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Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life!!!

   3.Tips About Muffy
   4.Tips About Celia
   5.Tips About Nami
   7.Basic Buttons
   9.Developing Your Child's Personality
  10.Your Child's Job Influences And Who Influences Them
  13.Version History
  14.That's It

                   Seed           Price Per Bag            Seasons
                  Tomato               30G             Spring to Summer
                  Carrot               30G               Fall to Winter
                  Turnip               20G             Summer to Winter
                  Melon                50G             Summer to Fall
                Watermelon             60G             Spring to Summer
                Strawberry             30G               Fall to Spring
                  Potato               40G             Winter to Spring
               Sweet Potato            40G                 Fall Only
                  Peach               1120G          Yeilds in the Summer
                  Orange               820G          Yeilds in the Summer
                  Grape                900G          Yeilds in the Fall
                  Banana              1500G          Yeilds in the Summer
                  Apple                820G          Yeilds in the Fall
                Fertilizer             120G       Make 1 patch of land good.

   Nami is the smartest of the three girls in my opinion. She has traveled the 
world in search of a soul mate. She is now to discouraged to even try.... She is 
one tough cookie to woo. Impress her with things that you find in the Artifact Dig.
             Likes:Trick Blue Flowers, Fossils, Coins, Statues, and Your Dishes
             Hates:Cooking Mistakes
             Diary:The Purple Book on the shelf near the window
                           That is it for now.... Sorry

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