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When you are ready to pimp a ride, here are a few ways to get the most out of the
pimp session.

1. Plan a route. Look at the map on the nav system. Plan a route that will get you
to all the shops in minimal time. Usually there are two large areas connected by a
single road. If this is the case, make a loop through one area then travel to the
next and make another loop.

2. Use Nitro wisely. Only use your Nitro when you need to plow through a ton of
cars or go down a long, fairly straight road fast. Trying to turn sharply while
boosting is next to impossible. And don't go out of your way to get another Nitro 

3. Know where the hidden suppliers are. As you drive around the city on a cash
run, watch out for a pop-up hint saying "hold LB (shows the LB icon) to activate
the hidden supplier". When you see that, stop immediately. That hint means that a 
hidden supplier is within two or three blocks. Drive around slowly and keep an eye
out for the pink glow that marks a hidden supplier. In case you don't know, if you
cruise (hold RB) by the hidden supplier, the screen should say "Honk (press A)".
Can't miss it. Once you press A, it should say "Supplier Located" NOTE: Unless it 
says "Supplier Located", you HAVE NOT activated the supplier. Simply cruising by
wont do. Once you have activated the supplier, you have an extra shop at your

4. Grab all the GPS Collectibles during your cash run. These help you discover
mobile suppliers during the pimp session. Remember where the Collectibles are
because most of the time a mobile supplier is near. When you get close to a mobile
supplier or if XZibit tells you about one as you are driving, a red star will
appear on your map. HEAD RIGHT FOR IT. If you enter a shop before getting to the
supplier, the supplier will disappear. Mobile Suppliers carry 3 or more items of
one type all with 4 stars.

5. Have extra money. You may need it. Use the extra 2 minutes you get after
raising the amount of cash needed to grab as many cash tokens and hit as many cars
as possible. The excess cash could be the difference between success and failure.

Use these tips and you will be a pro pimper in no time.

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