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No publication of this without my authorization is allowed.  No profit is to be made 
off this FAQ unless it is for me.  No changing of this in any way.  All rights 
reserved etc.

This FAQ is for those who wish to play Samus in Super Smash Brothers for N64.

It is designed to help those who have never played with her, want to improve with 
her, or are just reading this for kicks.

Whatever the case, Samus is definitely the best character on this game.  And if u 
know how to use her, u can clobber any of your buddies in a match.

Just for starters and a little info, Samus is probably one of the hardest characters 
to learn how to play good.  So if your not willing to practice with her, don't 
bother to try to get good with her. 

Anyway, on to the FAQ!

First I'll go through the majority of her moves.

On Ground:
A - punch
B - charge blaster/shoot blaster
B + ^(that means B + moving the analog stick up) - screw attack
B + v(that means B + moving the analog stick down) - drop bomb
A + >(that means A + moving the analog stick over) - cannon punch
A + ^ - Flame attack 
A + v - round house kick
Z + > - morph ball roll
R - grappling chain

In Air:
A - karate kick (she looks like she is in some yoga form)
B - shoot blaster (she will move slightly backward when she shoots in the air)
> A(over A) - (which ever way u face, moving the analog stick the opposite way she 
faces, she will do a backward kick.  If u move it the way she faces, she will do a 
forward flame attack.
^ A - spiral kick
v A - down sweep
B + ^ - screw attack 
B + v - drop bomb

These are the general moves of Samus and the ones that u will usually be using.
All right now, i will try to explain the best way to use Samus.  And for some more 
info., these strategies are not guaranteed to work so don't squeal to me if u lost 
against three level 9's when using my strategies.  

We will start with Samus's first move, A.  The A button alone is a puny punch and 
should not even be considered using except on rare conditions. The only time i would 
recommend using it is if Cap. Falcon is right next to u preparing a Faclon Punch.  
Pressing the A button is a quick way to stop his punch and if your buddy is playing, 
then it will usually tick him off.

Next is the B button.  Samus's blaster.  When charged, this is a high damaging move 
(I think 26%). This can be a highly affective move when used correctly.  Normally, 
charge it up when u are in a corner or out of the way of fire.  That way u won't be 
hit when trying to charge it.  Once u do charge it, don't shoot randomly or at 
someone walking towards u. Because u will rarely hit them.  Instead, hit somebody 
with a smash attack (a powerful hit) then shoot them.  It is a lot more affective 
this way.  Or wait till somebody is coming back from the edge and blow them away.  
And if somebody's shield is ever broken, then give them the pleasure of feeling a 
fully charged blast.

The screw attack is Samus's third jump.  It is a very noticable move from its loud 
hits.  I particularly don't use this move much other than when coming back to an 
edge, but i know it can be used quite effictively for combos.  When u are pounding 
someone with the screw attack, it is almost impenatrable to other hits.  For 
example.  If Yoshi flies up and tries to hit you with an A move, he will get caught 
in your pounding.  Same goes with almost every character's move.

Dropping bombs is another move of Samus's.  It is also one of the most 
underestimated moves of Samus.  Most people think of it as a crummy use of energy.  
But it can be used quite effectively.  Especially when someone is juggling u. 
(hitting u in the air many times in a row) Particularly Fox.  The computer 
especially has issues doing this move.  So when caught in this trap, lay a couple 
bombs and move the analog stick side to side to try to get out.  The bomb can also 
be used when coming back from the edge.  When u press it, u actually come a little 
closer to the edge. so when knocked far out, do a few bombs, then any remaining 
jumps u have left including the screw attack.  Bombs can also be used to roll down 
slopes and simply just to annoy people.  It is a actually a great move, so don't 
decide that you will never use it. 

The cannon punch is another of Samus's moves and is a great smash attack.  Some 
beginners have problems pressing the A button simultaneously with the over button.  
If u do have issues, go to training and practice doing this, once u get it, it is 
quite simple.  Once u have got it down, it can be used quite effictively.  Since the 
attack is so quick , it is great for a quick bash on the head, or when someone is 
coming back to the edge. It is also great for high damaged characters as it will 
usually send someone off the edge at 80%+.  Don't overdue the move though as every 
time u keep doing it, the damage it creates becomes less and less.  But certainly, 
this move is on the list for every fight.

The upward flame attack is the next move on the list.  This move, if done correctly, 
is the highest percentage attack in the whole game. 40%.  That is a load of damage 
for a single move.  But u can rarely connect with all 40% of the damage points so 
don't depend too much on this move.  But it can certainly be used to your 
advantage.  When someone is falling toward the ground, this move is good for sending 
them back in the air, but it can also be used when someone is on the ground next to 
you.  If on the ground behind you, u can generally give them up to 30% damage.  And 
it can set up great for combos.  For example, someone falling down, u do this move, 
then quickly jump up in the air and give them a backward kick.

Round house kick.  This move is another powerful smash attack that will send players 
out into the background at usually 125%+ at the least.  Plus, it will rack on the 
damage.  This move is also great for level 9 computers.  Since they are obsessed 
with rolling (Z + >), the round house kick is almost always guaranteed to hit them, 
giving u a chance to smash them. It can also be used when a player is coming back 
from the edge. Put this move on your list for fights as well.

The morph ball roll is a great move.  It is especially fun when playing beginners. 
Because u can just roll behind/in front of them and bash them when they least expect 
it. You need to be careful though, because Samus's morph roll is slow and easy to 
predict where she will come up, so when playing experience players, just be caution 
when using it.  The morph roll can also be used when Samus is charging her blaster. 
When charging, simply move the analog stick to the left or to the right to make her 
roll in that direction.  It is a great move for playing single matches. 

The last major ground attack is the grappling chain.  This move is Samus's throw, 
and is very powerful for both wracking up the damage and for KO's.  Try to use it 
when u have just hit them, or when they are coming back to the edge.  That way, u 
can avoid having the player pound on you.  Samus's chain is the farthest reaching 
grab device in the entire game, but as such, u must remember that it will take a 
while for the chain to come back to Samus if she misses.  So be cautios when using 
it because if u do miss, other players can take this time to rock on you.  But dont 
take this to mean that you shouldn't use it, because it is great for finishing 
combos and adding on damage.

The in air moves are all that are left.

First is the karate kick. You can call it whatever u want.  This move is a excellent 
move for smash attack for in the air when pressed right when in contact with another 
player.  It will send players flying so use it often.  But when u press it, and 
Samus is in the position for a while, then u hit somebody, it doesn't do much to 
them.  So practice using it.  And definitely put it on the list. 

The backwards kick is next.  This move also is a great smash attack.  But as with 
the other, u need to be close to really put on the heat.  so make sure to practice 
with this move as well. 

Now is the forward flame attack.  This move does only half the damage that the flame 
attack does. 20%. and that is when all flame make contact (5 flames come out) This 
move can be used when coming back from the edge from stopping other players from 
crushing you off the edge but i would say that is about it.  The reflex time is very 
slow (time Samus gets back to normal once she lands.) so don't overuse the move. 

The spiral attack is now next.  This move is not a very effective move so use it 
sparingly.  The damage it does at most is 10% plus it will not send the player 
flying at all.  This gives them a chance to counterattack usually doing u more 
damage than they got.  the only time to use it is for a combo attack, and i would 
not use it against level 9 computers. 

The down sweep is the last arial attack.  This move is fantastic and is perfect for 
spiking (sending an opponet down to the pits in the air).  Spiking for Samus is one 
of the easiest and funnest ways to get KO's.  When a player is coming back to the 
edge, simply do one jump off the edge and over the character.  Do the down sweep to 
send them to their doom.  Then u still have one jump left to make it back to the 
ledge plus the screw attack.  Make this a definite on your list for matches as 
well.  (Spiking doesn't work on Samus's planet).

Screw attack and Drop bomb - see above.

Well that is it.

Hope this FAQ of Samus helped you become a better player with Samus.  If you follow 
these steps, you will become the master of Smash Brothers.  You can change some of 
these rules slightly in playing the game if they help you become a better player.

If there are any errors, mistakes, or tips you want to send me, just email me at 
[email protected]

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