it spends most of its time 
 seeking out a proper vessel -- a being suffused with good and light. The 
 vessel first needs to be bathed in the blood of Orochi. Only then will the 
 being of light completely succumb to Akuro's power.

Here we go - time to finally takedown the big boss man. The evil behind the 
evil. The guy with an eye inside a mouth... 

First forms are never as hard as the ones to come... so let's enjoy this, shall

 * NOTE *

I hope you have all Celestial Brush skills by now, otherwise you are going to 
have a tough time in BOTH the following fights. The bare minimum of skills 
needed are: Fireburst. I use several in this guide so I hope you have them...

How to Defeat:

 == PHASE 1 ==

...There is something very Andross-ish about this fight... Anyway!

Basically, you'll be attacking his mouth/eye throughout this battle. His 
hands are only there to distract you. Attack the mouth with your weapon/Power 
Slash until Akuro chooses an element.

 If he chooses Fire: Use Splash or Galestorm. 

 If he chooses Ice: Use Fireburst.

 If he chooses Thunder: Use Galestorm.

Once stunned - attack at will. When he loses about a 1/5 of his health, there
will be a cut-scene.

 == PHASE 2 ==

...There is something very Master Hand-ish about this fight... Anyway!

Akuro will start gathering energy for his Dark Energy Beam, which will take a 
good chunk out of your health. It can be dodged if you run to the edge of the 
platform - but it's dangerous (and not reliable). 

The trick is to stop him from firing it. Keep attacking his eye with either 
your weapon, Power Slash or Fireburst and he should eventually stop. This won't
 be easy however, as his hands come into play. Their attacks are:

 - Smack: The hands will take turns in trying to smack you. Dodge or run from 

 - Slam: The hands will start slamming their palms down a la Renjishi. (But 
   Bombs won't work on this guy.) Watch the shadows then dodge or run from 

 - Punch: The Hands will clasp together briefly, then start punching you. Dodge
   or run from them.

 - Grab & Squeeze: The hands will try and grab you. If they succeed, the life 
   will be squeezed out of you. Quickly draw Bloom to release their grip.

 - Magnet Smash: You will see the Magnetism mark on the hands before they go
   off-screen. Draw an 'upside down U' to get rid of the hands for awhile. 

   * NOTE * 
   If you draw a normal 'U' and dodge the 'clap' of the hands, they will smash 
   the centre of the platform. It can be fixed though with Rejuvenate.

BUT REMEMBER: You aren't here to play with the hands - you need to stop Akuro.

When you stop Akuro's energy charge you will stun him and his hands. Attack 
him with everything you've got. Rinse and repeat till the end of the battle. 

(Although I have no idea what he's talking about 'teamwork'... because I fought
 this fight alone. Stupid Isshaku... >_>)


                                   - Akuro -

                                The Final Boss 

Difficulty: 5/5 

 = Akuro =
 This is the ether that is Akuro made flesh, comprised of both the powers of 
 light and dark. The light brings death, and the dark eats light.

Even the sun has dark spots... and you are going to be in the dark for quite a 
bit in this upcoming battle. Both figuratively and literally. 

Of course the hardest part of this whole battle is the fact he has a brush of
his own. So that, coupled with his speed and his unbreakable attacks...

Well, Final bosses are FINAL for a reason :3

How to Defeat:

 == PHASE 1 ==

And here I thought they just looked alike... Welcome to the final boss fight!

To start with - Akuro now has all your Celestial Brush powers! Even if you 
don't! He'll demonstrate this with a Bomb (which you can't avoid). You CAN 
however, cancel his drawings by quickly copying and drawing over whatever he 

Akuro also uses the same elemental system as his spirit form: 

 If he chooses Fire: Use Splash or Galestorm. 

 If he chooses Ice: Use Fireburst. (Note: if you don't have Fireburst, wait 
 till Akuro takes on the Fire element and use Galestorm. He should drop a small
 ember which you can use to melt the ice.)

 If he chooses Thunder: Use Galestorm.

But remember, he has access to the brush too - so don't dilly-dally drawing or 
he will cancel your drawing and hurt you instead.

Some of his attacks are:

 - Evil Brush: He'll use a brush technique on you. Cancel it out by drawing the
   same technique over his.

 - Blue Axes: He'll send out spinning blue axes which can be Power Slashed 
   back at him.

 - Purple Combo: He'll summon a purple aura around him. At which point he'll 
   do a incredibly fast combo attack. Dodge/run from him until he calms down.

As per usual, attack when possible. I'd rely heavily on your weapon and use the
Celestial Brush just for negating. You can of course use Power Slash or
Fireburst when he is stunned though.

After he loses 1/5th of his health, he'll move onto phase 2...

 == PHASE 2 ==

Watch - Akuro is going to make the sun - disappear! Ta-da! We are in darkness.
Now there is not much you can do while you are in the dark, except get your 
life beaten out of you. You can't use your Celestial Brush either - so don't 
try (you'll just get hurt). 

What we need to do is bring back the sun (and FAST!) Follow Dark Chibi's red 
eyes and attack him with your weapon. You will get hit - but endure it. Once 
Akuro is knocked out - QUICKLY draw Sunrise. If you don't, you'll be stuck in 
darkness again.

Resume your onslaught, counter-acting his elemental choices and brush 
techniques. He also has a few new attacks in this stage:

 - Green Spinning Circles: He'll hover above Dark Chibi while summoning two 
   spinning green circles. Dodge/run away quickly.

 - Blue Aura: He'll summon a blue energy aura which will increase his speed 
   and let Dark Chibi loose while he does the finishing blow. Run or Dodge 

 - Red Aura: He'll summon a red aura around him, causing him to flying in 
   circles around the stage before nose diving at our little target. In that
   brief moment of his nose dive - try Power Slashing. Otherwise, run.

Damage him enough and he'll try his dark sun again. So rinse & repeat the 
previous steps.

EVENTUALLY - after ALOT of punishment. After ALOT of confusing moments. After 
everything that you and your 5 team mates have been through - you will finally 
beat him. 

(At least for now ;))



Q: I have another way to beat that boss...

A: Send it to me. I hope to keep improving this guide, so every bit of 
information counts. I'll add it as soon as I can, with credit to you of 
course :)

Q: Something is incorrect!

A: We all make mistakes :) Feel free to email me the correction and I'll check 
it out.

Q: How can I contact you?

A: Email will be fine: krystal DOT meree AT gmail DOT com. (please make sure 
your subject heading says FAQ or something along that line...)



 = Thanks Capcom & Nintendo - Great game!


   Legal Information 

 == Contact Me ==

If you find any error's in the FAQ or perhaps just have a question, you can
contact me at: krystal DOT meree AT gmail DOT com.

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