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Simple and straightforward,this is an Online FAQ.

Q: I was playing and it said Connection Interrupted. Then, I started moving
crazily. Is there an explanation to this?

A: Technically, yes, and there was an interruption between the connection of the
PS3 servers and the game server. Most likely, something else that is being used
(such as a DS or anything that uses online multiplayer EXCEPT the computer) got
crossed between these two waves, causing a malfunction.

Q: There is no recoil for other players. Is this a cheat?

A: No, this is either your imagination, you've become addicted to the PS3 and
are seeing things, or serious lag. Sometimes in Kill-cam, it shows you the
Desert Eagle being fired with no recoil. This is when they fire very quickly.

Q: I see some people with golden weapons. How do I get these?

A: Complete the challenge set in that class. For example, if you want a gold
Mini-Uzi, complete the Sub-machine Gun challenges, or with other classes. These
are the golden guns: Desert Eagle, Dragunov, AK47, M1404 (the rapid shotgun,
sorry I don't have the PS3 near me), the M2030 (last LMG you get).

Q: There are SCREAMING children in my game, but I have about 500 points and its
not even done yet. Should I quit?

A: That's up to you, but I'd prefer that you stay in that game. 500 points is a
HUGE team leader, so you should stay. Plus, you should be leveling by the hundreds.

Q: What attachment do you prefer?

A: DEFINITELY the ACOG Scope. Sure, for some weapons it may look stupid, but it
is the BEST attachment EVER. For the M4 Carbine, your tempted to use the RDS but
the ACOG acts as a sniper and it is a very accurate gun. If a gun has terrible
accuracy *say, the P90* theres no reason not to use the ACOG. Trust me, I've
level many times thanks to this.

Q: What are headshots? I am asked to do this in Cage Match but don't know what
it is.

A: Headshots are when you and someone else take turns killing each other with
headshots. This gives you points for the Expert challenge for skins, like the
Red Tiger.

Final Q: When do these 8 year olds learn to talk like they do? I can't play with
these retards for too long.

Final A: Chances are that your using the XBOX but didn't look in that area.
Anyways, 8 year olds try to act like they are really about 14 and talk crap.
When you kill them, they throw huge fits about that you lag or you cheat. If you
DO NOT leave them alone and hone towards them, your going to be headset-raped by
them, because they will either cry, yell, torture you, report you (These idiots
use this as a bluff) or message you. Any retard knows the 3 choices. 1: Turn off
your headset. (This makes everyone else suffer but who cares) 2: Tell them to
shut up or report them. (Harassment is against the Terms of Service. This can
ban them.) 3: Keep egging them on and laugh to death because of their crying.
Then, wait until they leave, then win the game. Then message them telling them
they need to get rid of their headset and PS3 because they are incapable of
controlling their anger and little hissy fits. Then tell them I said this all
because I, too, am sick and tired of 8 year olds.

This all belongs to *thecheatmaster* and was made April 9, 2009. Any other
copies of this on other websites tell you it has been stolen.

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