Part Seven: Underwater Journey on the way to Calvalese. - Guide for Tales Of Destiny

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Part Seven: Underwater Journey on the way to Calvalese.

Now that you have returned to Darilsheid, you should notify the King and Hugo about 
what occurred. Once you have done that go to the harbor and talk to the sailors near 
the fish monger. They will mention how something very big and valuable was taken on 
a ship to Calvalese. Go back to the castle and talk to the king and Leon will tell 
him what you just found out. The king will end up making the necessary arrangements 
for you to go to Calvalese. Visit through the shops and get what items you may need. 
Don’t bother going in the armor and weapons shop (unless you weren’t able to get all 
that you needed before) because the items there will be the same. Check your lens 
and go exchange it at the lens shop because Darilsheid has the best price for lens 
and Calvalese does not give a very good rate. Never settle for less that eight or 
nine gald per lens because since you should be able to get at least eight gald. If 
they offer you less just exit the store and re-enter it for a different rate. You 
most likely will need the money over at Calvalese to buy certain things that you may 
need. Then go back to the harbor, save your game and then talk to the ships captain 
and tell him that you are ready to go. You will see the ship sail the waters and 
about mid-stream of the trip, a crewman will enter the lounge area of the ship 
saying that they are being attacked. Talk to the bartender before exiting that room 
to “fight” the monster so you can get a flare bottle and then talk to him once more 
to get a liqueur bottle. Now leave the room and go to the bow (front) of the ship 
and see a dragon-like sea-creature-monster that attacked the ship. Everyone decides 
to fight it even though it would be suicide except for Philia (maybe she should have 
been left behind) because she says it is talking to her. Philia tells the group that 
the monster said to get on it and then she does forcing the others to follow. The 
sea dragon takes you down to the bottom of the ocean to some place that looks like 
it has been down there for awhile. Notice the save point and save  your game, then 
go up the stairs. You can move the rocks just like you did with the boxes in Part 
One: The Draconis, but I’ll tell you how anyway. Go up to the rocks, press and hold 
the circle button while moving back from the rock. Once you have cleared a path 
resume upstairs. Philia says that she hears the voice coming from above. Head right 
and get a “””Rue Staff””” (which you can use later for something cool) and an orange 
gel. Return to the last room and use the stairs to go up. Move the rubble out of the 
way if necessary and head right. Go through the open door at the top of the room and 
get the Pickaxe from a chest that will be in the valuables section of the menu. You 
can use it by stepping up to a locked door and pressing the circle button. Leave the 
room and try to open the locked door to your right. Stahn will use the Pickaxe to 
open it, doing so will get you a life bottle. Return to the room with the rubble and 
make your way to the top. Enter all the rooms there to get an Iron Helm which you 
should equip on Leon, a Fine Saber that you should equip on Mary and a ?DISC which 
you can use later in the game. Right from the room with the rubble, use the lower 
path leading to another screen, then use the ropes to go down. Philia will say that 
the voice can be heard from below. Use the left hole first to get another ?DISC, 
then go back up and use the right one. Go down again and head right into a room with 
stairs. Check the right room for the Stone Disc that you should equip on Rutee and 
then return to the last room and use the stairs. Pass through a conference room of 
sorts and go up the stairs. You will then enter what looks like a control room with 
some big jewel in the center of it. Near the controls there is a sword lying on the 
floor which turns out to be the voice Philia was hearing all along. The swordians 
recognize the sword as Clemente, an excellent swordian spell master. Clemente says 
that Philia is to be his mistress and Rutee has some words to say before Philia 
accepts. Now you must return to the ship, but before that you must exit this 
underground ruins and get to the sea dragon. Leave the control room and head south 
in every room until you can turn left, do so. Go up three ropes, then head left 
twice. Walk down three screens and you may have to move some of the rocks again to 
reach the Save Point, save your game. Use the lower exit in this room to get aboard 
the sea dragon and back to the ship to continue your trip to Calvalese.

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