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Greetings, In fable you make choices and one of the most fun ones is your class and 
I am going to help you start your journey on the lonesome path of an assassin


An assassin focuses on:

Guile:an assassin's most important trait; stealth will help you steal and pick locks

Speed:make your swings faster

Toughness: assassins have low health bars but high toughness.
the only will spell you might want is assassin rush. I'm going to give you an 
assassin scenario if you like it then an assassin is the class for you!:

   You walk into the tavern in Oakvale. you sit down to think but a woman keeps 
bugging you. She won't stop! It's driving you nuts. So you decide it is best to end 
her life! for the rest of the day you stalk her follow your every move. She has 
a drink then leaves, and you casually follow. Scarcely breathing you follow her 
around until nightfall. She sleepily walks into her house and goes into a deep 
slumber, her last slumber! When you know she's asleep you pick the lock on her door. 
and slowly, oh so slowly creep into her house! you move up to the staircase 
undetected. and walk up it. you are begining to feel anxious about every step! Now 
she is in sight. you take out your trusty sword. And you stab her! Her husband wakes 
up. Frightened he goes down the stairs to tell the gaurds, but before he makes it to 
the last step an arrow penetrates his back and he too, falls to his death. Proud of 
yourself you take all their belongings then leave, to search out another victim!!

Basically that's the life of an assassin. Interest you? so let's begin.

(NOTE!):it might take a while to beat the game with an assassin because you will 
spend most of your time commiting crimes.


fist off NO axes hammers or maces, only swords and cleavers.

I highly reccomend the assassin outfit, as it makes you look cool and it fits your 
character's class.

lots of health potions, and have atleast 5-6 ressurection phials on you at all 
times. The reason for this is because you have a very low health bar(upgraded once 
at the most)so these are a necessity.

The title assassin; bought from the lookout point vendor.


You must master guile, speed, and toughness in order to truly be an assassin

you have to commit crimes unnoticed to do this for stealing:some how get the vendor 
outside, murder when no one is around, and pick locks at nighttime.

you have to be evil(unless your a rogue; which is a good assassin)so pick evil 
quests and never do anything nice.EVER!

This is how an assassin fights:

Tries his hardest to get enemies alone then he attacks(speed is good so you can kill 
them with one combo)block/dodge all attacks. you can also trick them like get their 
attention then hide behind like a boulder or something;the should come to attack 1 
by 1. making it easy for you!

(NOTE!): bandits will be hard since they attack in groups.
(NOTE!): try to make your own strategies or follow mine.


well it is definately a challenge while doing quests. But when free roaming you can 
have soo much fun..Remember that scenario? I did that and it was fun...

Well i try hard to help you guys with games and if you copy my work then you are 
showing no respect!!!!

If you have any questions or wish to post my faq elsewhere please contact me at 
forrestf[email protected]

P.S. put fable in thre subject 

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