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Part Four: Harmentz and a jail cell in Seinegald’s castle

 The night has passed and Rutee attempts to awake Stahn and has a bit of trouble 
doing so. She tells Mary and Stahn her plan and this is where you learn what lens 
are. You can answer yes to her question or no if you already know what lens are 
(This is also the time I figured out that I can’t only change Stahn’s name, but I 
can change anyone’s name that is in my group. You can do it the same way you change 
Stahn’s name during the game. Pull up the menu with the triangle or select button 
and select the status). Press the circle button to go to the name edit screen. Go 
down and scroll to the end of the name and use the x button to delete letters and 
the circle button to select new letters. Just like at the very beginning of the game 
and like how I said before at the prefix to part one of my ongoing walkthroughs for 
Tales of Destiny). Now you are headed toward Harmentz, but first Rutee wants to 
exchange lens for gald. Just start out of the inn and the computer takes over again 
and Rutee talks to the lens person behind the counter. If you want to know more 
about lens, then listen to what the lens lady says (since I’ve played this game like 
6 times all the way through I just hold down the circle button to skip by 
conversation faster). Lens is a substance that came down in a meteor a long time 
ago. Then Rutee exchanges the lens for not so good a rate of 6 gald per lens. I 
suggest from now on only doing the business of lens exchanging at the lens shop at 
Darilsheid, the capital city of Seinegald. They give the best prices anywhere, from 
7 to 10 gald per one lens. If you think the rate is too low, (I never settle for 
anything under 8 gald, unless I’m desperate for money) then exit the town come back 
and re-enter the lens shop and the rate should have changed. After that is over 
check with the weapon shop to make sure all of your characters are up to date and go 
to the equipment shop to get any thing you may need from there. Now leave through 
the Seinegaldian gate and go all the way up past where you came from the temple. 
Continue up through the exit and you will be at the world map that looks like it 
belongs on an NES. Since the monsters are much tougher in the world map compared to 
where you have been before you should explore the map and fight some monsters to 
raise some player levels before you go into Harmentz. After you have raised a few 
levels, (two or three levels would be good) go to a save point and save. I think the 
closest save points are either the one outside the temple or the one on the way back 
to Alba’s cabin from Janos. Once you have done that, return to the world map and go 
north across the bridge into the town of Harmentz. There is a man to the right of 
the entrance who is Stahn’s uncle Bob, talk to him and he will offer you money and 
you have three choices. First one is that you can accept and get 10 gald. You can 
refuse and get ten lens (<-do this one). Or you can ask for more and get 15 gald, 
but your uncle Bob will never want to see you again. I would pick the second one to 
get ten lens. Go to the far bottom left to find a little boy in what looks like a 
bunny outfit, talk to him and he will give you a life bottle to keep it quiet. No 
need to exchange lens just yet, hold onto it until you reach Darilsheid (which may 
be sooner than you think). Go to the weapons shop and get updated on weapons (like 
the hand axe for Mary) and armor (Three pairs of leather gloves for all of your 
characters). Leave Dymlos in the hands of Stahn and Atwight with Rutee, there is no 
need to get new weapons for them even if a green arrow shows over them. Go to the 
equipment shop and get whatever you need and stock up as much as you can.  Rutee 
will tell you to go to the end of town to the mansion where Walt (the man who Rutee 
is giving the old cane to) lives. The inn is booked full and you can’t stay at it. 
Go north from the inn and across the bridge now and see a little kid standing there 
by a treasure box. Talk to him and he will ask if you want to have what is in the 
box. I would say no, but say yes if an orange gel is worth all of the money you 
have. Go up from there and up the hill into Walt’s mansion. Take a right and have a 
scuffle between Stahn and the bodyguard by the stairs. After that is over go up the 
stairs and to the end of the hall to the left. Go up through to doors and talk to 
the lady there that Stahn seems to have a crush on. Go to the room to the left from 
there and talk to Walt. The computer takes over again and so does Rutee. Rutee will 
give him the Old Cane in exchange for 5,000 Gald but says she could get 50,000 for 
it at an auction and goes over to where Walt got the money and took another 5,000 
gald. Walt seems pretty upset at the matter and has some words with Rutee. After 
being told that he booked a room for you at the inn go to the inn and talk to the 
clerk for a free rest. Rutee has to wake up Stahn again and tells him that she wants 
to go to Armeida to teach the mayor’s son Swordsmanship. Answer the question (it 
doesn’t matter what you say) and attempt to exit the inn. The three soldiers that 
you got rid of in the temple are back looking for you and spotted you while they 
were talking with the person behind the desk at the inn. You have a little scuffle 
with them until Rutee knocks one out of the way and you all run for the exit. It 
looks like those soldiers meant business because once you are outside there are like 
ten soldiers out there waiting for you. Now the other three come out after you and 
you are surrounded and forced to fight. You have to fight the same guys you did last 
time with the two hundred hp each but now there are eight of them and it will take a 
bit longer to run through them. With this fight you get a good amount of lens. Use 
some of Stahn’s specials to take out the four on the left. Don’t over to the 
specials though because you still need to help Mary and Rutee with the four on the 
right, so use some regular moves too. If you hold the down button and press x twice 
and you are far enough away from your targeted enemy you can do a jump attack and 
come down hard on their heads with a sword blow. After you defeat the soldiers a man 
breaks through named Leon and he demands that you give up peacefully. Rutee and her 
big mouth go off again and ends up getting Stahn and the rest of the gang into 
fighting Leon. Don’t even bother picking up the controller; let him win because he 
is really hard to beat even though it is possible. He has 9999 hp during this battle 
with you and his attacks are much more fierce dealing up to 250 hp per hit. You can 
deal about 25 hp per hit on him. If you did end up beating him the game will have a 
false ending saying that you three turned to lens hunters. If you did beat him 
hopefully you saved so you can go back and lose to him otherwise you can’t continue 
on with the game. After you lose to Leon, he shows that he also attains a swordian 
known as Chaltier. Leon talks to the group some more (like you want to hear what he 
has to say) and you are taken into the prison of Seinegald Castle in the capital 
city of Darilsheid. I told you that you would be going there sooner than you thought.

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