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                         Pipe/Rocket Jumping

This one has more than my conc jumping guide although not 
as complicated. With the same format of course.

1: Index

1: Index
2: How Do You Know Which You Are Better At?
3: Rocket Jumping:
 A.One Rocket
 B.Double Rocket
4: Pipe Jumping
5: Notes

2: How Do You Know Which You Are Better At?

Well I will tell you pipe jumping isn't the best choice
for players that don't know what they're doing. Pipe jumping
takes a lot more health, but takes a lot of health. Rocket jumps 
on the other hand take less time, health, and coordination.

3: Rocket Jumping
A. One Rocket

A single rocket jump isn't hard at all. Just go where you want
shoot your rocket directly down and press your directional 

B.Double Rocket

A double Rocket jump is a little harder it usually takes me
about three tries to do one successfully. First thing you do 
is a rocket jump. Now on your way down fire another rocket. 
It will hit the ground as you get close to it. This will boost
you about 30% higher than the a single rocket jump. 

4: Pipe Jumping

Pipe jumping is slightly more complicated than rocket jumping.
I suggest using two pipes for most cases. launch your green 
pipes or your fifth weapon category if you have messed up color.
Two pipes will get the job done but three will kill you at full 
health. run on top of your pipes opposite of the direction you 
wish to go. detonate. UP.. UP.. UP.. You go.


NOTE1 dont be a fool if you have less than 50/50 health and armor 
dont rocket jump.
NOTE2 If you have less than 75/60 health as demo dont pipe jump.

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