Part Three: Into the border town of Janos - Guide for Tales Of Destiny

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Part Three: Into the border town of Janos

After you save and before you enter the town of Janos, remove all of Garr’s 
equipment. Similar to what you did with Chelsea, you must remove his equipment 
before you enter the town or you will not be able to get it. Enter the town of Janos 
and Garr will say goodbye and leave south to his home in Phandaria (This is not the 
last you will see of him). Look around the town and talk to everyone (It is 
important that you talk to everyone in an area you are at, most of the ways that you 
need to get further in the game is to talk to certain people). With this walkthrough 
you will know who and when to talk to them. After you talk with everyone outside, go 
into the tavern and chat with the people in there. In the bottom left corner of the 
tavern, you will meet a lens hunter gang called the Black Wings. The woman of the 
group seems to think you are cute and asks if you would like to join them for 30,000 
gald. You can’t answer the question (which I think is stupid because I went out for 
hours back near the save point before Janos to gain that much gald to be able to 
join) your destiny lays elsewhere. Don’t bother trying to go south after Garr, you 
would need a passport to get through the guarded gate and you need to find a way 
north to Seinegald. The only way you can get a passport to either country (Phandaria 
or Seinegald) is to enter the town of Janos from one of the guarded entries. Go to 
the inn next to the tavern and go up the stairs to the end of the hall. In the last 
room you will find a man who has lost his passport. Now go outside directly to the 
left of the entrance of the inn to find an elderly woman. She will say that she 
found a passport and handed it over to one of the Phandarian soldiers in the 
Phandarian outpost. Go to the outpost in the south part of town to the right of the 
guarded passage. Talk to the first soldier (the one who is awake) he will ask if 
this passport is Stahn’s and he will say no. Now go back to the man in the inn and 
Stahn will tell him that there is a lost passport at the Phandarian outpost and the 
man will pay you 50 gald in gold for your troubles. Dymlos isn’t to happy with Stahn 
that he gave up a chance to enter the town but Stahn says that it would be wrong to 
take something that wasn’t his and it wasn’t for Seinegald where he needs to go. Now 
exit the inn, as you exit you will run into a red haired woman named Mary. She asks 
for your help to save her friend and Stahn agrees to do so. Go to the weapons shop 
and buy anything (if you have the money) you see a green arrow for on Stahn of Mary, 
except a weapon for Stahn since Dymlos gains levels as Stahn does. Most important 
would be leather helmets and a wooden shield. You may want to go down to the 
equipment store to buy some capes, two for Stahn (if you don’t have them already) 
two for Mary and two more just incase you need them for some reason. If you don’t 
have the money for the extra two don’t worry about it you can get them later. Head 
to the forest from where you entered Janos. Save at the save point and follow the 
path of the forest as if you were going back to Alba’s cabin. Mary will give you 
directions when you reach a certain point. She will tell you to turn left and where 
you got the life bottle from the chest before you will find a hidden cave entrance 
between the mountain and the trees by entering it. You cannot see the entrance and 
you couldn’t enter this part before. Go straight down from the entrance to a save 
point and save your game. There are a lot of random battles with monsters stronger 
than you have ever fought before. They have a bunch more experience, gald and lens. 
Fight as much as you can before you get tired of it so you can gain levels and get 
stronger. Don’t be scared you should be able to defeat them easily with the help of 
Mary. Go to the left until you can go south; keep going south until you reach some 
chests. You should find a saber there that you should equip on Mary right away, and 
an accessory ring called channeling. Channeling allows another human player to 
control one of the characters in the game traveling with Stahn by pressing select 
with a second controller. You must equip the channeling on the person you wish to 
control and set them up under Stahn in the menu lineup. When you press select on the 
second controller you should see a small message above the head of the controlled 
person that says S. Auto. On the first controller you can press select for the 
message to appear above Stahn and a second time for the computer to control him.  
Now resume to go back up and then take a left. Go up some more and see a shiny dot 
on the wall. Go over to it and press circle to open up a passage. Continue along in 
the cave and find a leather helmet. Keep going and you will enter the temple. 
Continue along the path until you reach a room with pillars and continue left to 
more rooms. Go right first, follow the path and go through the door to get a Flame 
Disc from the chest. Equip it on Stahn in the place that says disc. Now go back and 
use the left path. Go through the first door to get a Rapier and then go north and 
enter the other room for a Green Gel. Then return the room with the pillars and go 
up all the way to see Mary’s friend Rutee suspended in the air in some sort or orb. 
After some stupidity from Stahn you release Rutee. There is some more chatting going 
on (I know talking to people is important but a lot of this game is useless gabble). 
Once you are about to leave some soldiers from Seinegald come up from below. They 
accuse the three of stealing and some words are exchanged (I’m not so sure saving 
this Rutee person was such a good idea). They take what Mary and Rutee say out on 
Stahn and decide to fight. These soldiers are cake; they only have 200 hp and should 
be taken care of easily. Unless you want to fight them alone you will need to press 
the L1 button so Rutee and Mary fight too. Just like in most fights from now on they 
will just sit there and watch you beat up the bad guy or just watch you get 
pummeled. Use some of your special skills to make the fight go faster, no since 
making a fight go longer than it needs to. You can control the use of the special 
skill of Mary and Rutee also. Press the triangle button and select the second icon 
for specials and you can select what specials you can use with button combos and you 
can make your allies use theirs too. It works with spells and items as well. After 
you defeat the Seinegaldian soldiers you should receive a life bottle and a green 
gel. Rutee wants Stahn to go back to Janos with Mary and her and Stahn agrees. Now 
go all the way down from where you are and down through the room with the pillars to 
the bottom of the room where there is an exit to the outside. Go down to the save 
point and save your game and then continue down then go left. Go south once more to 
get to Janos. You go through the Seinegald gate and are given a passport by one of 
the soldiers. The three of them will go to the tavern to do some more chatting. It 
doesn’t matter what you answer to Rutee’s question since later in the game it will 
still be as if you answered if you were going to become a soldier. After Rutee is 
mean some more to Stahn you discover that she has a swordian too whose name is 
Atwight. She says some more stuff and gets Stahn to join up with Mary and Rutee 
(they are really joining up with you, but let them think what they want). Now Stahn 
and Mary talk a bit and you learn more about her while Rutee is out getting a room 
at the inn. Rutee returns and you all retire to the inn.

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