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Hey everyone, I've decided to start a walkthrough. You have already seen my 
dungeon walkthroughs, now I'm starting an entire game walkthrough including all 
the secrets including Pieces of Heart and Poe Souls. We start in Link's 
hometown of Ordon Village. 

12)SMALL KEY 2/2

At the beginning we see Link and Rusl talking. They talk about a strange 
sadness at dusk. He then asks if you will present a gift to the royal family. 
You have never been out of Hyrule so he asks you. They then lock the gates and 
continue back towards Ordon Village where Rusl meets up with the rest of his 
family. When you go inside a strange figure takes your horse Epona down a path. 
Then a man named Fado comes up and asks you to help wrangle goats. He also 
notices that Epona is missing. Now you appear outside. Here are the controls: A-
talk, climb, grab, roll, etc. B-swing sword. C-stick- adjust view. C-Stick up- 
first-person view. X and Y- use items. Z- talk to Midna(later in game). R- use 
shield. L- use L-targeting. D-pad up or down- go to items subscreen. D-pad 
right or left- go to map/hide map. Start- Go to equipment subscreen. Alright! 
Let's get going! Now walk the north path where Epona was taken. Walk north some 
until a spring appears on your left. Enter to find you life-long friend Ilia. 
She brought Epona to the spring to wash her. After the scene, hop on Epona 
using A then ride back south. Keep going south until you enter Ordon Village. 
There is not much to do now, so look at your map and make your way to the very 
south. You enter Ordon Ranch
Ride over and talk to Fado to start the herding. You have to heard 10 goats in 
the barn. To do so, get behind the goats and press A to whoop them toward the 
barn. Repeat only after they lower their heads. When all 10 are in Fado sets up 
some jumping fences. Jump over them by pressing A a little before you reach the 
fence. Jump over the fence near the entrance to exit. You will then have to 
save your game.
Alright, after you're awake, exit out your house and talk to the kids. They say 
there is a Slingshot for sale! Now go to Ordon Village. Now walk over to the 
pregnant woman by the creek. She says she lost her cradle. Lets go find it! Go 
over to a vine covered wall where a man sits on top. L-Target him to talk to 
him. Now climb up. Now jump across over to the next pillar, then to the top of 
a house. Now jump on the next two pillars where there is some hawk grass. Blow 
on it to summon a hawk. Use the hawk and aim it at the monkey hoping around on 
another pillar. The hawk will take the cradle it holds and give it to you. Take 
it to the pregnant woman. She asks you to bring it down the path to her house. 
Take it and she gives you the FISHING ROD. Put the item on X or Y. Now go over 
to a dock where there is a cat. Catch a fish by pulling C-Stick down when the 
bobber goes down. When it says FISH ON!, hold the C-Stick down to catch a fish. 
Now repeat this to make it drop and Thave the cat to grab it. It takes it to 
the shop. Follow it and enter the shop. Talk to the shop owner, Sera, to get a 
HALF BOTTLE OF MILK. Now you can buy the SLINGSHOT for 30 rupees. This is your 
first weapon in the game. Now go back to where your house is. Rusl is leaving. 
He tells you he left something for you at your house. First talk to the kids to 
show them how to use a Slingshot. Use it by holding down the button to load, 
then release to shoot. Hit all the targets to make the kids satisfied. Now 
shoot the Walltula on the ladder to your house and then enter your house. Open 
the chest for the WOODEN SWORD. Now exit out and show the kids how to use a 
sword. Here's how: press B to do a horizontal slice. Now L-Target and press B 
to do a vertical slice. Now press L, and move the control stick up and press B 
to do the stab. Now L-Target and press A to do a jump attack. Now briefly hold 
down B and release to do a spin attack. That's it! You can use a sword. Now the 
kids will spot a monkey. They chase after it. Follow them. Get on Epona and 
follow the northern path. Pass the spring and cross the bridge to enter into 
the Faron Woods.
Ride Epona north and jump over the fence and keep on the path. On the first 
fork, go to the right and talk to the man named Coro. He will give you a 
LANTERN for free. Now go back to the path and use the Lantern so you can see in 
the tunnel. Follow the path in the tunnel without forking off to exit out the 
other side. Now put the lantern away and make your way to the northeast where 
the red dot is. Enter the small cave. Open the chest for a SMALL KEY. Now light 
the two lanterns next to the chest to make another chest appear. Open it for 
your first PIECE OF HEART. Collect four more for another Heart Container. Now 
exit out and walk to the locked gate to the northwest. Continue on. Now keep on 
the path to a dead end where a monkey and Talo are locked in a cage. Defeat the 
enemies and use a spin attack to bust open the cage, freeing the monkey and 
Talo. You will then reappear at your house. Rusl meets you there and talks to 
you. You will then go to sleep and wake up the next day. Now go back to Ordon 
Walk over to Fado and blow on the grass to summon Epona. Hop on and round up 
the goats. This time there is twenty. My personal best is an eight goat combo. 
Can you beat that? After that exit out to start the adventure to Hyrule Castle. 
You will meet Mayor Bo and Ilia. During this time, Ilia notices Epona has a 
hurt leg. In a huff, she takes her to the Ordon Spring. Follow her to find the 
gate is locked. Go around to the south of the spring to see a small opening. 
Enter in and follow the path to the spring. Ilia then apologizes because Colin 
explains everything. Ilia wishes you luck and then suddenly out of nowhere a 
huge boar and several Bulbins rush in on attack. They shoot Ilia with an arrow, 
and knock you unconscious. They take Ilia and then the leader walks in. He 
blows his horn and summons a portal. A black monster comes out and takes you to 
the Faron Woods. Your Triforce starts to resonate and a blast of light blows 
the beast back. You transform into a wolf and lie unconscious. The beast takes 
you along while a strange figure watches.
You arrive in a small cell. Run around a bit until a figure appears. It 
unleashes you and goes to the other side. Now time to get out. Break the crates 
and dig out using Y.  When you are out the figure, who’s name is Midna, jumps 
on your back and tells you to do what she says. Just press Z if you need to 
talk to her. Walk straight and then turn left until you see a chain handle. L-
Target it and press A to pull it down thus opening a path. Follow the path, 
then take a right then go south to open a gate that releases water. Now go 
north and swim over the spikes. Now take a left to find another chain handle. 
Pull on it to drain the water. Now go east to the large circle on your map and 
Midna will go to the other side. To the right break the crates and enter the 
tunnel. Follow it around to where Midna is. Now continue. Follow the path up 
the spiraling stair case. Try to jump across the gap, but you will miss. Climb 
back around, but this time Midna will help. L-Target her on the other side then 
press A to jump. Do this twice more until you come to a tight rope. Walk the 
rope and continue up. At the top you will be met by some Twilit Keese. Defeat 
them and then to the left is a rise. Use Midna to jump a couple of times up and 
out the door.
You are now on top of the castle. Follow the path straight defeating enemies 
along your way. Take a right to a high ledge. Push the wooden crate using R to 
push it against the ledge. Now use A to climb up. Take out the two Twilit 
Kargaroks and continue north. When you come to a dead end, use Midna on the 
posts to get to the next part. Stay on the top of the roof to avoid falling 
off, and enter the opening at the dead end. Follow the stair case up and enter 
the door. You meet a shadowy figure with a cloak on. The figure turns around 
and recognizes Midna. Midna tells her to explain, “Twilight Princess.” She says 
that this was once the kingdom of Hyrule, but it has been transformed by the 
king who rules the Twilight. “Though the land succumbed to Twilight, I still 
remain its princess. I am Zelda.” We now know this is Princess Zelda. She tells 
you to free everyone from Twilight. After the scenes, use a spin attack on the 
fireplace to find a Yellow Rupee (10).  The guard is coming so you must hurry 
out. You stop short after you exit. The guard’s here! You quickly jump out the 
window and outside. Midna turns into forms of the kids and Ilia and tells you 
that you might want to save that and in order to do so you must do what she 
says. She warps you out to the Ordon Spring. Exit out when Midna says that a 
sword and a shield will suit her. So return south towards Ordon Village. In 
front of your house are two Bulbins. Defeat them and then go south when a 
squirrel stops you. It knows you’re not a monster and tells you to talk to the 
animals if you get stuck. Head south into Ordon Village.
Let’s first find a shield. Walk over to the east of the village where Mayor Bo 
and Jaggle are talking about a shield. Get near them to listen to them. They 
will then notice you and run off. Midna looks up and sees an open window then 
says that the village is full of idiots. Hanch, who is on a pillar sees you and 
summons a hawk to attack you. No good. You must sneek behind him and scare them 
off. Now go over near Sera’s Sundries and find the rock jutting out of the 
ground. Use Midna to jump up on Sera’s Sundries. Now jump across the pillars 
right behind Jaggle to scare them. Now use Midna to jump across the water wheel 
and into the house. Inside, get on the table and use Midna to get on the high 
ledge. Now ram into the wall to make the shield fall off the wall. Pick it up 
for the ORDON SHIELD.  Now we must find our sword. Exit out the window. Now 
make your way towards Rusl’s house. This is where you got the Fishing Rod from. 
Go to the left side and use your senses to find a dig hole to enter the house. 
On the couch sit’s the ORDON SWORD. Now exit the same way you came in. Time to 
exit Ordon Village and go towards the Faron Woods that are covered in Twilight. 
On the way there a voice stops you. Go to the spring.  “Be careful . . . A 
shadow beast approaches.” A black portal appears in the sky and a black Twilit 
Messenger appears. Jump on it and attack it repeatedly with A. Repeat twice to 
defeat it. A light spirit then appears from the Spring. His name is Ordona. He 
tells you that he is one of four light spirits. His three brothers have been 
drained of light by those Twilit Messengers. That beast had come to take his 
light. He tells you to continue north and save the light spirits. The only one 
who can save Hyrule is you. Exit the spring and go north. Enter the twilight.
Enter the twilight and Midna will hold onto your sword and shield for you. 
Continue north until you are surrounded by three Twilight Messengers. Defeat 
two until one shrieks and brings the rest back to life. Hum. That’s not going 
to work. Go and talk to Midna. She tells you to hold down B to create a force 
field. Do so and trap all three in the force field. Let go to defeat them all 
at once. Now continue north. Go towards the spring and talk to the floating 
ball of light. It tells you to find the bugs that hold Tears of Light. He gives 
you the VESSEL OF LIGHT to collect them in. Now he marks the location of the 
bugs on your map. Continue to the right and put on your senses to find two 
bugs. Defeat them and collect the tears. That is 2/16. Now continue up until 
one goes under the gate. For now fork off to the right where Coro the lantern 
guys was. Go to the right side to a platform. Use Midna to jump into the house. 
Inside listen to Coro when two bugs come out of nowhere. Defeat them and 
collect the tears. That is 4/16. Now exit up the way you came in and go to the 
other side of Coro’s house. Knock the bug off the wall then defeat it. That is 
5/16. Now go back towards the gate. Dig on the left side to get through. Defeat 
the two bugs and grab their tears of light. That is 7/16. Now enter the tunnel. 
Walk through it to the other side of the Faron Woods. Wow! The whole place is 
covered in a thick, purple fog. On the right side are two more bugs. Knock them 
down and defeat them for more tears. That is 9/16. Now continue over to the 
right where the bugs were and use Midna to hop across the log in the ground. Go 
over and climb the ramp. Use Midna to get to the middle of the misnt. Use your 
senses here to find three more bugs. Defeat them and collect their Tears of 
Light. That is 12/16. Now continue using Midna while dodging all the enemies. 
After you pass the enemies tight rope along the rope while dodging the swinging 
logs. Continue over until you reach the other side of the Faron Woods. Did 
where there are little puffs of dirt to reveal two more bugs. Defeat them and 
collect their light. That is 14/16. Now enter through the tunnel. On this side 
just follow the path to the dead end where the last two are at. Defeat them and 
collect their light. That is 16/16. You will transported to the Faron Spring. 
Yes! The land is returned to light!
Faron will appear out of the spring and tell you to search the Forest Temple to 
the north. You will also realize that you are wearing the HERO’S CLOTHES. After 
the scene,  go to the right and defeat the Babas with your know sword. Continue 
on to where Coro is. Talk to him for a SMALL KEY to the gate. Go to the gate of 
the tunnel and open it. Go through the tunnel to the other side where the 
purple mist is. Walk out of the tunnel with your lantern on and a monkey will 
grab it. It wants you to follow her. She takes your lantern and makes the 
purple mist disappear. Stay behind the monkey the whole time until you get to 
the other side of the mist. The monkey will drop your lantern. Pick it up to 
get it back, but it ran out of oil. Continue north and defeat the two Bokoblin. 
Now go over to the bird named Trill. Scoop some lantern oil in a bottle then 
insert the money in the box and leave. Refill your lantern by setting the 
lantern and lantern oil on different buttons, then press the lantern oil button 
to refill it. Now continue north to a white wolf. It will jump at you and 
transport you to a snowy area where a tall skull-like man stands.  Try to hit 
him with your sword but he knocks you down. He says that, “A sword wields no 
strength unless the hand that holds it has courage.” He then commences to teach 
you the Ending Blow. Strike him with a hard attack to make him fall on his 
back. Then quickly press A when it flashes on your screen to stab his chest. 
Very nice! You just learned HIDDEN SKILL #1- THE ENDING BLOW. He tells you to 
howl at windstones to make another white wolf appear. There are six left. You 
are transported back to the Faron Woods. Now continue north and defeat the 
Bokoblin. Now use your lantern on the spider web to enter the Forest Temple.


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