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Pat Maf’s Jedi Outcast Walkthrough   Version 1©
         Hi. Thanks for reading my walkthrough. What’s better about my walkthrough 
is that I don’t tell you everything. Some things you have to do for yourself.
                 If you have any questions contact:
					[email protected]	

         Level 1: Kejim Post
         WEAPON: Stun Baton
                              Primary Attack: Electrical Charge that stuns victim.
                             Alternate Attack: None
          WEAPON: Bryar Pistol
                              Primary Attack: Single shot
                              Alternate Attack: Hold down for a lethal shot.
          This level starts out by you and Jan walking. Jan says that she thinks she 
hears something. Go around the shuttle and kill the two stormtroopers. Don’t forget 
to take their gun.
           WEAPON: Imperial Blaster
                               Primary Attack: Single Blaster Shot
                               Alternate Attack: Multiple Blaster Shots
 Then follow the path around the cliff. Stop when you are about halfway down. An 
Imperial Commander will emerge, kill him. When you go around the corner, stop. 
You’ll see a bunch of stormtroopers. I suggest to take out the stormtrooper on the 
ledge. Which ever way you do it, knock yourself out.
             When all of the troopers are dead, Jan will run to the big door and 
shoot it. She will remark that blasters wont do anything. Notice the big gun on the 
platform. Don’t try to use it, it’s not activated. With your back to the big door, 
run to the right. Some stormtroopers will emerge. Once you’re done with them, go 
through the door they came out of. Then go through the other door and kill the 
Imperial Commander. Don’t forget to take his security card by walking over him. Go 
to the elevator and press use on the button. Once on the ledge, you can look down on 
the platform you were just on. Go to the right and go up the next lift. Go around 
the room to the big button and press it. You will see a cutscene that says the 
perimeter defenses are online. Run back to the elevator. Kill the remaining 
stormtroopers on the ledge. You can go run down the ledge to another room and 
investigate it, or you can go down the elevator. 
            Go to the big gun that you saw before. Jump on it by pressing use. Blast 
the big door. Eventually it will explode. Jan will say, “Well, that’s one way to do 
it!” Run through the door. The computer will automatically save this as a 
            Ride the elevator down and open the door. An Imperial through the glass 
will see you and open the door to you’re right. More stormtroopers will emerge. Kill 
them and then go into the room they came from. Walk towards the red door. To you’re 
left behind some boxes you’ll find some thermal detonators.
             WEAPON: Thermal Detonators
Primary Attack: A grenade-like explosive that bounces     off walls and explodes on 
a timer.
Alternate Attack: A grenade-like explosive the explodes  on impact.
Walk to the center of the room with you’re back to the red door. There is a strange 
looking box to you’re right. Shoot at it and it will explode. Drop down the hole 
that it makes. Go up the steps and stop. Look to you’re right. There is a picture of 
what looks like a generator. Press it. Then walk forward past the door. Soon you’ll 
see the generator that you saw a picture of. If you want to die, keep shooting it. 
Otherwise, walk around the generator on a pathway. When you go as far as you can, 
there is a lift. Step on it and ride it up. Walk around this room until you find a 
grill. Shoot it and jump down. Kill the Imperial there. Push all of the switches 
under the window. Jan will start running and eventually she will be with you. She 
tells you that she is going to stay there. 
Go out the door to meet another Imperial Squad. Have fun! I usually knock them out 
with thermal detonators. Once you’re done with them, walk out the door they came 
from and then to the right. Clear out the next room. Walk back to where you met the 
squad. This time go to the right. Clear out everyone and keep walking straight past 
the stairs until you get to a gigantic room with four doors and three walkways. Turn 
back and once again go to where you met the squad. This time go left again. On top 
of one of the boxes there is something that looks weird. They are light 
amplification goggles. I’ll let you figure out how to get them. It’s pretty simple. 
Once done, go to the circular corner of the room. Hit the switch next to it and walk 
to the corner. Once down to the bottom walk off the platform. Now use those goggles. 
They should help you see. There is a secret area here. You find it.
Anyways, walk to the back of the room and then crouch to go to the next. You’ll hear 
some stormtroopers talking. Go into their room and kill them all. When their all 
done, walk to the other side of the room (with all the panels). One panel will give 
you new DataPad info. Go to the datapad with the map. Look down and push the three 
switches. Now exit through the other door and push the switch to turn off the 
forcefield. Head back to the room with four doors.  Now I’ll tell you this. You 
collected that new DataPad info in the other room. It’s a symbol. There are two 
other symbols in this level. I’m not going to walk you through it all. You have to 
do that. I will tell you this: press all buttons. In a room with some stormtroopers 
and these big tall structures there is a half of an oval shape button. Press it and 
you will contact Jan. She will say that she is coming. A few seconds later she will 
tell you that she is pinned down. You will have to go back to the room with the 
light amplification goggles and then lead her back to that button. She will work on 
it and unlock some doors. Then continue on to the right.
When you have found the other two symbols, go back to the room with the four doors. 
Look up. There is a ledge surrounding the room. If you haven’t been up there, that 
means you haven’t activated the reactor, which is the machine in the center of the 
room. If you have been up there, and you activated the reactor, then push the 
buttons for the appropriate symbols. When you are done, a walkway will appear to the 
last door and the forcefield in that door will go away. Walk through the door and 
into the next level.


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