Part Six: To the Straylize Temple - Guide for Tales Of Destiny

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Part Six: To the Straylize Temple

Now that you have collected your items and such, leave Darilsheid and head 
northwest. There you will find the town of Armeida just before the forest to the 
temple. Visit with the people in the town; they always talk about the Straylize 
temple. Some of the people there talk about how there is monsters in the forest on 
the way to the Straylize temple. Exit the town and go to the northeast, cross the 
bridge and right before the forest entrance save your game in the world map. After 
you save, enter the forest and go up then turn right. In the forest, walk up a 
little and turn to the right past the water. Check the bunch of mushrooms in the 
clearing with the stone slab to get a Savory, but don’t use it now since you will be 
able to make it stronger effect later on in the game. Go back to the left and head 
up then turn right. Keep going along with the path until you are at another area. 
Get a green gel from the chest in the bottom-left corner of the clear, then
go up and to the right. Go up near the cliffs to the left and get another green gel, 
then continue right to the next area. Go straight through the first misty screen to 
the next screen, then go right and up. Check the white mushrooms there near the 
little slope leading to a lower level area and get a Bellebane and don’t use it yet 
so you can make it better later. Then go to the top-left corner of the hill that you 
are near to get an orange gel from a hidden chest behind some shrubs. Go down the 
hill and head north, into the next screen. Go down the slope in this screen too, 
then just follow the path and leave the screen. Finally, go straight and you will 
get to Straylize Temple. As you enter, the party note that something's wrong. Go 
right and enter the cathedral, ignore the other buildings because they are all 
destroyed except for the main building at the top of the screen which you will go in 
after you talk to the people in the cathedral. Talk to all the people on the ground, 
most of them will be dead or dying. Then go through the door left from the pulpit, 
head right and talk to the other bishop, who has no idea of what is going on. After 
the conversation, he gives you a Talisman (equip it on anyone). Now leave the 
cathedral and enter the main building up north. The party will hear someone asking 
for help behind a door with a giant thing with orbs surrounding it. Go and check the 
door to learn that the door will open only after you destroy some crystals. Now go 
and save your game at the save point. Go right and up through the door there, head 
north and go upstairs. Go through the left door to fight a Lizard Man who guards the 
krystal. Fighting the mini boss is simple and requires no spells from anyone except 
Leon. You should only use the spike spell since Chaltier is element of earth, which 
does the most damage against this monster. Keep the group against the Lizard Man and 
Stahn against the krystal. Stahn's Spin Slash works great against the Krystal 
because the attack hits many times. After the battle you will see the sealed door 
and one of the crystal balls in front of the sealed door will be destroyed. Leave 
the room and go through the door to your right. Get the Life Bottle from the chest 
and return to the room with the Save Point and the door. Use the left path now, 
there you will find two sets of stairs. Go up, then head right and walk north when 
possible. Use the far left door, get the Round Shield and return outside. Now go 
through the two middle doors and defeat the Mini Bosses. Since the rightmost room 
contains an empty chest ignore it and walk back down and return to the lower floor. 
Save your game if you want to, then use the stairs going down in the left path. Walk 
left and go up the stairs, enter the rooms as you follow the path, collecting a 
Chain Mail from the first one and defeating mini boss in the second one; then return 
downstairs. Walk left, collect the Knight's Saber next to the door but you won’t 
need it for your Swordian users. Now go through the door and defeat the last Lizard 
Man to break the barrier at the door. Go back to the Save Point and save your game 
and go through the door that was sealed before to meet Bishop Ayles, who tells you 
that a man called Lydon killed the Archbishop. Leon finally manages to convince 
Ayles to take you to the Eye of Atamoni, but before going where he said, let's climb 
the Tower of Knowledge to get some treasure. On the way up the Tower of Knowledge to 
collect the items in the chests, you should read all the books available to learn 
more about the game and what happened in the past and what will happen again in the 
future. In the room were you met Ayles, get a green gel from the left side, behind 
some bookshelves. Now go upstairs. On the first floor you can get an Iron Helmet 
from a chest in the right side of the room and you should equip it on Stahn. In the 
second floor you can get an orange gel from a bag directly right from the stairs 
going down, then grab a Spectacles from the chest to the right of the stairs going 
up. On floor three you get another Spectacles from a chest to the right of the 
stairs going down. On the fourth floor get a stray robe, an ankh hat and a tech 
ring. Even though the tech ring is meant so you can control Stahn manually I never 
found much use for it. Just keep any accessories on Stahn that boost his defense. 
After you climb down the Tower of Knowledge, save your game at the save point. Now 
go to the left path in the room with the Save Point and go upstairs. Turn left and 
use the stairs there, then follow the path and enter the Cathedral. Ayles will open 
a secret passage for you and you should use it. In the next room, ignore the empty 
chest as you go left (all the chests in this room are empty), then save your game at 
the save point. The two doors at the top of the room are locked; to unlock a door 
you have to press all the switches of either type (clear or dark) so the matching 
door at the top of the room will open. From the entrance, walk up and turn right, 
step on the switch and go up, then turn left and step on the upper switch. After 
that, walk up and step on the last switch to unlock a door. Finally, follow the path 
going up and go through the right door. You will find yourself in a room with water 
on the floor. Walk up to see the pedestal that once held the Eye of Atamoni. Ayles 
recognizes the petrified girl as Philia, an apprentice priestess. After, Leon uses a 
Panacea Bottle on her and she recovers, Philia explains that the High Priest Lydon 
took the Eye of Atamoni. After a long conversation, Philia will join your party. You 
should use Philia and should switch Mary for her for now, so she can gain a few 
levels. Also, equip the Gem Rod you bought at Darilsheid on Philia. Leave the room. 
You will have to get out of the temple. For those who don't remember the way: use 
the rightmost path to go far down, walk left and down again to leave the room. Exit 
the Cathedral, and follow the path to go downstairs. Keep going and use the stairs 
to reach the lower floor, then go down and right and leave the building. Go talk to 
the bishop in the cathedral if you want to, so that Philia explains what has 
happened. Exit the temple area and go through the woods again. Now go back to talk 
with the king.

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