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       /    MAGI-NATION     \______________                 
 _____/     ORMAGON FAQ        Version 3.1 \_________________________________
/                                                                            \

                            FAQ Written By: whiz kid
                     Copyright 2001 Sean Handwerk (whiz kid)
                            [email protected]
[email protected]_____________
 _____/  TABLE OF CONTENTS   \_______________________________________________
/                                                                            \
 I. Ormagon Info
  A. What is Ormagon?
  B. How to get Ormagon
  C. FAQ

 II. Miscellaneous
  A. Update Info
  B. Copyright Notice
  C. Credits

________________________________________/ I. Ormagon Info \___________________
 _____/ A. What is Ormagon?  \_______________________________________________
/                                                                            \

 Ormagon is possibly one of the biggest secrets in Magi-Nation. Ormagon 
 itself is a gigantic mushroom-like dream creature that is extremely powerful. 

                    |         ANIMITE REQUIRED           |
                    |      Ormagon: 1    Weebo: 1        |
                    |         TYPE: Underneath           |
                    |   MOVE   | ENERGY  | LEVEL LEARNED |
                    | Crack    | 10      | 60            |
                    | Crush    | 20      | 60            |
                    | Consume  | 10      | 60            |
                    | Wreck    | 20      | 60            |

 _____/ B. How to Get Ormagon  \_____________________________________________
/                                                                            \

  There is a long and involved process of how to get Ormagon, spanning the
 entire game. Following are the steps needed to get Ormagon: 

 1) Go see the Ormagon hunter in the Underneath. How? After losing to Morag, 
 you will faint and find yourself in Wence's house. Proceed immediately to 
 the Underneath. Talk to NO ONE on the way.

 2) In the town, talk to the man. He'll tell you that he will be waiting in 
 the abandoned North Tower. He also says to try and locate some Deep Algae.

  You MUST pay the ferryman 300 Animite to wait for you after traveling to 
 the vault for Agadon's Boots. This is crucial to the successful completion 
 of this quest.

 3) In the Orothe tunnels, near the northern part, you find some Algae. You
 MUST get the algae before getting Agadon's Boots.

 4) Return to the North Tower WITHOUT getting the boots. Give the algae to 
 the man.

 5) Before beating the 3rd Core Gate, and after you've gotten Agadon's Boots, 
 go to the training grounds in Naroom. Yaki will not be there. Starting below 
 the left eye, run around the head five times counterclockwise and then talk 
 to the left eye. You'll hear a CLICK and the training ground door will open. 
 Go inside to get the fungicide. 
 (See the FAQ section if you are having trouble with this step)

  In between steps 5 and 6, you will be taken to the Shadow Hold as a
 prisoner. While you can get the Cloud Frond here, DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT,
 heal Orwin until after completing step 11.

 6) In Oscent Mar, buy a specimen jar.

 7) Return to the Underneath before beating Core Gate 4. (This is why you 
 needed the ferryman to wait for you, otherwise you'd be stranded in Orothe.) 
 On the path to Gruk's house, some fungus will be growing. (If you are having 
 trouble locating the fungus, look for a white trail of fungus leading to a 
 wall. The fungus is growing on the wall) Use the specimen jar on the wall to
 take a sample. It is now a JarofFungus.
 (See the FAQ section for exact directions...)

 8) Give it to the boy in Vash Naroom who collects spooky plants before 
 beating Core Gate 4.

 9) Continue through the game, and beat Core Gate 5.

 10) Return to Vash Naroom. The boy's house will have been overtaken by the
 fungus. Go inside and use the Fungicide.

 11) The fungus will die. But, as a side effect, it will have hollowed out
 the legs of a stool in the room. Take this Hollow Stool.

  At this point, you may now cure Orwin.

 12) Return to where the fungus was growing in the Underneath. Use the
 Fungicide on the wall. It will fall down, opening a passage to a secret 

 13) Use the Hollow Stool in this area to summon Ormagon. Good luck.

 _____/       C. FAQ         \_______________________________________________
/                                                                            \
 Q: Whenever I open the door at the Training Grounds for the Fungicide, Yaki
    always throws me out! How do I get it?

 A: You need to get Agadon's Boots for Yaki to be there. Remember to get
    the Fungicide BEFORE beating the third Core Gate / Shadow Geyser and
    AFTER getting Agadon's Boots.

 Q: I can't open the door in the Training Grounds! Help!
 A: It may take a few tries. Try starting just a little to the left or right 
    of the eye and then start your run. Try not to hit anything on the way
    around. Or try running around 6 or 7 times. Or try walking. Or try 
    examining the statue in different places. It can vary from game to game.

 Q: If I pay the ferryman 300 animite to wait for me, how will I get to him 
    at ?

 A: If you've paid him to wait for you, he will always be at the same dock 
    you are at. It must be some sort of telepathy thing. Always remember to
    get at least 900 animite before starting your trip so you can afford 
    all of his fees.

 Q: I can't find the fungus on the path to Gruk's!

 A: OK, some more precise directions, starting from Gruk's house on the
    Overworld screen. Enter the path from the Overworld. Run down. When you
    reach a fork, go RIGHT. When you reach the next screen, the path 
    branches up and down. Go UP. Immediately, you run into another fork. Go
    UP again. When the path widens out, walk RIGHT and you should see the
    trail of fungus.

 Q: Why can't I get into the house that is overgrown with fungus? Orwin 
    always orders it to be boarded up!

 A: You healed Orwin too early. You must wait until AFTER you get the Hollow
    Stool to cure him.

 Q: Which Ringsmith makes the Ormagon ring? 

 A: The Underneath Ringsmith.

________________________________________/ II. Miscellaneous \_________________
 _____/    A. Update Info    \_______________________________________________
/                                                                            \

 V 3.1 (8/30/01) -  Changed the walkthrough slightly. Added and modified some
                    FAQs. The Copyright Notice was changed again.

 V 3.0 (8/15/01) -  Added a FAQ section and reformatted the guide. READ
                    The Copyright Notice has been changed slightly, also.

 _____/ B. Copyright Notice  \_______________________________________________
/                                                                            \

  This document Copyright 2001 Sean Handwerk. All rights reserved. This
 document may not be copied, in whole or in part, and printed in a magazine,
 forum, book, or anywhere else without written consent of the author.

  If you would like to use this FAQ on your website, please contact me at
 [email protected] It may not be altered, edited, placed inside a 
 frame, or anything else that would alter its content / appearance.

  If you use this FAQ as a basis for your own work, you do not need
 permission, as long as the author is given credit.

 _____/     C. Credits       \_______________________________________________
/                                                                            \

 A BIG thanks to all those at the Magi-World.com forums, who were involved
 in the Ormagon hunt. We all did it together.

 CJayC - For posting this FAQ
 You - For reading it

Thus endeth this FAQ. You can stop reading now.           © 2001 Sean Handwerk

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