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                       with each chapter detailed

          First of all, you should complete the introduction without an FAQ because 
it's really good practice and (come on) anyone who knows how to hold a controler 
can do this!  QUIZ 1 How much HP does a blooper's tentacel have? 1,3,12,or 20?

     CHAPTER 1:Hooktail's Castle
          When you first get to the town talk to the mayor then go along the path 
(use pow blocks to kill all the stone guys) Then answer the Thomp's questions and 
get the sun and moon stones from the fuzzies. To beat the gold fuzzie and the horde 
just focus on the gold and the horde will run if you defeat it. Then, put the 
stones in the rocks by the tunnel at the beginning of the chapter and enter the 
castle. Most of the puzzles are easy and koops helps with (I think) all of them!( 
If you have trouble just use Goombelle's tattle) To beat Hooktail equipt the sound 
effect badge y  and use your hammer (he will get sick and his attack will decrease 
by 1 each time) After getting him to 0HP (he has 20HP) he will try to worm his way 
out. He'll run then he'll eat the crowd and get 10HP. If you win he will spit out 
Kopps' father and he will give you the star. QUIZ 2 How many actual living things 
are in Hooktail's Castle (not encluding Hooktail) 5,10,15,109,or 36?
     CHAPTER 2:The Great Tree
          Go down the pipes then follow the punie to the forest, past the sirens, 
go to the great tree, and go to Flurrie's house, no problem. But Flurrie's lost her 
necklace and the shadow siren's have it so you have to kick their cans. Focus on 
Marilyn and take her out first. Use Earth Tremer (star power) and Earthquake (item)
(you can get one from a cleft) take the necklace to Flurrie and she will join your 
party. At the great tree use the wind blowing power to open the secret passage 
right above the door. Go along the path and get the red key and free the elder. 
then go back down and take the 11 punies to that pressure thing.To get the punies 
across the gap put the orb on the oppsite side then blow the punies in the water 
below (they get traped in bubbles)defeat the 10 jabbies and go on(you need 11 
punies)Get the key and free the punies and take them to the room before the 10 
jabbies and cross the narrow bridge there(defeat the piders first or the punies 
will run. Gather your punies and step inside cause there's a 100 jabbie squad. Go 
along the path until you find a dead end. Put the orb in the thing and you will be 
caught go sideways and down the tunnle. Hit the button and remember sun, moon, 
punie, star and go to the place where you find the blue key. Hit the blocks to 
change the icons to the order above. once you have the boots smash the wood and 
then go back to the punies free them and bring them up to the other orb thing and 
blow them down the hole. Go down the tunnel across the bridge and up the tunnle 
that is on the side of the room. Then, press the blue button and shoot Koops then 
get off the button and when the switch comes up release x and he will hit the 
switch. Go down and get your punies and then go in the other tunnle on the other 
side and put all the punies on the pressure thing. Grodus will take the star and 
then set off a time bomb.RRRUUUUNNNNN!!!Don't worry about the punies!RUN!You'll 
face magnus but it's easy! Use normal attacks and when he fires his fists use 
mulibounce or earth tremer. QUIZ 3 How many punies are there? 10,11,101,102?

     CHAPTER 3:Glitz Pit
          To Get to the west side you must buy Zess t. a new contact lens. Just 
talk to the guy closest to the door inside the item store and order one in about a 
minute he comes out and says it there pay for it and give it to Zess T. and you can 
go to the west side. To talk to Don Painta buy a dry shroom then a dizzy dial(dilly 
dad is what my brother calls it) then answer the boos questions (answer yellow for 
both) then you will have to find these painta guys (on the dock) and then tell Don 
and he'll give you a blimp ticket. Go to Glitzville and enter the Glitz Pit. Go to 
the center doors and see Rawk Hawk. Talk to the secerity man on the left then talk 
to grubba. Battle a bit and then you'll here that there is a new hotdog. go outside 
catch the egg and it will jump on the stand. Go to the opposite side of the town 
and hit the big switch. Jump up to find a sping, and sring yourself to the plane 
platform. Keep battling until you face the iron clefts (you have to run) the egg 
will hatch. Use GULP to beat the clefts and keep battling and listen to X's 
instructions. ( 1st Cake=Good 2nd Cake=bad) once you get to the stoteroom use 
flurre to blow at the boxs. Use the yoshie (i'll callhim Pickle) to get over the 
boxs then look down that little hole in the ground. After that turn side ways 
throught the vent and keep battling.(hint use quakehammer on the Dark Koopapatrol)
Once more follow X's instructions and then try to beat the hawk. The secertity dude 
takes you to a minor leage lockerroom. Blow off the poster on the right and enter 
the major leagelocker. Enter the bathroom and down the toilet. (no joke)Then enter 
the arena to face the hawk.Use power bounce and flurries body slam. Once in the 
champ room from the top of the presants ride the yoshi to the overhang above the 
door and then to the vent. Break the vent down and listen to grubba then break down 
the vent. Look in the deck and find the paper. Grubba will walk in on you and 
you'll have to chase him to the ring. He'll turn himself MACHO and battle you. Use 
the yoshi's ground pound and Mario's power bounce. After you  beat him you get the 
star YES! QUIZ 4 How many Glitz Pit mystery's are there? 1,7,8,10,1000?

     Until next time I'll post only these chapters next time I'll post 4-7!

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