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Hey it's me Ashley again and since the battle mode (not in story mode)is long and 
hard I will give you hints on how to defeat the trainers in this stadium and I will 
give you their pokemon moves so let the battle begin (note: My tips/hints will be 
underneath. Items and ability will not be listed. Moves will not be listed. Type 
will be across from the pokemon's name)! Stadium rank is on the bottom!

Battle 1: Roller Boy Garlow


Ledyba- Type: Bug/Flying 
Spinarak- Type: Bug/Poison
Lotad- Type: Grass/Water
Shroomish- Type: Grass
Nincada- Type: Bug/Ground
Surskit- Type: Bug/Water

Hint: Use Fire types for Ledyba,Spinarak,Shroomish and Nincada. Use Flying types for 
Surskit and Lotad.

Battle 2: Chaser Gucio


Corpish- Type: Water
Barboach- Type: Water/Ground
Wailmer- Type: Water
Carvavha- Type: Water/Dark
Goldeen- Type: Water
Horsea- Type: Water

Hint: I hope you have a Grass type with a HIGH Sp.Atk because you don't want it to 
be frozen now do you?

Battle 3: Hunter Hasmen


Geodude- Type: Rock/Ground
Trapinch- Type: Ground
Numel- Type: Fire/Ground
Slugma- Type: Fire
Aron- Type: Steel/Rock
Larvitar- Tyoe: Rock/Ground

Hint: Muhahahahahahahahaha! Wow this team is so stupid! Use Water for ALL of his 
pokeomn! Hehehehehe...

Battle 4: Lady Stouner


Seedot- Type: Grass
Hoppip- Type: Grass/Flying
Cacnea- Type: Grass
Baltoy- Type: Ground/Psychic
Sandshrew- Type: Ground
Sunkern- Type: Grass

Hint: Just use Ice types for this one but kill the ground ones FAST!

Battle 5: Lady in Suit Oatley


Swinub- Type: Ice/Ground
Spheal- Type: Ice/Water
Whismer- Type: Normal
Snorunt- Type: Ice
Togpi- Type: Normal
Jigglypuff- Type: Normal

Hint: Use the power of brute force(fighting types).

Battle 6: News Caster Riesko


Zubat- Type: Poison/Flying
Gulpin- Type: Poison
Tentacool- Type: Water/Poison
Oddish- Grass/Poison
Grimer- Type: Posion
Electrike- Type: Electric

Hint: Psychic types away! Use Ground types for Electrike.

Semifinal: Fun Old Lady Gularte


Shuppet- Type: Ghost
Duskull- Type: Ghost
Meditite- Type: Fighting/Psychic
Natu- Type: Psychic/Flying
Spoink- Type: Psychic
Wynaut- Type: Psychic

Hint: Use Ghost types for this one. Spooky!

Final: SuperTrainer Kauson


Machop- Type: Fighting
Abra- Type: Psychic
Houndour- Type: Dark/Fire
Poochyena- Type: Dark
Ralts- Type: Psychic
Makuhita- Type: Fighting

Hint: Did you know that this team IS YOUR SOLUTION to beat this trainer? See very 
closely. Look at this: Fighting works against Dark, Dark works against Psychic and 
Psychic works against Fighting. It's a prefect combo!

Stadium Rank: Easy(very easy)

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