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		FFFFFFFFFF IIIIIIIIIII NNN      NNN     A    LLLLL                 
  		 FF      F I    I    I  NNN     NN     AAA     L
  		 FF             I       NNN     NN    AA AA    L
  		 FF             I       NNN     NN   AA   AA   L
  		 FF      F      I       NNN     NN   AA   AA   L
  		 FFFFFFFFF      I       NN N    NN   AA   AA   L
  		 FF      F      I       NN  N   NN   AA   AA   L
  		 FF             I       NN   N  NN   AAAAAAA   L
  		 FF             I       NN    N NN   AA   AA   L
  		 FF             I       NN     NNN   AA   AA   L
  	 	 FF             I       NN     NNN   AA   AA   L    
  		 FF        I    I    I  NN     NNN   AA   AA   L    L
  FF     F    AAA     NNN     NN  T    T    T    AAA    SS     SS  YYY       YYY
  FF         AA AA    NNN     NN       T        AA AA   SS     S    YYY     YYY 
  FF        AA   AA   NNN     NN       T       AA   AA  SS           YYY   YYY
  FF     F  AA   AA   NNN     NN       T       AA   AA   SS           YYYYYYY 
  FFFFFFFF  AA   AA   NN N    NN       T       AA   AA	  SS           YYYYY 
  FF     F  AA   AA   NN  N   NN       T       AA   AA     SS           YYY   
  FF        AAAAAAA   NN   N  NN       T       AAAAAAA      SS          YYY
  FF        AA   AA   NN    N NN       T       AA   AA        SS        YYY
  FF        AA   AA   NN     NNN       T       AA   AA         SS       YYY
  FF        AA   AA   NN     NNN       T       AA   AA    S    SS       YYY
  FF        AA   AA   NN     NNN     T T T     AA   AA   SS    SS       YYY 
 FFFF      AAA   AAA NNN      NNN    TTTTT    AAA   AAA   SSSSSS       YYYYY   


Final Fantasy X
Overdrive and Legendary Weapon FAQ
By: Tommy Harold
Version: 1.1
E-mail: [email protected]
Updated: June 17, 2002
MSN Instant Messenger: [email protected]

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Version History: 1.0- First Release of FAQ
		 1.1- Fixed the "Something cool I learned" section
		 1.2- Fixed my e-mail address and AIM address and added a cool 
title, and 
		      fixed the spacing and lineup of the FAQ, and added a table of 
		      Added a little history about each Legendary Weapon
Legal Stuff: This FAQ is copywrited to Tommy Harold @ 2002. Any rip off of this FAQ, 
credit for this FAQ, or posting this FAQ on a website without consulting me first 
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				Table Of Contents:
	(1.0 and up=Overdrive related ~ 2.0 and up=Legendary Weapon Related)
1.0 - Overdrive History			2.0 - Brief History on where Squaresoft got 
the Weapon's
1.1 - Tidus' Overdrive                        names
1.2 - Auron's Overdrive			2.1 - Cloudy/Celestial Mirror
					2.2 - Tidus' Weapon (Caladbolg)
1.3 - Yuna's Overdrive			2.3 - Auron's Weapon (Masamune)
1.4 - Lulu's Overdrive			2.4 - Yuna's Weapon (Nirvana)
1.5 - Kimahri's Overdrive		2.5 - Lulu's Weapon (Onion Knight)
1.6 - Wakka's Overdrive			2.6 - Rikku's Weapon (Godhand)
1.7 - Rikku's Overdrive			2.7 - Wakka's Weapon (World Champion)
					2.8 - Kimahri's Weapon (Spirit Lance a.k.a 

3.0 - Something Cool I Learned
3.1 - Thanx and Acknowledgements
==1.0== Overdrive History:
	Overdrives have been different in almost every game. If you have played 
Fantasy VII, you probably know them as Limit Breaks. This has been the same in Final 
Fantasy VIII, but a little different. In Final Fantasy VIII you only got your Limit 
when you were low on HP, while in Final Fantasy VII, you had a limit break gauge on 
bottom of the screen that when you were hit by magic or a physical blow. It would 
just fill 
up until you use your limit break, and when full, your Limit Meter would no longer 
go up 
until you used the limit break.  In Final Fantasy VI you got a Limit Break if you 
were in 
critical condition (you would probably only see one or two per game). In Final 
Fantasy IX 
you would have a “Trance” where your attacks would do double you would have a 
attack that wouldn’t normally be able to use in a normal battle with out 
the “Trance.” 
Squaresoft just didn’t feel like keeping the system the same in every game, but we 
	Final Fantasy X’s Overdrive system is a lot like Final Fantasy VII’s system 
giving it a little twist with Final Fantasy VIII Limit Break System. In Final 
Fantasy X, 
you have an Overdrive meter on the bottom of your screen, much like the Final 
Fantasy VII 
Limit Break system. This system is a little different with a couple of characters is 
Fantasy X. With Tidus’ Overdrive you have to do something much like Squalls Ragnorok 
Break in Final Fantasy VIII. Tidus’ Overdrive, called Swordplay, has a moving line 
side to side on another straight line. (Tidus will still do his limit break if you 
fail to 
do it in the time, just it won’t be as powerful.) You have to try to get the moving 
right in the middle in an allotted time. (It is three seconds for all of his limit 
except for Blitz Ace, which is two.) Squalls Ragnorok Limit Break was much like this 
you had to do it multiple times. 
	Auron’s Overdrive is much like Zell’s Limit Break in Final Fantasy VIII. 
Aurons Overdrive you have to type in a certain pattern of buttons on the Playstation 
controller in order for Auron to do his Overdrive (he will still do it, just not as 
just like Tidus). Zell’s Limit Break was muck like this, actually, almost exactly 
just different patterns of buttons. 
	So if you haven’t noticed, Limit Breaks and Overdrives are a lot alike, just 
a little bit in every game. Now, onto the selectable overdrives in Final Fantasy X.
==1.1== Tidus:
Tidus’ Overdrive is called Swordplay. As I said above, you have to try to try to get 
a small 
moving line in the middle of a line in an allotted time. (It’s not that hard.) Tidus 
has four 
selectable overdrives: Spiral Cut, Slice and Dice, Energy Rain, and Bliztball Ace. 
1)Spiral Cut is the default overdrive you get in the game and its not that powerful. 
It becomes 
useless after you learn Slice and Dice. He does a flip and attacks one enemy with 
one sword attack.
2)	Slice and Dice is an attack that attacks all enemies, randomly, with six 
physical blows 
with his sword. This attack is good but can be very random. If you want to only 
attack one enemy 
out of the bunch (say a boss) this is not the best choice, you may want to use 
Spiral cut 
(its not a powerful, but at least you know it will attack the one you want to 
3)	Energy Rain is a good attack to use. It attacks all enemies for the same 
amount of damage. 
Tidus jumps off of one of the enemy’s head and goes into the air. He then charges up 
his sword 
with energy and (just like the name says) makes energy rain on them. 
4)	In Tidus’ last and best Overdrive he attacks one enemy 8 times with his 
sword and then 
jabs his sword into the ground and jumps off of it into the air. Then, one of the 
females on you 
team (Lulu or Yuna, unless neither of them is in battle then it will always be Yuna) 
will throw a 
blitzball into the air. Tidus will then flip and kick it at the enemy (much like the 
Sphere Shot 
in Blitzball). In this overdrive, however, if you don’t get the line in the middle 
in the time 
allotted, Tidus will fall to the ground and will miss the Blitzball all together. 
	In order to get the other overdrives for Tidus you need to SUCCESSFULLY 
complete a 
certain amount of the best overdrive you have in order to get the next one. The list 
of how 
many must becompleted is below:
1)	Spiral Cut: Default, Start Out With It
2)	Slice and Dice: Successfully do 10 Spiral Cuts
3)	Energy Rain: Successfully do 20 Slice and Dice’s
4)	Blitzball Ace: Successfully do 50 Energy Rains
==1.2== Auron:
Auron has four selectable overdrives called Bushido. Unlike Tidus, Auron does not 
get them 
just my successfully completing overdrives, you have to find ALL TEN JECHT SPHERES 
to get 
all four of Auron’s Overdrives. In order to use Auron’s Overdrives you must type in 
sequence of buttons to successfully do Auron’s Overdrives. The list of overdrives, 
what they 
look like, and the sequence is below:
1)	Dragon Fang: Sequence- Left, Down, Right, Up, L1, R1, X, O
Description- Auron slams his sword into the ground causing energy to damage all 
2)	Shooting Star: Sequence- Triangle, O, Square, X, Left, Right, X
Description- Auron takes his sword, and if against a normal fiend will send him 
flying away, against a boss it will attack for massive damage. Often may be overkill.
3)	Banishing Blade: Sequence- Up, L1, Down, R1, Right, Left, Triangle
Description- Auron takes a swig of the whiskey he has on his belt and sprays it at 
his sword. The sword bursts with energy and he then slams the sword into the ground. 
This attacks one enemy, causes massive damage, and casts Armor Break, Mental Break, 
Magic Break, and Power Break on the enemy. 
4)	Tornado: Sequence- X, Right, R1, Left, L1, Triangle
Description- Auron sends the rest of the team away and a small Tornado forms around 
him. He then spins and sends the Tornado at the enemies. He then (if you put in the 
sequence successfully) will throw his whiskey at the tornado and the tornado engulfs 
in flames. Then the enemies fall to the ground on fire. If you were unsuccessful at 
putting in the sequence the enemies will just fall to the ground.
The Jecht Sphere Locations:
1)Sperimorph boss fight, Macalania Forest
2)Besaid Village, to the right of the temple entrance
3)SS Liki, on the bridge (board at Besaid)
4)Luca Stadium, Basement A
5)Mihen Highroad, Oldraod South
6)Mushroom Rock Road, Precipice
7)Moonflow, South Wharf
8)Thunder Plains, South
9)Macalania Woods, South
10)Mountain Trail, South
==1.3== Yuna: 
Yuna’s Overdrive is called Grand Summon. She cannot get any new overdrives in Final 
Fantasy X. With this Overdrive Yuna summons an Aeon with a full Overdrive meter. If 
the Aeon had a full Overdrive meter before you used Grand Summon, and You use Grand 
Summon while it already had a full Overdrive meter, the that Aeon may use two 
Overdrive simutaneously. 
==1.4== Lulu:
Lulu’s Overdrive is called Fury. With Fury, Lulu casts multiple black magic spells 
at all enemies. You have to rotate the right analog stick as fast as you can to see 
how many spells you will cast. (I think the most you can do is 10, I have never done 
it, and the highest I got to was 8). The list of Black Magic is below: 
==1.5== Kimahri:
	Kimahri has the special attack called Lancet in which he can learn enemy 
skills called Blue Magic. These attacks are gained by using Lancet on certain 
enemies. The list of blue magic and what enemies to use Lancet on are below: 
1)	Jump - Damages one enemy - You start the game with it 
2)	Fire Breath - Fire damage to all enemies - Learn from: Dual Horn, Grendel, 
Valaha, and Yenke Ronso 
3)	Seed Cannon - Non-elemental damage to a single enemy - Learn from: Grat, 
Ragora, and Sandragora 
4)	Self-Destruct - Sacrifices him (not KO, you disappear from battle) to deal 
extreme amount of damage - Learn from: Bomb, Grenade, Puroboros, Biran Ronso 
5)	Thrust Kick - Non-elemental damage to a single enemy, blow-away effects - 
Learn from: YKT-11, YKT-63, and Biran Ronso 
6)	Stone Breath - May make the enemy petrified - Learn from: Basilisk, 
Anacondaur, and Yenke Ronso 
7)	Aqua Breath - Water damage to all enemies - Learn from: Chimera, Chimera 
Brain, Chimerageist, and Yenke Ronso 
8)	Doom - Slow death to a single enemy - Learn from: Ghost, Wraith, Biran Ronso 
9)	White Wind - Heals whole team 1/2 of Kimahri's current HP - Learn from: 
Spirit, Dark Flan, and Yenke Ronso 
10)	Bad Breath - Inflicts diferent random status abnormalities to the enemy - 
Learn from: Malboro, Great Malboro 
11)	Mighty Guard - Casts Shell, Protect, and all of the Nul- spells on your 
team - Learn from: Behemoth, Behemoth King, Biran Ronso 
12)	Nova - Causes MAJOR damage to all enemies - Learn from: Omega Weapon, or 
==1.6== Wakka:
	Wakka’s Overdrives are based on a slot machine kind of thing. If you know 
Final Fantasy VII and have played it then you might find this very familiar. In 
Final Fantasy VII, both Tifa and Cait Sith had a slot machine based Limit Break. 
Wakka’s Overdrives are called: Element Reels, Attack Reels, Status Reels, and 
Aurochs Reels. 
Note 1: In order to get all of the Wakka’s Overdrives (except for Element Reels) you 
have to win it in a Blitzball Tournament. 
Note 2: Wakka does not have to be on your team in order to get his Overdrives.  
1) Element Reels- Start game with it. Adds an elemental base to the Overdrive. 
(Fire, Water, Ice, Thunder)
2) Attack Reels- Adds extra power to the Overdrive.
3) Status Reels- Adds status effects to the Overdrive (Poison, silence, berserk, 
4) Aurochs Reels- Adds both Elemental Base to Overdrive and Status effects to the 
Overdrive. Also, one of the slots may be an Aurochs Symbol. If you get three symbols 
Wakka will do a super strong, non-elemental attack at the enemy. (The more normal 
Aurochs players you have on your Blitzball team, the more Aurochs Symbols will be on 
the Slots. Ex: If you only have Keepa and Jassu on your team, only two symbols will 
be on the Reels.) 
==1.7== Rikku:
	Rikku’s Overdrive is called Mix. In this Overdrive, Rikku will take two 
items, mix them and use it in battle. The item she makes can be a special for your 
team, a curative item, or an item that damages one or more enemies. If you want the 
complete list look at Sephiroth 101’s FAQ (with the help of CB ^_^) for the complete 
list. Their FAQ is at gamefaqs.com 
==2.0== Legendary Weapons:
  	Maybe you already know this but if you don't this will be interesting. Try 
to read it since it took me forever to write this. About Longinus. You should know 
that this was the original name of Kimarhi's C. Weapon but it was changed to Spirit 
Lance probably trying to avoid any theological issue. Longinus was the soldier who 
sticked his lance on Jesus ribs. 

"The emythology of the name is some what confusing for it is also said that the 
Welsh name for Excalibur was Caladvwlch, equating linguistically with Irish 
Caladbolg, the name of a sword borne by heroes in Irish legend, derived from CALAD 
(hard) and BOLG (lightning). It goes with a story in which the sword is struck by 
lighting just as the (elven) smith takes it out of the water after its final 
Caladbolg is also known as the sword of the Welsh legend Cu Chullain. Caliburn is 
also supposed to be the old Welsh name for the sword, which was later transformed 
to 'Excalibur' by French poets like Chretien de Troyes. It is supposed to mean 'Cuts 
Two different names and different meanings to one and the same sword, or is it?" 

-Masamune is actually the name of the swordsmith who made the sword...The legend 

"Long ago, two swordsmiths met near a small stream. 
They were Masamune and his student Muramasa. Each of them brought one of their 
finest blades. To show his teacher the quality of his craft, Muramasa stuck his 
blade into the stream. 
As leaves floated past, they were neatly cut in two, he held his blade up, proud of 
his work. Masamune stuck his blade into the stream. As Muramasa watched, the leaves 
that floated past avoided the blade altogether. He then understood and was ashamed 
of his amateur skills." 

Nirvana can't be easily explained. It'll take forever but is something like this: 

"Often Nirvana, a. Buddhism. The ineffable ultimate in which one has attained 
disinterested wisdom and compassion. b. Hinduism. Emancipation from ignorance and 
the extinction of all attachment. 
2. An ideal condition of rest, harmony, stability, or joy. 
3. The ability to consciously pause an activity or activities of the mind. Her mind 
became inactive, the result was the experience of nirvana. 
4. A state of liberation from unhappiness. Illumination, characterized by the 
merging of the individual, transitory I in consciousness. Nirvana frees one from 
suffering and fear of death. It is the highest, transcendent consciousness, referred 
to in the Bhagavad-Gita as brahman-nirvana, in the Upanishads as turiya, in yoga as 
nirbija-samadhi, and in Vedanta as nirvikalpa-samadhi. 
5. The goal of spiritual practice in all branches of Buddhism. In the understanding 
of early Buddhism, it is departure from the cycle of unhappiness and entry into an 
entirely different mode of existence. It requires complete overcoming of the three 
unwholesome roots--undisciplined-desire, hatred, and delusion (akushala). Nirvana is 
unconditioned (asamskrita) consciousness. Its characteristic marks are pausing the 
activities of the mind in a state of consciousness. 


"The soldier, we are told, was called Longinus. Now I was unable to learn how long 
Longinus had served in the Legion, but I do know the "enlistment" period for a 
common man was 12 years, after which, assuming they survived, various compensations 
were sometimes offered. Now this is significant, since Rome's accounts tell us that 
Longinus was nearly blind – a condition which, I should imagine, would surely have 
affected his usefulness as a soldier. In any case, the legend assures us that 
Longinus was not long blind, for after he thrust his spear into the side of Christ, 
some of the blood and lymph (water) from Jesus fell into his eyes. It was then he 
exclaimed, "Indeed, this was the Son of God!" as recorded in Mark 15:39. 
According to the hagiography, Longinus, now converted, left the army and studied 
under the Apostles, and ultimately became a monk (and this at a time when there not 
yet were monasteries) at Caesarea in Cappodocia. There, poor Longinus ran afoul of 
the law because of his new faith and, we are told, was involved with yet another 
miraculous cure. The authorities tormented him by forcing all his teeth from his 
mouth and cutting off his tongue. Despite these tortures, it is said that Longinus 
continued to speak clearly, then picked up a handy axe and smashed several idols as 
the governor watched. 
When Longinus broke the idols, the demons which had resided in them attacked the 
governor, depriving him of his sight and driving him mad. This was the occasion for 
another miraculous healing involving Longinus. The centurion-turned-monk told the 
governor he would regain his sight when Longinus was dead, so the governor ordered 
him killed. When he was beheaded, some of his blood splashed into the governor's 
eyes, restoring his sight. At this miracle, the governor, we are told, was converted 
to the Christian faith." 

I personally think that this has something to to with the phrase The Right Hand Of 
God. It points to how good the weapon is. Remember that: 

"The phrase "the right hand of God" appears in both the old and new Testament and 
being a strong graphic image, it communicates strong and certain attributes of God. 
Since the image is clearly designed to provide insight into some attributes of God, 
let's undertake an exhaustive coverage of the meaning and usage of this phrase. 
The suggestion has often been made, that these images imply the existence of 
different physical or essential persons in the Godhead. This idea is false and based 
on the preconception of Trinitarian, binitarian, or tritheistic notions. Please 
carefully explore the scripture references, and examine the true revelation of the 
Holy Bible. 
Peter preaching at Jerusalem ... 
"This Jesus hath God raised up, whereof we are all witnesses, Therefore being by the 
right hand of God exalted ... For David is not ascended into the heavens, but he 
saith himself, The LORD said unto my LORD sit thou on my right hand until I make 
thine foes thy footstool" (Acts 2:32-34) 
... quotes Psalm 110: "The LORD said unto my LORD sit thou on my right hand until I 
make thine foes thy footstool". 
Despite any other interpretation, Peter reveals the exaltation of the name of Jesus 
Christ. (see Philippians 2:9-11) 
Stephen, near death by the stoning of convicted Jews peers into heaven and Luke 
reports ... 
"But he being full of the Holy Ghost looked up steadfastly into heaven, and saw the 
glory of God and Jesus standing on the right hand1 of God And said, behold I see the 
heavens open and the Son of man standing on the right hand1 of God" (Acts 7:55-56)" 
==2.1== Cloudy/Celestial Mirror:	
	In this game everyone has a Legendary Weapon. You may think that all you 
have to do is find the legendary Weapon, and there you are done. Well, it’s been 
like that in past Final Fantasies, but in this one, you have to power them up with 
certain items. These items are Key Items and some of them are a pain to get. Even 
though they are a pain, it is worth it, these weapons are well worth all the time 
and effort. In order to get the ultimate weapons you need to get the 
cloudy/celestial mirror. To get this follow the instructions below:
The cloudy/celstial Mirror:
	the Legendary weapons are in chests or behind walls that can only be opened 
by the Clestial Mirror. 

	To start,go to the Calm Lands and get a chocobo from the  chocobo lady 
there. Ride to the south near where you came in from Macalania Woods. On the east 
side you should see a broken bridge and a chocobo feather on the ground. Press X 
near the chocobo feather,and your chocobo will fly below it where you couldn't go 
before. Go down the path to get to the Remiem Temple. Examine the sphere (it looks 
like a Jecht sphere) on the left side of the temple, then talk to the chocobo on the 
right to race the other chocobo. If you make it to the center of the circular track 
faster than the other chocobo, you'll get the Cloudy Mirror. (Don't be saying "What, 
I wanted the celestial mirror, not this [email protected]#%!", hold on, there is more)

To make the Cloudy mirror the Celestial Mirror, talk to the mother and son at the 
entrance of Macalania Woods. Find the father that is down the road a bit (he is up 
from the way that you are looking), talk to him, and he'll go to see his family. Go 
back to the entrance and speak with the mother and father again, and keep talking to 
them until they talk about their missing son. After they mention their son, head up 
the sparkly path that you should see into the trees. Go north at the first fork in 
the path, where the son should allow you to go through if you talked to his parents 
enough times. Show the Cloudy Mirror to the large sphere looking thing, who'll turn 
it into the Celestial Mirror.  With the Celestial Mirror in hand, you can now get 
all the Legendary Weapons in the game.
	Once you get the Legendary Weapon for a character and either the crest, the 
sigil, or both, you have to go back to where you powered up the Cloudy mirror to 
make the Weapon obtain its maximum power. 
=2.2== Caladbolg:
	Tidus’ Legendary Weapon is called Caladbolg. It is a blue and gold sword 
that comes with some good abilities on it. The abilities on it are Evade and 
Counter, Magic Counter, Break Damage Limit (in my opinion it is the best ability you 
can equip to a weapon), and Triple Overdrive. Tidus is the main character and in 
most Final Fantasies the Main Characters Ultimate Weapon was called Ultima Weapon. 
It was usually black and had some purple on it. In this game they decided to change 
all of that. There is no Ultima Weapon in the game at all. Caladbolg is Tidus’ 
Ultima Weapon in this game. Caladbolg also differs from the normal looking black and 
purple look. Caladbolg is Celtic in legend and was taken and made for Tidus’ 
Legendary Weapon.
Getting Caladbolg: 
	To get Caladbolg you must go to the Northwest section of the Calm Lands. Up 
there stay to the side and eventually you will go down a concield path. There will 
be a man standing there that won't let you through. Go to the Chocobo Lady and race 
her in catcher Chocobo. All you have to do is beat her time and when you are done, 
the man blocking that path will be gone. Go down there, use the Celestial Mirror and 
a very short CG will commense and it will show Tidus holding Caladbolg. 
The Power Up Items:
	The Items used to power up Caladbolg are called the Sun Crest (1) and The 
Sun Sigil (2). 
The Sun Crest is found after you beat Yunalesca at Zanarkand. It is near the left 
side, in a chest. 
NOTE: The Chest blends in with the wall so be careful while looking!
The Sun Sigil can be retrieved in the Calm Lands from the same Chocobo lady that you 
had to race to get Caladbolg in the first place. You have to do Catcher Chocobo (the 
4th one) and get a time of 0:0:0. This is very annoying to do because you need to 
get balloons that take away three seconds off your time, while dodging birds that 
add three seconds to your time. This is very tedious and time consuming, but well 
worth it in the long run. I only have two suggestions:
1) Be in a good mood when doing this. If you are in a bad mood your reflexes won’t 
be as good and it will cause you to curse and make you in an even worse mood.
2) USE THE DIRECTIONAL PAD, not the analog stick. 
==2.3== Masamune:
	Masamune is Auron’s Legendary Weapon. You may have heard of this name from 
Final Fantasy VII. In Final Fantasy VII, Masamune was Sephiroth’s weapon. It was a 
six-foot long sword that only Sephiroth could use. Well, in this game Auron has the 
Masamune but it has changed. This sword may not be as long but it is surely bigger 
in width. It is black with silver edging on it. The abilities attached to it are 
Counter Attack, Break Damage Limit, Triple Overdrive, and First Strike. 
Power Up Items
	The items needed to powerup Masamune are the Mars Crest and the Mars Sigil. 
1)	The Mars Crest is found on Mihen Highroad on Old Road South.
2)	The Mars Sigil can be retrieved from the Monster Arena. You need to complete 
a total of 10 special cretions and area creations. Note: Original Creations do NOT 
add to the 10.
Getting Masamune:
	Near where you get Yojimbo (to the right of the cave keep walking) is a 
sword stuck in the ground. It is called the rusty sword. Press X or Square (I can't 
remember which one) to pick it up. You must then bring the Rusty Sword to Mushroom 
Rock. Do you remember the place where the guy said you are not alloed to go down to 
near the beginning of the game, (operation Mihen ring any bealls?) well, you can go 
down there now. On the left is an ally way with one of those elevators that they 
have in Mushroom Rock. Go up there and there is a statue of Lord Mihen. Go up to it 
and press X. It will then say "Use the Rusty Sword?", go to "yes" and you will then 
see a short, short CG of Tidus going up to a hole that appeared, using the celestial 
Mirror, and Auron holding Masamune.
==2.4== Nirvana:
	Nirvana is Yuna's legendary weapon. The abilities on this weapon are Double 
AP, Triple Overdrive, One MP cost, and Break Damage Limit 
Getting Nirvana:	
	To get Nirvana you must capture at least one of every fiend in the calm 
lands. After you do this, go to the Monster arena and talk to the Monster rancher. 
He will give you a chest. He will say that he doesn't know if you have what it takes 
to open it, but you do if you have the Celestial Mirror. 
The Power Up Items:
The two powerup items needed to activate Yuna's Ultimate weapon are: 1)Moon Sigil 
and 2) the Moon crest. 
1)	The Moon Crest- The Moon crest is the easiest item to get. All you have to 
do is go to besaid I sland and swim to a beach on the side. There will be a chest 
comtaining the Moon Crest. NOTE: You can get this VERY early in the game. Its on a 
beach beside the water where you first meet Wakka. 
2)	The Moon sigil is a little harder. You have to have EVERY aeon in the game, 
including the hidden ones. (Yojimbo, Anima, and the Magus sisters) You have to beat 
all of the summons at the Remiem temple (where you get the Magus Sisters, see any 
aeon FAQ) and then send the lady that you fought. You will be rewarded with the Mars 
Sigil for doing this.
==2.5== Onion Knight:
	Onion Knight is Lulu's Legendary Weapon. It comes with some good abilities 
with it. The abilities attatched to this are: Break Damage Limit, One MP Cost, magic 
Booster, and Triple Overdrive. 
Getting Onion Knight:
	To get Onion Knight you basiacly have to do a lot of things you have to do 
to get Anima (you just don't have to do the destruction sphere thing in all of the 
temples.) You have to have the Airship, and you have to search the map for the Baaj 
Temple (the coordiantes are 11-16, and 57-63). Once you do this dive into the water 
and swim around. You will see a door. Swim to that and you will be encountered by a 
boss that you saw very early in the game. His name, Geosgaeno. A good strategy to 
beating him is to have either Deathward/Deathproof, stoneward/stoneproof, or both (I 
strongly recomend both) and to have Tidus, Rikku, and Wakka fairly decent in battle. 
Another good thing to do is have those three with their limit breaks going into 
battle. If you have 2 or more door to tomorrows, use those for Rikku's mix Overdrive 
(Mixing 2 Door to Tomorrows will use trio of 9,999, this makes it so all attacks do 
9,999, VERY USEFUL) If you don't have those use all overdrives you get and pray you 
don't die =). (also, there is a save sphere right before you dive in, I strongly 
suggest you save.) After you beat him, get Anima [by going into the temple and 
activating all the pillars in there (you need to finish the destruction sphere 
sidequest in every temple) and praying to the Fayth] and then go and look around 
under water for a chest you can only open with the Celestial Mirror. (Onion Knight)
The Power Up Items:
	As usual you have to get two pwerup items, the crest and sigil. For onion 
Knight you need: 1) The Venus Crest and 2) the Veuns Sigil
1)	To get the crest, you just have to go to the Farplane and open up the chest 
in there. In the chest is the Venus Crest.
2)	To get the Venus Sigil is long, annoying and tedious. You need to dodge 200 
LIGHTNING BOLTS in the Thinder Plains. There are a couple of FAQ's on gamefaqs.com 
to help you out with that.
==2.6== Godhand:
	Godhand is Rikku's Legendary Weapon. It comes with some good abilities 
attatched to it also, they are: Break Damage Limit, Gilionaire, Double AP, and 
Triple Overdrive.
Getting Godhand:	
Godhand is one of the easiest Legendary Weapons to get in the game. All you have to 
do is when you get the Airship, you just type in GODHAND (case sensitive, ALL CAPS) 
and a new location will show up. Walk around in that new location and you will find 
a chest that can only be opened by the Celestial Mirror. Inside of that chest is 
The Power Up Items:
	One of Rikku's power up items are easy to get, one is long and tedious. They 
both however, are found rightn near eachother.
	The powerup items are 1)The Mercury Crest and 2) the Mercury sigil. 
1)	The Mercury Crest is found in a chest in the forth area of the Sanubia 
2)	Getting the Mercury Sigil is long, tedious, but very easy, especially if you 
have a No Encounters Armor (very strongly recommended to have, will make things go a 
lot faster). You have to do a long sidequest in which you find 10 Cactaurs in the 
Sanubia desert. 
Getting the Mercury Sigil:
	To get the Mercury sigil you have to have control of the Airship. Once you 
do this you need to go back to Sanubia Desert and go to a large rock in the farthest 
north section of the sanubia Desert. Once you are there you need to find a rock with 
a picture of a cactaur on it. He will give you a clue and then you must find the 
Cactaur he names. Once you find the Cactaur, the Cactaur challenges you to a game 
like Red light green light. If you complete the game in the time allowed without 
using all three chances, you will get a shere in that Cactaurs name. If you don't 
complete it in the time allowed or use all three chances you will get the Sphere del 
Perdedor. With what ever sphere you get you have to bring it back to the Cactaur 
rock. Doing so will make him give you another clue. Once you catch all of the 
cactaurs, you then can go to the Villiage of the Cactaurs. If you go down there once 
the sorm is gone you can get the Mercury Crest. There is another chest near the 
chest containg the Crest that has an item in it. what item is in it depends on how 
mant name spheres you got from the Cactaur side quest. The list is below
1) Up to two name spheres- Potion 
2) 3-5 name spheres- Elixer
3) 6 or 7 name spheres- Megalixer
4) 8 or 9 name spheres- Friend sphere
The list of where the Cactaurs are and how to get them to come out are below:
1. The Oasis-Near the save point
2) Sanubia desert East- In an alcove to the east, North of the tent with the save 
3) Sanubia Desert West- search the sign near the Cactaur rock that says 20% off
4) Sanubia Desert Central- Near the ruins to the west. look around for two cactaurs 
running around playing tag
5) With the fourth one
6) Sanubia Desert East- Near the savepoint under the tent
7) Sanubia Desert West- Trapped ihn a treasure chest in the far west
8) Sanubia Desert Central- Inside one of the sand whirlpools. You must leave the 
area and go back to find him.
9) Oasis- You have to go back to the Oasis ans you will see him teleport to your 
Airship. You must teleport back and go to the top of your airship
10) Return to the Cactaur rock and place the last sphere you got. He will appear 
behind you after you do this. 
==2.7== World Champion:
	World Champion is Wakka's Legendary Weapon. The weapons abilities it has 
are: Break Damage Limit, Triple Overdrive, Double AP, and Evade and Counter. 
Geting World Champion: 
To get World Champion you have to have the Airship and one atleast 5 Blitzball 
Games. When you have done both of these you have yo go to the Luca Cafe and talk to 
the Bartnder. He will give you his family heirloom, World Champion. You need the 
Celestial Mirror to open the Chest.
The Power Up Items:
The Powerup items needed to activate World Champion are the 1) Jupiter crest and the 
2) Jupiter Sigil.  
1)	To get the Jupiter Crest, all you have to do is go to the Besaid Aurochs 
locker room and examine the lockers. You will open one of the doors and get the 
Jupiter Crest.
2) To get the Jupiter Sigil, you have to have won all of the Overdrives for Wakka by 
doin tournaments and you will then be able to win the Jupiter Sigil as a Grand Prize 
in a league. 
==2.8== Spirit Lance (Going to originally be called Longinus):
	Spirit Lance is Kimahri's Legendary Weapon. It come with Break Damage Limit, 
Double AP (which i need to finish Kimahri's Sphere grid, I hardly ever used him 
^_^), Triple Overdrive, and Evade and Counter.
The Power Up Items:
	The Powerup items that are needed to activate Kimahri's Legendary Weapon are 
1) The Saturn Crest and 2) the Saturn Sigil.
1)	To get Kimahri's Saturn Crest is in between the pillars near where you 
fought the 3rd Seymour (Mt. Gagazet, right before Mt. gagazet cave) 
2)	Getting the Saturn Sigil is HARD!!! You have to do this one on your own 
because you have to do the butterfly mini-game in Macalania Forest. The butterflies 
are in different locations in each game. The only suggestions I can give is 1) do 
this earlier in the game (when you are first in Macalania Forest) because once you 
get the Airship, the red butterflies double in quanity and 2) do this when you are 
in a good mood, just like getting Caladbolg (I don't want any swearing ^_^)  
==3.0== Something Cool I Learned:
Allright, I will admit it, I have used gameshark for this game, but not on the save 
file for which this FAQ was made off of. I used gameshark on a save file that I am 
doing just for fun. Anyways, with the All Al Bhed Translated cheat you can see what 
the Al Bhed are talking about at the beginning of the game. You know when the Al 
Bhed want you to dive down and turn on the power, well they want you to do this so 
they can FIND THE AIRSHIP!!! You know the airship you use, well at the beginning you 
are helping them find it. Why Squaresoft did this at the beginning and didn't even 
tell you at the end and you can't find this out at all, I don't know. It was just 
one of those things that Squaresoft does. Just thought I would throw that at you and 
I hope you found that to be as cool as I thought it was! ^_^

Ok, i had about 20 people tell me the same thing about a compilation sphere right in 
the beginning and just load your al behd primers there. Well i already knew it but i 
was just too lazy to fix it. Well since there was a lot of people told me about it 
and to fix it i decided to. I have beaten the game about 4 times and one of my save 
files is 113 hours so here it is:
YOU DON'T NEED GAMESHARK TO DO THAT!!! There is a compilation sphere on I think the 
left right near the Baaj Temple. (That part that looks like a ruin and you are 
swimming and you get attacked by that huge fish.) if you load your Al Bhed Primers 
you can read Al Bhed. Then you will find out about the airship in the beginning, 
there, Thank you all for telling me about that, thanx!
==3.1== 			~~~Thanx and Acknowledgements~~~
>I would like to thank me first of all for taking the time and making this FAQ, j/k 
>I would like to thank StoneKotr for helping me out while I made my first FAQ ever!!
>I would like to thank Squaresoft For making the Final Fantasy series and other 
quality games!
>And again I have to thank StoneKotr for the black magic list for Lulu's Overdrive!!!
>And last but surely not least, for my best friend Andy Snell for buying Final 
Fantasy VII that day and making me watch it over, and over and over until I was 
Final Fantasy Crazy. 
This is the end of my FAQ! I think it is complete enough but I will still fix things 
as I get e-mails and contributions!!! I am Shalashaska!!!

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