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Pokemon Ranger
Poke assists 
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Poke assists:

Ground-digs up ground and immobilizes pokemon.
Plusle/Minun- Discharge-stuns pokemon with energy collected by the styler
Electric-recharges styler (evolution counts. As in Pichu recharges 5 blocks 
and Raichu recharges completely.)
Dark- Doubles maximum line length
Ghost- creates spirits that immobilize pokemon
Grass- Makes tall grass that can snag pokemon
Fire- burns pokemon and startles them  
Water- Creates bubbles that make pokemon float helplessly
Ice- Makes ice on ground that if touches a pokemon will freeze them
Bug- Creates a sticky blob that immobilizes pokemon.
Rock- Shoots rock shards at pokemon that startle pokemon If hit
Flying- Creates small whirlwinds that make pokemon float helplessly
Pychic- Makes pokemon levitate helplessly
Poison- Creates poison gas that makes pokemon slower
Fighting-doubles lines worth 1 circle counts as 2 circles

Key: 1.= Best 2.=Awesome etc.
1. …-Tie between Ground and discharge. Ground is probably my favorite, But I 
Used discharge more than half the time! 
2. Electric- It Recharges Styler blocks, defiantly getting this spot!
3. Fighting- Doubles circles is very helpful with legendary pokemon
4. Psyhic- Levitating pokemon makes for a easy capture
5. Water- it deservers this spot because a lot of pokemon are fire (especially 
6. Grass-almost exactly like ground besides it is planted after the line is 
off that spot
7. Poison- Slow pokemon also leads to easy capture!
8. Ice- Its good but you get it at the end of the game.
9. Bug- Bug does come in handy at the beginning of the game, but as the 
pokemon go from 3 circles to 21 circles, its not that helpful.
10. Dark- The thing is, I only used it once through out the entire game 
because there is such a little selection of dark pokemon. 
Useless: Flying- well not exactly useless but it doesn’t deserve a spot like 
Psychic does
Rock- worst ever for my experience, it is supposed to stop pokemon but it 
doesn’t work!

Note when I say Etc. + Etc. I mean use ground after discharge
First and number one combo is Discharge+Fighting/Ground/Dark
More combos:
Bug + Fighting  
Water +Grass
Ice + Dark
Poison + Fighting
Psychic + Fighting
This is only a brief selection of combos. Note that some of them can only be 
done after the completion of the game do to lack of being able to take pokemon 
out of there natural habitat.

Other stuff:
Plusle and Minun are the only pokemon with discharge.
I have beat the game and more FAQ’s will be coming soon!

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