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The Legend of Zelda
             Ocarina of Time
Piece of Heart     Guide Guide 
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Hi my name is Monica and this FAQ is dedicated to all 36 piece of hearts in the 
game The Legend of Zelda the Ocarina of time, which by the way is my favorite game 
ever.  Pieces of hearts increase your life energy. It takes four pieces to make a 
total heart container.  You also get heart containers with each boss you defeat, 
with the exception of Ganondorf and Ganon.  The list of hearts are organized by 
their location. Some hearts you can only get as a child while others only as an 

Hyrule Field

1.  Go towards the entrance that leads into Lake Hylia.  There’s a fence that 
surrounds an area. Jump in and bomb the middle to uncover a secret grotto. You can 
do this as an adult or child.

2.  Between Lon Lon ranch and Hyrule castle grows an isolated tree.  Plant a bomb 
near it and another secret grotto will open up.

Hyrule Castle/Marketplace

1. Complete the treasure chest game.

2. When the bombchu bowling game opens there’s many prizes you can win, one of them 
is a piece of heart.

3. Go in to the market place at night, you’ll find it swarming with stray dogs.  
Find the one that’s a different color from the rest and take it to the women in the 
back alley for a piece of heart.  It may take more than one try to find the right 

Lon Lon Ranch

1.  When you first enter the pasture with all the horses you’ll see a tower at the 
end, enter it and you’ll find some crates and cows.  Move the crates around till 
you uncover a small crawl space, go into it to find a piece of heart nestled in hay.

Kakariko Village

1.  When you complete Dodongo cavern and reach the great fairy fountain the owl( 
the one that gives you a lot of pointless advice) will give you a ride to Kakariko 
Village.  You’ll land on one of the roof tops, don’t jump off, instead hop down to 
the platform above the cucco’s enclosement. Enter a hole to claim you prize. If you 
missed your chance as a child you can hookshot you way up there later.

2.  As an adult use your hook shot to reach the guy on the roof, talk to him to get 
a piece of heart.

3.  As a child play the digging game with Dampe, he’ll eventually dig up a heart.

4.  Once you finish Dampe’s race and win the hookshot play the song of time to 
leave the area, you’ll find yourself in the windmill use your hook shot to reach 
the peace of heart.

5.  Return to Dampe’s grave as an adult and complete Dampe’s race under a minute 
for another heart.

6.  Kill 50 golden skulltulas.

7.  Plant a magic bean in the graveyard as a child come back as an adult to reach a 

8.  There’s a weird gravestone in the graveyard pull on it to reveal a hole. Jump 
in and play the song of storms for the heart piece.

Lost Woods

1.  Enter lost woods from kokiri forest turn left and play Saria’s song for the 
skull kid.

2.  Enter the lost woods and turn right, you’ll find two skull kids follow thier 
tune on your ocarina correctly and you’ll get a piece of a heart. 

Death Mountain

1.  As a child plant a magic bean in the patch of soil in front of Dodongo cavern, 
return as an adult to get on top of the cavern.

2.  As young Link play the Bolero of fire to get inside the crater.   Quickly plant 
a magic bean in the patch of soft soil.  Return as adult Link to hitch a ride to 
the heart.

3.  Enter the crater from the top of Death Mountain go straight ahead to what seems 
like a cliff, but you’ll find that it has a climbable wall on the other side.  
Climb down on the ledge to snatch a piece of heart.

4.  As a child go to goron city and light all the torches along the bottom to make 
this giant pot spin around. Go on the next level up and throw bombs in it if you 
make it it’ll start spinning like crazy and once it stops if it has the happy face 
looking at you you’ll get a piece of a heart.  It’ll make sense once you see it.   

Zora’s River

1.&2. There’s two pieces of hearts you can get, it’s kinda hard to explain, but 
just keep a cucco handy and explore the area is all I can tell you.

3. There’s a group of frogs underwater( navi will point them out to you)swipe out 
your ocarina and play the song of storms.

4. Play every song you know for the frogs, and they’ll challenge you to a bug 
eating contest, win it for the heart.

Zora’s Domain

1.  As a child light all of the torches to make a chest appear behind the waterfall.

2.  Return to the frozen domain to find a piece of a heart in the middle of nowhere.

3.  There’s a heart frozen with red ice in ice cavern, use blue fire to melt your 

4.  Explore the bottom of Zora’s fountain with iron boots to find a sunken heart 

Lake Hylia

1.  Go to the fishing pond as young Link, fish a ten pound fish for a piece of 

2.  As a child plant a magic bean near the lab, come back as an adult to get a 
heart on top of the lab.

3.  With the golden scale or iron boots dive to the bottom of the pool in the lab, 
there’s a heart there.

Gerudo Valley

1.  At the far right of the canyon there’s a waterfall.  You can reach it with a 
cucco or from the river with a ladder.  Behind the waterfall is a ledge with the 
heart piece.

2.  In the same canyon is another ledge with a piece of heart on it, use a cucco to 
get there.

Gerudo Fortress

1.  As you’re looking for the carpenters, you may find yourself on a balcony above 
your jail cell.  Look towards the top of the fortress to spot a chest, use your 
hook shot the reach your prize.

2.  Score over 1000 points in the horseback archery game.  Unless you have super 
good aim, it’s gonna take you a few tries.

Desert Colossus

1.  Warp with the Requiem of Spirit as young link to the temple plant a magic bean 
on the patch of soil, and return as an adult to get a piece of heart on top af a 


This faq was made on Aril 9, 2005  Edited on June 21, 2005

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