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MVP Baseball 2005
Perfect Stadium V.1
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Hi, this is the easiest way that I have found to get through Owner Mode and have a
"perfect stadium".  When I say perfect, I mean having all of the upgrades, concession
stands, stores,and attractions.  There are many people who always have negative money
and I hope this helps.  Note: With this method of getting money, you probably won't
play many games unless you want to.

My Method:
1. Start a new owner mode and in the options to create one, put on large budgets and
turn off "variable stuff".  Ths will give you more money at the start and make it so
good players will always play good.

2. Pick any tem you want, it won't matter.

3. Right at the start of your ownership, before anythign else, buy the first upgrade
for seating, one concession stand, and one store venue.

4. Go into your team management page and go to transactions.  

5. Go to the free agents page and release all of your players from MLB to AA.

6. Sign free agents for your MLB, AAA, and AA teams that will take a salary of 400k
or lower, regardless of what skill they have.  Sign them all for as many years as
they will take.

7. Go to Create/Edit Players and then Edit.  Make everyone on you MLB team perfect.

8. Go to your schedule, go to the last game, and simulate the whole season.  You will
probably have a record around 145-17.

9. Buy new upgrades.  Start with getting Seating up first.  For the playoffs, put
your ticket prices up about 75%.

10. Simulate games for playoffs and go into the offseason.  (If it looks like your
team might lose one of the playoff series, play and make sure they win to get more

11. In the offseason, don't resign any of your players because they will ask for high
salaries.  Let the CPU sign all of your free agents.

12. Go into Spring Training, simulate all of the games and start the new season.

13. Make your players perfect again and start the process over.

You will gain lots of money if you do this and you will be able to get a perfect
stadium.  I hope this easy process will help you.  Good luck!

Copyright 2005

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