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Alright, this is as simple as it gets. I never wrote a faq before and I'm not 
really good at it. Since there isn't yet any faq for Metal Gear Solid Ground 
Zeroes I decided to write this guide to help people collect all XOF Patches 
since I had trouble doing it myself.

XOF Patches - Intro

There are nine patches around Camp Omega that can be found in any order. They 
are the same patches that Skull Face threw from the helicopter in the intro 
movie. After collecting all of them you will be able to play a new mission. 
This mission is console exclusive, so, if you have a Playstation or a Xbox it
will be different. The Playstation owners will be able to play the Deja Vu 
mission while the Xbox owners will be able to play the Jamais Vu mission.

Patches - Tips

Since the Ground Zeroes mission takes place at night, it's always a good thing
to equip your goggles. This makes easy the task of marking distant enemies and
finding items and land mines. As one would expect, it's easier to find the 
patches especially the ones located at dark places. And no, I'm not refering 
to Patch number 2. If you're having trouble finding some of the patches, there 
are some guards who after being interrogated will tell you where a patch is. 
The location will be marked on your map.

Patch #1 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
Let's start with an easy one. As soon as you start the Ground Zeroes mission, 
look behind you. The patch is laying near the edge of the cliff. If you have 
trouble finding it just press left on the d-pad and you will equip the 
goggles. This tip will help you with all of the patches by the way.

Patch #2 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
You can get this right after getting the first one. If you lay prone in the 
floor and press L2 to point your weapon forward. While doing this, if you hold 
the left stick left or right, Big boss will move sideways. Hold the dash L3 
button while moving sideways and you can make Big Boss side roll. So, lay 
prone, L2+L3+left stick left or right. Do this enough times and a very funny 
scene will occur giving you the second patch.

Patch #3 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
Now head ahead past the guard in the watch tower. Unlock the door to get 
access to Camp Omega and go west. Besides Chico and Paz, you can retreive many 
prisioners of war during the mission. They are all located near Chico exept 
one. The guy I'm talking about is a escape prisioner. Extracting him gives you 
more points after completing the mission. The prisioner is hiding at the West 
Refugee Camp. If you climb the watch tower there it's easy to spot him sitting 
inside a tent in the corner. Mark him. Now from where the prisioner is 
sitting, follow the fence going south for a while. After the fence turns left 
you'll see a kind of stone wall. Look to your left in the middle of some trash 
close by. The patch is sitting there waiting for you. If you're lost, the 
prisioner will be 56M away from you. If you want, you can extract the 
prisioner now calling the helicopter to the place where you started the 

Patch #4 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
East from where you are there is the warehouse area. Check your map and find 
the Helicopter landing zone located there. Just a bit to the north you'll find
a cage holding some kind of transformers. Unlock this door and climb one of 
them to find the patch.

Patch #5 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
Now go to where Chico is located on the East side of the map. As soon as you 
enter the prision area through the main gate it will be on the floor right in 
front of you.

Patch #6 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
After rescuing Chico, you'll have to take him to a landing zone close by. 
There are two dirt roads that take you to the prision area. Go to the one 
closest to the landing zone (the north one). There you will find a guard booth 
and on top of it, the sixth patch.

Patch #7 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
Now you can go to the Heliport. A think this is the easier place to be spotted 
so be carefull. If you look in your map, you'll see four big sqaures on the 
floor. They are for helicopters to land but also for you to find patches! On 
the third square from left to right you'll have to go to the bottom left 
corner. There in a puddle will be another patch. Seven down, two to go.

Patch #8 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
There are two red doors to get inside the admin building. One in the north (a) 
and the other one a bit to the west (b). You need to get near the top red 
door (a). East of this door you can find the drainage system where you can 
crawl inside to get to a better position. In this drain you can find the 
eighth patch.

[									[
[				[------------------------		[
[				[(a)					[
[				[					[
[		----------------[					[
[		[							[
[		[							[
[		[							[
[	--------							[
[      /(b)								[
[     /									[
[    /									[
[									[

Patch #9 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
This one is a little tricky. Remember those two red doors I told you about? 
Get inside the admin building through the top door (a). Inside you have to 
climb the first big transformer thing and turn left. Now do you see the ledge? 
You have to jump there. No, this is not Tomb Raider. Just get close to the 
edge and press triangle+up as shown in the prompt. On this ledge you'll find 
the last patch. Hurray!

And that's it. Finish the mission and enjoy your Deja Vu/Jamais Vu stage. 
If you want to contact me for anything my email is 
[email protected]. I'm sorry for any mistakes in this guide, 
we don't speak english in Brazil.

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