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O   O O O O  O  %%%  XXX  XXXX   X  XXXX   X    X    XXX
O   O O  OO  O          X X      X  X   X  X    X       X
 OOO  O   O OOO     XXXX  X     XXX X   X XXX   X   XXXX

ONIMUSHA [PlayStation2 Japan NTSC Version] Mini Game Strategy Guide

Version 0.1 (2:20 PM 2/14/2001)
Unpublished work Copyright 2001 Shinya Aoki
Contact: [email protected]

Onimusha Copyright 2001 Capcom Co., Ltd.
PlayStation2 Copyright SCEI (Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.)

>>1. 12 Levels in total.
>>2. Reach the pot/soul/release limit of the level in the bottom right hand
corner of the screen before your time/life bar runs out. You will die if you
don't achieve the limit even if you have life left.
>>3. Health regenerates to full for the beginning of every level so there is no
need to "save" health for next level.

                    * TIPS *

>>Tip 1
Use Spin move (R2) as much as possible (Basically for any turn over 90 degrees)
to cut time turning.

>>Tip 2
Besides Level 1, ALWAYS slash your way towards the enemy units, breaking
bottles while killing them. The reason why you want to kill them besides
getting health from certain units is that they will release souls also while
making their way around. That will reduce the number of souls there are on the
board. If you cannot make the limit, then you will die. For Level 1 there is no
real need to kill the zombie.

>>Tip 3
ALWAYS pause at the beginning of each level to check out what the enemy units
are and change your weapon to best suit the level if you don't want to look at
the level tips below.

>>Tip 4
Don't bother sucking ANY souls unless you need health AND there is health NEAR

>>Tip 5
Don't try to suck health that is far away. You will waste precious time and
health waiting for it to come to you. Instead, slash your way towards the
health soul and suck when you're near it to maximize health/time.

>>Tip 6
For slashing pots use ONLY the Thunder or Wind Weapons after Level 7 as the
Fire sword is way too slow and you will receive the Wind weapon on level 7.

>>Tip 7
Remember to recharge soul magic whenever you see it/need it.

>>Tip 8
ALWAYS plan ahead. When low on magic on one sword and ready to switch, goto
menu RIGHT AFTER the magic is cast so that no time is lost.

                    * LEVEL WALKTHROUGH / TIPS  *

Here's the format:
[Number of enemy / Enemy Name]
[Item(s) available in level]
[tips for the level]

[1 Zombie Soldier]
[1 Herb]
Easy enough. No need to kill it if you are fast.

>>Level 2
[2 Zombie Soldiers]
[1 Thunder Orb LVL2 / 1 Bullets]
Switch to Thunder Sword when you get the orb.

>>Level 3
[1 Undead Red Samurai / 1 Blue Soul Sucker]
[1 Matchlock(Gun)]
Use Thunder Magic for the Samurai. While down go over him and stab him in the
chest for kill. Ignore Sucker.

>>Level 4
[2 3-Eyed Ninjas]
[1 Fire Orb LVL2 / 1 Bullets]
Just slash and kill. No need to use magic.

>>Level 5
[2 Undead Red Samurai / 1 Blue Soul Sucker]
[1 Burst Bullets]
Use Thunder or Fire Magic for the Samurais and make sure to stab them on the
floor while they're down if they aren't dead yet. Ignore the Sucker.

>>Level 6
[2 Zombie Soldiers]
[1 Herb]
you only get the burst bullets in Level 5, use only 2 shots, 1 for the 2 jars
in the middle, and one for the left zombie. Save the 3rd shot for one of the
Red Undead Samurai on level 7. Then attack with thunder or Fire the other one.

>>Level 7
[2 Red Undead Samurais / 1 Blue Soul Sucker]
[1 Wind Orb LVL2] See above. Use Wind magic to kill sucker if necessary cause
it breaks some pots when it moves to the front of the screen.

>>Level 8
[5 Spikers]
[1 Holy Armor / 1 Burst Bullets]
Use Wind Magic for Level 8 or Fire to beat the Spikers to the bottle limit.
There's like 5 of them. 2 of them will morph out after a while.

>>Level 9
[1 Bull Ogre / 2 Blue Soul Suckers]
[1 Burst Bullets]
Use Wind Magic for maximum effectiveness. Remember to suck Magic Souls if you
see them to recharge Magic.

>>Level 10
[1 Red Undead Samurai / 2 3-Eyed Ninjas]
[1 Herb]
Thunder Magic for Red Samurai and slash the ninjas with Thunder Sword.

>>Level 11
[2 3-Eyed Ninjas]
[No items found on my run (but not much need for items at this point anyway)]
Use Fire for level 11 for 2 fast kills.

>>Level 12
[3 Bull Ogres]
Use All your Wind Magic all the way for level 12. When out, use all the Fire

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this disclaimer and the above copyright notice appears in full.  This FAQ is
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