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Game Name:Space Quest VI-Roger Wilco in the Spinal Frontier
Type of game:Point-and-click adventure
Creator:Sierra On-line
Game Copyright:Sierra On-line, 1996
Game content age rating:13 and up (My opinion)
  "T"-13 and up(ESRB's opinion)
Game Content indicators:Violence, gross deaths for Roger,
  Mild language, difficulty level, Visual Innards
Type of guide:FAQ/Walkthrough when Planet Hopping
E-Mail:[email protected]
Guide copyright:Chaz5000, 2001
Guide content age rating:10 and up
Guide content indicators:Discussion of Violence, description
 of some of Roger's deaths, Mention of Innards
Version Number:1.00
Date of Creation:September 10, 2001

  Chapter 4:Planet-hopping 
 After being sucked into the Super-Double-Reverse-Anti-Anomaly,
you discover that your ship has stalled out!  Punch the flashing
blue button to activate your Holographic Co-Pilot.  Pull the two
latches under the dash and open the glovebox.  Grab the items
inside, and stand up.  Open the closet and grab Roger's suit and
helmet.  Put both on, and exit the ship.  Grab the sign and
jumper cables from the trunk, and put the sign on the fin of
your ship.  After a few moments, someone shows up.  Read the 
recall notice, and use the information contained within to 
properly hook up the cables.  After you get the engine going,
grab the fish from the Nacelle and enter the ship.
  Open up the access panel next to the closet.  Put some glue on
the cracked crystal.  Now open back up the DataCorder and grab the
gem inside it.  Put some glue on it, and stick it to the crystal.
Close the panel, sit down, press the intiation button, and *POOF*,
you're off for Delta Burksilon.
  Once you're at Delta Burksilon, leave your ship and go down to
Lab A.  Talk to Beleauxs, then use your hand icon on the box of
Hi-Tek stuff.  Take the Moddie and return to your ship.  Sit
down and press the power button.  Press the big PTS button, then
the small one on top of the dash.  Take the photo, then press the
small button again.  Grab the second photo, and peel both apart
in your inventory.  Place the first positive and the second
negative on the blue monitor.  Press the initiation button and
head back to Polysorbate.  When you arrive, talk to your faithful
companion to beam down and recieve a transport signaller.
  Once you arrive, head west to Implants-N'-Stuff, and talk to
Fester Blatz(Yes, the very same one from SQ3!).  Look at the
"Brain-dead" sign next to him, and give him the Moddie.  Return
to the beamdown point with your Cyberspace Jack, and use the 
  Once aboard, return to the cockpit and press the "Initiation"
button.  Return to Delta Burksilon, and go back to Lab A.
Sit down at the computer and press the Cyberfunctions button.
When prompted, insert the jack and you're surfin' the net!

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