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Okay i've seperated it into Three chapters. One is weapons. Two is items. Three 
special items.


M9 Bottom of strut A
SOCOM Pliskin gives it to you
Grenade (frag) Strut F
RGB6 Strut F
AKS 74U Strut F
M4 strut f 
stinger snake gives it to you
PSG-1 & PSG-1 t Strut f same room
NIKITA Shell 2 Core B1
coolant Pete gives it to you 
magazine a weapon
book throughout the big shell
clamore strut f & EF connecting bridge
C4 strut F
D. Mic. (directional microphone) Shell 1 Core B2
HF (High Frequencie) Blade Snake gives it to you

Ration throughout big shell
bandage hold up gaurd, shake body
LV Cards Peter, Ninja, Ames, Presidant Johnson & Emma
Cardboard box Strut A, Strut F, Strut E, Strut E Heleport & Shell 1 Core B2
Scope you start off with it 
Thermal Goggles bottom of Strut A underwater
AP Sensor you start off with it
N.V.G (Night Vision Goggles) Shell 2 core B1
B. Armour (Body Armour) Shell 2 Core B1
Phone Ninja
B.D.U. Ninja
AK Supressor Strut F
SOCOM Supressor Strut B
pentizam Through big shell


SP Wig (infinity wig) 80 Dog tags
STEALTH 120 Dog tags
Wig B (hanging wig) 160 Dog tags
Blue Wig (O2 wig) All Dog tags

NOTE: If this doesn't work I'm very sorry. I forgot the exact emount. 

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