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greetings, and welcome to my archer faq...


*NOTE!*  In my opinion archer is the most dificult class. Because you have to keep a 
safe distance to shoot and usually enemies charge, and there is no possible way to 
block with a bow. So I reccomend you either beat the game or get good at it before 
you start an archer file...

An archer focuses on Accuracy, health, toughness, and physique. No need for will, or 
guile. The only spell an archer would need is multi-arrow, but there is no point in 
purchasing it. now of course you need accuracy to aim your trusty weapon. Health 
because an archer can really take a beating so you need a high health bar. Toughness 
for the same reason so you don't die so easily and physique to handle cross bows 
with ease.

************************************************ you start with the yew longbow(weakest bow in the game)so when you get 
enough money buy an oak longbow. the stronger the bow the easier an archer's life 
becomes. eventually you should invest in an ebony longbow. then if it suits your 
fancy buy a crossbow. Augmentations play a huge role in arching. Here is what I 
suggest: have any bow with 3 augmentation slots then put 2 piercing augmentations in 
2 of the slots. with the last slot put a silver augmentation in. This is a good 
combo because bandits, balverines, and undead are like the most common enemy in 
albion so the piercing augmentations should easily wipe out any bandit and the 
silver augmentation will deteriorate a balverine's or undead's health fairly easily.

*NOTE!*  Okay you can have any bow in the game i'm just giving's your 
game after all.

I reccomend either the chainmail suit or the bright chainmail suit...should protect 
you well

*NOTE!*  keep lots and lots of health potions!!!!! I mean lots


I won't give any other advice...feel free to come up with your own strategies...but 
if you need help then e-mail me at [email protected]


oh and please don't plagerize my work... if you need help on writing a faq then ask 
me via e-mail but dont steal!

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