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Hellbrewer717's Paladin Guide

1.  Introduction
2.  Charge Paladin
    a.  Stats
    b.  Skills
    c.  Equipment
3.  Fists Of Heavens Paladin
    a.  Stats
    b.  Skills
    c.  Equipment
1.  Introduction
  I have the 2 pallies listed above and they are really good.  They are
both good for dueling and they can both kill monsters in nightmare
with one shot.  I have yet to see how good I am in hell.  Ive seen
other really good paladins use zeal, but I have yet to make a zeal
paladin so I really dont know what to do.  Trust me on this one, you
do not want to make a blessed hammer paladin.  You'll be good for
normal and maybe even nightmare but you wont be good in hell and the
move isnt that great.  I really dont know why everybody loves blessed
hammer, I think it sucks.  But if you choose to have
a chargeadin, or a FoH pally, then I can show you what I've
done.  By the way, these characters are on v1.10, and if you dont
have it then you wont get the skill boosts.
2.  Charge Paladin
  Charge paladins are good for 1v1, they are good at dueling and
they are good for taking down bosses.  Charge requires more personal
skill in duels then any other paladin, because you dont have to simply
click a button, you also have to avoid attacks, which you can use charge
to do.  I'd like to warn anybody that uses a charge paladin that you
will die a lot because charge is a move that sends you flying into the
battle and it can glitch up.
a.  stats
  Really, the stats of a charge paladin do not greatly effect
the damage of your attack.  But you want to have a well balanced
character.  Strength you dont really need to have, but it does add
to your damage, but you still dont need it because your going
to be doing atleast 5k damage anyway, so add the points into strength
so you can use the gear you want to use.  Dex is a biggie, you want to
be able to hit your target so your going to want to have a bunch of
this.  I was always told to get angelic's ammulet and ring, because
that adds A LOT of attack rating, and that will help you hit targets.
So if you have these, use them.  Vitality you can do whatever you want
with, my charge guy doesnt have a lot of health because he kills fast
enough.  Mana you dont need a lot of either.  If you can, socket an eth
or 2 into your gear so you get ##% mana regain, that helps a lot.
But like I said, stats dont greatly effect your guy.
  My guys stats are (at lvl 74):
Str-  206
Dex-  138
Vit-  102
Energy-  59
b.  skills
  Charge - 20
  Might - 20
  Vigor - 20
  Fanaticism - 20

Use Fanaticism as your main aura, might and vigor give bonuses to charge
and the other skills points that remain are yours to do whatever you
want with.  I put them into salvation incase i duel a sorceress, druid,
or I fight an elemental boss (Like Diablo, DONT CHARGE INTO HIS LIGHTNING
c.  equipment
The damage you do all depends on the weapon you use.  I strongly
suggest you use a 2 handed weapon so you can do the most damage.
3. Fists of Heavens Paladin
  My personal favorite is the fists of heavens paladin.  It basically 
calls down a lightning blast from the sky and shuts up any annoying 
player in a duel (WARNING:  People will get pissed off because you
will own them too much).  If you know what your doing, you will also
be able to own monsters too, but this is another 1v1 move but it does
a lot of damage.  It actually does more damage then it says on the 
screen because the aura you should use reduces your targets resistances.
I would like to warn anybody that, though fists of heavens is a great
move, it is a level 30 move and getting to level 30 to use it is a lot
of work.  You wont be able to kill anything, so if you're playing on the
internet join a public game and use holy bolt to heal the people you
follow around.  If you're doing solo, then I guess you can hire an act
II merc and have them kill for you.  But it is hard getting up to 30 
but it is well worth it.
a.  stats
Strength isnt a biggie, you should only put the points you need for your
gear again.  But have 50+ because strength boosts your health in some
way (I dont know how yet but I just know it does).  Dex you dont need
at all, you dont have to add a single point into it.  Vitality and Energy
you do need though.  You want to stay alive and have enough energy, so
add a lot into these pools.
My guy's stats are (at level 75):
Str-  130
Dex- 20
Vit-  185
Energy-  175
b.  skills
Fists of Heavens - 20
Holy Bolt - 20
Holy Shock - 20
Conviction - 20

Conviction is the aura you use, it will reduce resistances greatly and
even make targets that are immune to lightning vulnerable to you (since
you do lighning damage).  Those are really the skills you need, you
can put the rest in other moves.  I put some in holy shield for more
defense but its not nessesary.
c.  equipment
  Your equipment changes everything.  Your going to want to have gear
that adds to skill points.  So scepters work here, sigons shield is good
to start out with.  The damage you do all depends on your skills, that
is why you need the most you can get.
Well and there you have it, 2 really good paladins.  These paladins do
have flaws like every character so your not going to be god.  Im sorry
if there are any typos or problems but this wasnt thought out like my
other guides on this site.

Questions or Comments e-mail me at [email protected] or send an instant
messege to Hellbrewer717.  Or join me on Diablo II Lord of Destruction,
my name is Switch_Hitter and I play on closed, USEast.

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