Part Two: Garr and the Phandaria Mountains - Guide for Tales Of Destiny

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Part Two: Garr and the Phandaria Mountains

After Stahn blacks out you then later see him in a bed in an unfamiliar cabin and he 
doesn’t know how he got there. Stahn wakes up just as a man named Garr enters the 
room. Garr tells him that he saved Stahn and he is in the mountains of Phandaria.  
They continue their conversation but Stahn notices that Dymlos is not with him. He 
looks panicked and Garr figures he is thinking about his sword and takes Stahn to 
it. Stahn tries to get Dymlos to talk to Garr but Dymlos doesn’t seem to like Garr 
because he thinks Garr knows about him being a Swordian. Someone talks in the 
distance of the house where you can’t see. Alba enters; he is Garr’s master at 
bowman ship. He says that his granddaughter is late and he is worried about her 
safety in the mountains. So he asks Garr to go look for her. Stahn insists on 
helping to find Alba’s granddaughter to repay Garr for saving his life.  Now that 
Garr has joined Stahn, go around the house and pick up whatever items may be there. 
Go to the kitchen to get a life bottle from a chest. Then go into Alba’s room (the 
room next to the bathroom) and get a green gel from a bag. Then go back to the room 
where Stahn woke up and get an auto bow and a wooden shield from the chests. Equip 
the wooden shield on Stahn. You may want to take this chance to check out all of 
your menu options. You should check special for Stahn because he may have some new 
skills that you need to assign direction buttons to. All specials are done with the 
x button and can only be used during a fight. The first direction choice is no 
direction, just press the x button to use that special skill during a fight if you 
have a skill assigned there. The rest goes as followed, up, down, left and right 
(left and right are used for one move not separate moves). Remember to check the 
amount of food you have in your food bag and always try to keep it full. You can see 
how much food is in your food bag on the main part of the menu on the lower 
middle/right side. You can use Order to put Garr in front of Stahn because most of 
the monsters will be on the right side of the screen most of the time. Use the 
strategy option to change on Garr’s setting where it says week, to strong so Garr 
attacks the strong ones so Stahn doesn’t have to. Exit the cabin and walk down the 
steps leading from the entrance and notice a circle with a triangle on the inside of 
it that is spinning, it is known as a save point. When you stand on it, it will 
start flashing and now you can save your game. Save your game by entering the menu 
and selecting the save option on the lower right side of the selections. You can 
only save your game when you are standing on a save point. Head left from the cabin 
and the go up leading into the forest. Don’t bother going down the other way because 
Garr will stop you and say to go the other way. Once you enter the maze you should 
go up and take the first left you see. Keep going left, you’ll see a chest. It 
contains a cloak. Go down a bit and then left for a life bottle. Go back up the way 
you came then take another left (the first left you see) and then go up and you will 
see Alba’s granddaughter to your right. Her name is Chelsea. She will babble on 
about some stuff back and forth with Garr and she is introduced to Stahn. Equip the 
auto bow that you got from Alba’s cabin on Chelsea (cause it would be just plain 
mean not to, how would you explain it to Alba if Chelsea were to die. She needs to 
protect her self). Now make your way back to the cabin but BEFORE you enter the 
screen where the cabin is, remove all of Chelsea’s items because you can sell them 
for gald later on. Once you have done that enter the screen where the cabin is and 
Alba will be waiting there for you. Alba talks Chelsea into sewing the button back 
onto his pants and she is no longer in your group. If you didn’t take all of 
Chelsea’s items off you can’t do it now. That’s why I told you to do it BEFORE you 
enter the screen where the cabin is. Alba offers a reward to Garr and Stahn but Garr 
refuses and Stahn gets the mélange gel from Alba. Stahn follows Alba and Garr back 
into the cabin and there is more talking going on between the three of them. Alba 
asks where Stahn was headed and Stahn replied the he was going to Seinegald. To get 
to Seinegald you must go down the southern exit from Alba’s cabin and go through the 
town of Janos. Garr goes with him because he decides to go to his home and it is on 
the way. Go save your game outside of Alba’s cabin at the save point and then go 
down through the other part of the forest. Once you have left the screen with Alba’s 
cabin, go right and then up. You will notice this is where you crashed after leaving 
the Draconis. You should see a chest up near the top of the screen, which contains a 
green gel, get it and exit that screen. Continue down then take a right and then go 
down again. Go to the right until you see a chest, it contains a life bottle. Get 
the life bottle and continue right and then go down and take a left. Take the first 
path down and then turn left to fin another chest containing a cape. Equip the cape 
on Stahn even if he already has one. Two capes provide more protection. Now go 
around the tree island the rest of the way and turn left. Go down from there and 
save your game at the save point.

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