Part Five: Meet The King - Guide for Tales Of Destiny

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Part Five: Meet the King

You will see Stahn in jail and he will try and protest his imprisonment. Go up to 
the cell door and press the circle button to yell at the guard. Walk to the foot 
the bed in Stahn’s cell and you will talk to Rutee about getting “caught” for a 
and she will blame it all on Stahn of course. Then Stahn and the rest of the 
will be escorted out of prison to the throne room to speak with the king. The 
doesn’t seem like a nice guy and wants to castigate Stahn, but some man with the 
name of Hugo comes by and says that since Stahn and Rutee are swordian users, 
might be valuable to any future plans. He arranges with the king on sending you 
Straylize Temple to look into something, but not before putting on the essential 
restrain devices on the group. Following an examination run of the devices on 
the king starts chatting about the 'Eye of Atamoni', a primeval weapon kept in 
Straylize Temple. Hugo recommends dispatching Leon along to explore what's 
in the temple. After more chatting, Hugo reveals he is the president of Oberon 
Corporation, which creates lens. As soon as Hugo leaves, the king assigns to you 
orders to look over the temple and inquire for a fill in from the Archbishop or 
anyone that is on hand. If there's something bad happening, you must halt it at 
expense. Once you regain control of Stahn, leave the throne room. Go to the right 
and enter the room and acquire an orange gel. Leave the room and go north up the 
stairs, enter the room on the right and get two green gels, a life bottle, an 
gel and a panacea bottle. Exit that room and then go left and enter another room, 
get a club, a round shield, a chain mail and a leather cape and use another set 
stairs to go up. Walk down from the stairs and go far right and use those stairs 
then enter the room on the right, which is the library, and get an orange gel 
the chest. Return to the first floor and use the western exit. Cross the bridge, 
all the way to the right and get some bread from a bag in the kitchen, then from 
there go downstairs. There are a couple rooms on this floor that you can use to 
in. You can check out the room on the bottom left for fun. Then to leave the 
use the stairs in this floor and you will end up in a hallway leading down to 
another set of stairs, which is the exit. Once you exit the castle search around 
enter the building to the left and see scientists there. Return to this building 
through out the game for some new stuff. Pass the fountain and see what looks 
like a 
gravestone on the right side of the screen. You will need to read that much later 
the game for a reason you will learn then. Now go into the city of Darilsheid and 
enter the mansion with the yard around it, this is Hugo's mansion. Leon will 
calling out for someone with the name of Marian. There you will meet a man with 
name of Rembrandt. After that you will go to Hugo, who gives you Dymlos and 
back, as well as a map of the world. The map of the world will be listed under 
valuables in the menu screen. Check to see if Stahn and Rutee are equipped with 
their swordians and if they aren’t do so. Now, try to exit Hugo’s mansion, Leon 
stop you and go back to see Marion. It seems that he is in love with Marion and 
really hates Hugo. Here is where you find out Leon’s real name is Emilio. Once 
goes back to the party, leave the mansion and explore the city. Get the necessary 
paraphernalia for the group like weapons armor and useful items but keep Stahn 
Rutee equipped with their swordians. You should buy a Gem Rod from the weapon 
in advance to going to the temple for a reason you will find out later. Before 
leaving the city go to the harbor at the right side of Darilsheid. Visit with the 
people there and talk with the shop owners. Make sure you are full of every 
you can get your hands on, especially panacea bottles to cure poisons.

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